Land transfers, March 25-March 31

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Deeds `69`92`85

Mortgage `74`82`93

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `70`136`150

Uniform commercial code `1`0`0

Terminations `1`0`2

Miscellaneous `51`43`55

Military discharges `0`1`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 25 through March 31. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Banks, Thelma to Thompson, Adreine, 516 Orena Ave., Lima, $10,000

Cisco, Christine Anne Fka/Grothaus, Todd J/Grothaus, Christine Anne to Nance, Angelina/Nance, Vanessa, 876 W. Murphy St., Lima, $65,000

Daley, Steven A Co-Executor/Daley, Timothy L Co-Executor/Estate Of Louis P Daley/ Daley, Louis P Daley Estate/Daley, Louis P Decd/Daley, Louis P Decd to Daley, Nicholas L, 203 E. Murphy St., Lima, $98,800

Dodge, Jody L/Dodge-Bruce, Jody L Aka/Bruce, Randy to Ramirez-Garcia, Sergio, 670 Marian Ave., Lima, $64,900

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Haithcock, Gordon, 823 Holly St., Lima, $9,000

Heffner, Brad Executor/Estate Of Rodney Lynn Heffner/ Heffner, Rodney Lynn Estate/Heffner, Rod Aka Estate to Gilbert Apartments Of Ada, Ltd, 2020 Burch Ave. Lima, $115,000

Kelly Rental Homes LLC/ Kelly Rental Homes, LLC Aka to Grand Apartments Of Ada, Ltd, 1425 Ellison Dr., 4126 Ellison Dr. and 1461 Ellison Dr., Lima, $180,000

Jnm Investments, LLC to Bauer, Kate M, 2620 Debbie Dr., Lima, $150,000

Klopp, Daniel/Klopp, Janice M to Phipps, Jody Jr/Williams, Katelyn M, 532 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $59,900

Lott, Matthew A to Roebuck, Nicholas A, 781 Oak St., Lima, $11,000

Manley, Tammy to R & J Realty Investments LLC, 786 S. Metcalf St., Lima, $20,000

Miles, Tracy A/Miles, Nancy J to Gilbert Apartments Of Ada, Ltd, 721 E. Third St., Lima, $45,900

Miles, Tracy A/Miles, Nancy J to Gilbert Apartments Of Ada, Ltd, 1315 Essex Dr., Lima, $45,900

Miles, Tracy A/Miles, Nancy J/Miles, Tracey A Aka to Gilbert Apartments Of Ada, Ltd, 417 S. Baxter, 325 Prospect Ave., 316 S. Baxter, 707 Franklin St., 829 E. Second St., 325 Garfield Ave., 727 E. Vine St., 630 S. Scott St., 757 S. Atlantic Ave., 725 S. Union St., 703 E. Franklin St., 616 Dingledine, 860 N. Main St., 704 Catalpa Ave., 577 Harrison Ave., 827 E. Albert St., 820 Oak St., 928 Milburn Ave., 421 S. Baxter St., 423 S. Baxter St., 425 Harrison Ave., and 526 Orena, Lima, $108,400.

Opperman, Aron/Opperman, Megan to Bornman, Steven K, 636 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $83,000

Smith, Lawrence T C to Clay, Vivian K, 1526 W. High St., Lima, $30,200

Snyder, Joshua Trustee/Snyder Irrevocable Heritage Trust to Inkrott, Timothy J/Inkrott, Britany K, 2748 Carolyn, Lima, $270,000

Terry, Franklin L/Terry, Jannis M to Gallagher, Nathaniel B, 1521 Leland Ave., Lima, $159,000


Ciallella, David P/Ciallella, Anthony J to Bridges, Harold A, 1757 Whitehall Drive, Lima, $159,900

Long, Braden D/Long, Moriah S to Zack, Lori S, 174 Hartford Ct., Lima, $67,000

Mcbride, Janice L/Mcbride, William B to Grand Apartments Of Ada, Ltd, 2080 Eastown Rd., Lima, $140,000

Pugin, Carl/Pugin, Jennifer to Mollenauer, Thomas Edward Jr/Mollenauer, Kimberly, 3705 Sky Hawk Dr., Lima, $329,000

Rode, Mary Ann Trustee/Mary Ann Rode Family Living Trust/ Rode, Arnold F Trustee to Schuh, Anthony J, 2350 Kimberly Dr., Delphos, $135,000

Schmiedebusch, Joseph K/Schmiedebusch, Emily to Grand Apartments Of Ada, Ltd, 2350 Kimberly Drive, Delphos, $86,000

Sneary, Greg/Sneary, Gladys Sarah to Klofta, Jarod R, 4255 N. Cole St., Lima, $370,000

Umfleet, Christina Fka/Brown, Christina/Brown, Kristy to Howell, Joyce A, 2420 Sherwood Dr., Lima, $115,000


Height, Timothy J to Schmiedebusch, Joseph K/Schmiedebusch, Emily S, 4966 Reservoir Road, Lima, $205,000


Mccormick, Daniel/Mccormick, Kristina L to Thompson, Lezlie K, 534 Lima Ave., Delphos, $79,900


Parrish, David A/Parrish, David L Aka/Parrish, Michele L to Nusbaum, Amy P, 309 Plum Circle, Lima, $360,000


Bbhc, LLC to McPheron, Robert/McPheron, Michelle, 6500 Mickelson Lane, Lima, $34,500

Sweigart, Joseph A to Spencer, Randy/Spencer, Jesse, Hardin Road, $300,000


Parks, Mary E/Parks, Todd F to Fountaine, Lydia A/Fountaine, Drake, 123 W. Main, Lafayette, $111,100


Williams, Jennifer L/Long, Jennifer L Nka/Long, Kevin to Osting, Melissa S/Osting, Brandon J, 4360 Kiggins Rd., Delphos, $228,000


Allen, Jeremy J to Allen, J’Ton Washington/Washington Allen, J’Ton, 609 S. Central Ave., Lima, $21,000


Anderson, Leonard/Anderson, Jennifer L to Sanders, Katlynne, 884 Berryman Blvd., Lima, $92,600

Crowe, Penny R to Turner, Alexander L/Crow, Emily E, 3011 Pecan Ave., Lima, $228,500

Gossard Self Storage, Inc. to Village Property Partners LLC, S. Dixie Hwy., Lima, $7,600

Miller, Jack Dean/Miller, Karen to Sebenoler, Michael/Sebenoler, Melinda, 2170 W. Hume Rd., Lima, $28,000

Miller, John K Sr to Lima Refining Company, 2308 Adgate Rd., Lima, $160,000

Sharrits, Ryan M to Beckett-Avery, Laura/Avery, Damon, 2235 Garden Blvd., Lima, $190,000

Smalley, Vanessa to K&N Investments & Consulting Inc, 734-734 1/2 W. Wayne St., Lima, $15,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `69`92`85

Mortgage `74`82`93

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `70`136`150

Uniform commercial code `1`0`0

Terminations `1`0`2

Miscellaneous `51`43`55

Military discharges `0`1`0

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