Land transfers, March 18-24

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Deeds `59`94`92

Mortgage `67`89`82

Land contracts `2`0`0

Releases `93`178`136

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `0`0`0

Miscellaneous `37`53`43

Military discharges `1`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 18 through March 24. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Dotson, Jenna M/Dotson, Danny L Jr/Graziani, Jill M to Wolford, Fred S/Wolford, Patricia J, 1051 Loretta Place, Lima, $233,000

Dunson, James L to Lewis, James A/Lewis, Cheryl L, 1622 Timothy Drive, Lima, $245,000

Fisher, Donovan/Fisher, Stephanie to Weitz, Lexis/Weitz, Chance Reed, 1711 Northlea Drive, Lima, $128,000

Grooms, Robin L to Walker & Wall Real Estate, LLC, 604 N. Baxter St., Lima, $42,900

Hunter, Billy Joe/Hunter, Regina to Jones, Lamont Sr, 8 Superior Court, Lima, $177,000

Jones, Richard L/Jones, Ryan Et Al/Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar to Main St. Homes - Lima, 1920 Hillcrest Drive, Lima, $74,300

Littlewing Properties LLC to Coon, Grant S, 1608 W. Wayne St., Lima, $80,500

Mercy Health-St. Rita’S Medical Center, LLC to Closson, Anthony Alan/Closson, Sharon Marie, 135 S. Jameson Ave. and 932-934-936 W. Spring St., Lima, $45,000

Neth Properties, LLC to Silver Lining Homes, LLC, 809 N. Charles St., Lima, $40,000

Phalen, Corey D to Fett, Larry G, 660 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $97,000

Proby, Lisa Y to Mosley, Jared L, 344 S. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $129,500

Swords Property Management Ltd. to Green, Carolyn A, 907 E. Second St., Lima, $2,500

Ward, Pierre to Thomas, Julie, 604 Catalpa Ave., Lima, $15,000


Johnson, Zachery/Johnson, Hannah to Klingler, Jonathan S/Klingler, Connie, 1580 Plainfield Drive, Lima, $93,000

Medsker, Thomas W/3-M Enterprises Dba to Solomon, Charisse A, part of Neeley Road, Lima, $43,100

Rohrs Land, LLC to Legacy Farm Properties, Ltd., Sunnydale Street (17 acres), Diller Road (56.33 acres) and Diller Road (22.45 acres), Lima, $957,800

Smith, Tyler S/Smith, Stacy to Holliday, Jessica R, 5065 Marciel Drive, Lima, $152,000

Stelzer, Michael C to Swartz, Danielle S, 2945 N. Cable Road (1 acre), Lima, $15,000

Troyer, Craig L/Troyer, Cynthia L/Troyer, Jon S/Troyer, Cheryl A to Eats Investments, LLC, Allentown Road, Lima, $400,000

Wellman Homes, LLC to Klimmek, David, 3146 Kenyon Drive, Lima, $224,300


White, Shirley Marie Successor Trustee/Jay J Long Trust to Unrast, Gerald R/Unrast, Kathryn C, Brentlinger Road (81.997 acres), Harrod, $425,000


Dienstberger, Daniel R/Dienstberger, Diane L to Casey, Alexander Brock/Casey, Patricia Diana, 4505 N. Dixie Highway (4.354 acres and 7.291 acres), Lima, $300,000

Hartley, Kimberley A/Hartley, Jack R to Wickline, Jonathan W/Wickline, Crystal M, 1301 E. Bluelick Road, Lima (0.768 acres and 1.881 acres), $350,000

Wickline, Jonathan W/Wickline, Crystal M to Snay, Michael E/Snay, Lindsey, 5606 Reservoir Road (1 acre), Lima, $195,000


Klausing, Jeffery to Rupert, John S, 606 Lima Ave., Delphos, $25,000

Lohr, Summer/Lohr, Caleb A to Rode, James S/Rode, Mary L, 702 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $134,000

McConnahea, Colin/McConnahea, Kayla to Phelix, Mackenzie Joseph, 928 N. Main St., Delphos, $93,000

Overholt, Brian to Gable Properties, LLC, 628 E. 2nd St., Delphos, $88,000


Un-Doc’d, LLC to Gibson, James S/Gibson, Donna J, 301 Plum Circle, Elida, $32,000


Fetter, Joe C/Fetter, Anita A to Wildermuth, James/Wildermuth, Kimberly, Sandusky Road (6.282 acres), Lafayette, $18,000


Lyle, Mary Jeanne/Lyle, Theodore to Davis, John, 1800 Kingston Ave., Lima, $20,000

Nickles, Michael J/Nickles, Mary Ann to Manley, Charles M, 211 E. 17th St., Lima, $3,500

St. John’s Avenue Land Co., LLC to Lima (St Johns) DG, LLC, 1702 St. Johns Road, Lima, $160,000


Anike, Heather to Arnett, Charles/Arnett, Ploma, 2139 Wyandot Drive, Lima, $160,000

Arnett, Charles E I/Arnett, Ploma L to Vongerichten, Gary Neil/Vongerichten, Cinthea Lisa, 2230 Miami Place, Lima (0.187 acre), $221,000

Casey, Patricia/Casey, Alex B to Gemstone Enterprises, Ltd, 3090 Yoakam Road, Lima, $175,000

Deubler, Charles/Deubler, Kristina to Ciminillo, Claire/Ciminillo, Alexzander C S, 2333 Western Ohio Ave., Lima, $116,000

Gearing, Blaine/Gearing, Michelle to Williams, Shawn M, 2060 Arcadia Ave., Lima, $115,000

Henderholt Investments, LLC to Gearing, Blaine, 3969 Fort Amanda Road (1 acre), Lima, $63,600

Howell, Melissa R to Tall Guy Properties LLC, 2035 Huntington Drive, Cridersville, $100,000

Watts, Robert A/Watts, Arvis V to Staudt, Jesse, 2376 London Drive, Lima, $183,500

White, Kenneth E/White, Betty M to Anderson, Dawne M/Black, Danny R, 4456 Meadowlands Drive, Lima, $272,000

Winkler, Helena A to Peake Properties LLC, 1756 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $7,500


W. E. Investors, Ltd to Hicks, Kyle L/Pennington, Claire E, 3573 W. Lincoln Highway (1.06 acres), Lima, $175,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `59`94`92

Mortgage `67`89`82

Land contracts `2`0`0

Releases `93`178`136

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `0`0`0

Miscellaneous `37`53`43

Military discharges `1`0`1

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