Land transfers, March 11-17

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Deeds `64`94`94

Mortgage `51`79`89

Land contracts `0`1`0

Releases `85`104`178

Uniform commercial code `1`1`0

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `41`53`53

Military discharges `1`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running March 11 through March 17. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


1028 West Market, LLC to Msl Ventures, LLC, 1165 W. High St. Lima, $31,000

Beckett-Avery, Laura A / Avery, Damon to Sterling, Gregory A, 1406 Wilson Ave., Lima, $98,000

Berneburg, Helen M Co-Trustee / Maloney, Diane Co-Trustee / Helen M. Berneburg Revocable Living Trust to Martz, Leota A, 556 Westerly Dr., Lima, $135,000

Bodiker, Rustin / Bodiker, Emily K to Crouch, William Ryan Wallis / Crouch, Grace Catherine, 6135 Bellefontaine Rd., Lima, $215,000

Brown, Neva Loretta / Brown, N Loretta Aka to Sherer, Katelynn Leah / Sherer, Gale Franklin Trey, 4466 West Breese Road, Lima, $80,000

Campbell, Zeke / Campbell, Kimberly to Brown, Tynisha S, 520 W. Eureka St., Lima, $25,000

Circle R Properties, LLC to Belvedere Mhp, LLC, 2150 Stewart Rd., Lima, $725,000

Empty Nest Homes, LLC to Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC, 1348 Leland Ave., Lima, $30,000

Fisher Investments Property Inc./ Fisher Investments Property, Inc. Aka to Shurelds, Mark, 820 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $45,000

Flanagan, Steven A / Flanagan, Robin K / Gaus, James A / Gaus, Joanne H to Miller, Kalista, 2275 N. Cable Rd., Lima, $70,000

Grapner, Scott F / Grapner, Carrie G to Turner, William Clark Iii / Turner, Taylor, 3276 Shiloh Dr., Lima, $160,000

Hance, Ross A / Hance, Melissa to Davie, Haley J / Cole, Wayne A Ii, 351 S. Lincoln Ave., Lima, $102,000

Holliday, Jessica R / Brenneman, Rick D to Smith, Tyler S / Smith, Stacy R, 4935 Pheasant St., Lima, $230,000

Julien, Newsam / Julien, Patricia A to Mekolites, Kaylee L, 1100 E. Franklin St., Lima, $53,500

Jumpx Real Estate Investment, LLC to Zurek, Ronald, 1036 Burch Ave., Lima, $37,500

Kannard, Jamie Lynn to Rettig, David M Ii / Ball, Susan R, 295 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $59,000

Kelly Rental Homes, LLC to Aeb Holdings LLC, 1014-1016 Richie Ave., Lima, $75,000

Kindle, Jeremy A / Kindle, April Attorney In Fact / Steffes, Scott to Brenneman, Ricky D, 2650 Steven Dr., Lima, $135,000

Knight, Carroll L Trustee Trustee / Carroll L. Knight Trust to Antonio’S Property LLC, 530 Vine St., Lima, $3,500

Lima Alexander Rentals LLC to Curtis, Paul E, E. 11th Street, Lima, $3,000

Michael, James R Co-Trustee / Michael, Carolyn J Co-Trustee / Michael, James R / Michael, Carolyn J / James R Michael And Carolyn J Michael Revocable Trust to Joyce, Todd P / Joyce, Tara M, N. Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $441,200

Meryer, John D Jr / Meyer, Katrina R to Marcum, Josh W / Marcum, Jessica, 116 Orchard Dr., Lima, $258,000

Musto, Dominic J / Musto, Susan to Parker, Troy, 4256 Allentown Rd., Lima, $89,900

Optimal Investments LLC to Striff, Lisa, 1800 Charledon Ave., Lima, $28,500

Pereira, Teresinha A / Martins, Emilia P Attorney In Fact to Rumbaugh Properties, LLC, 719 Westbrook Dr., Lima, $55,000

Roberts, Randall W / Roberts, Karen to Mccleese, Tyler J / Brooks, Mackenzie L, 1616 Benham Dr., Lima, $175,000

Samsum LLC to Gearing, Blaine, 3214 Greens Rd., Lima, $30,000

Shawnee Development, Ltd. to Lauck, Kelly A / Lauck, Chad M, 2758 Gaithersburg Dr., Lima, $45,000

Slone, Justin D to Shafer, Ryan P, 3576 Hiawatha Trail, Lima, $68,300

Wennersten, Carl / Forth Wennersten, Karen C / Wennersten, Karen C Forth to Hruska, Andrew M, Iii, 684 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $84,000

Wolf, Jeffrey D / Wolf, Jeffery D Aka / Wolf, Tamara L to Bushong, Kevin, 1951 Stewart Rd., Lima, $130,000

York Gate Properties, LLC. to Smith, Amanda D / Lyle, Gayle C, 517 E. 4th St., Lima, $52,000

Yuhl, Connie / Yuhl, Jerry to Lamb, Richard Blake / Lamb, Emily, 463 Ashwood Ave., Lima, $20,000


Kinn, Jon B / Kinn, Mandy M / Kinn, Jonb to Diller, Matthew, 716 S. Main St., Bluffton, $140,000

Mennonite Mutual Aid Society to Sprunger, LLC, 208 S. Main St., Bluffton, $145,000

Somhou, LLC to Hazel Oaks, LLC, 103 S. Main St., Lima, $195,000


Van Autreve, Thomas E Sucessor Trustee / Edgar G Van Autreve Revocable Living Trust to Delphian Social Club, 311-313 North Main St., Delphos, $30,000


Ryan, Justin M / Ryan, Lindsey to Coolidge, Doug / Coolidge, Darlene, 2970-2972 Lilly Dr., Elida, $22,500


Schumaker, Racheal to Warmbrod, Benjamin M, 7523 Gomer Rd., Gomer, $99,000


Gossard, Lisa M to Llewellyn, Joel M / Gossard, Kayla, 1454 N. Rumbaugh Rd., Harrod, $425,000


Warnecke, John T / Warnecke, Mary Jo to Warnecke, Steven P / Warnecke, Amelia R, Marion Township, $127,900


Puschel, Mark A to Tadd Investments, Ltd, 210 Wein St., Spencerville, $115,000

Suever, David E / Suever, Billie J to Meyer, John T, 8801 Agerter Rd., Spencerville, $279,800

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `64`94`94

Mortgage `51`79`89

Land contracts `0`1`0

Releases `85`104`178

Uniform commercial code `1`1`0

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `41`53`53

Military discharges `1`0`0

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