Land transfers, Jan. 21-27

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Deeds `63`78`74

Mortgage `55`82`96

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `78`162`88

Uniform commercial code `0`2`1

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `48`57`73

Military discharges `5`2`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Jan. 21 through Jan. 27. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Bevilockway, Joshua A/Bevilockway, Casey L to Matchett, Debra, 2000 University Boulevard, $112,000

Bland, Scott G to Gambrell, Ricardo II, lot in College Hill Extended, $85,000

Blodgett, Corey A/Blodgett, Molly Attorney In Fact/Blodgett, Katie to Gayheart, Michele R, 1406 Marlboro Drive, $125,800

Brown, Courtney N/Groh, Chris to Brion, Courtney R, 922 Tremont Ave., $79,200

Citizens National Bank Of Bluffton to Mort, Tracy, 1209 N. Metcalf St., $54,000

Colwell Properties, LLC to IOIOIO LLC, 855 W. Market St., $175,000

Connor, Allsion/Conner, John to Starr, Randy, 211 N. Kenilworth Ave., $33,500

Davis, Gloria to Wall, Jason L, 511 W. Vine St., $3,500

Graham, Brandan to Walker & Wall Real Estate, LLC, 510 W. Kildare Ave., $9,000

Hardin, Joseph/Hardin, Stephanie Jo/Missler, Maureen/Weininger, Jack F to Courtney, Matthew J II, 1833 Latham Ave., $84,500

Kerber, Dennis S/Kerber, Tonya R to Alsept, Donald Jr, 715 Westbrook Drive, $129,000

Magnus, H Ray to Fortney, Adam C/Fortney, Jill M, 1110 N. Baxter St., $60,000

Magnus, H Ray/Magnus, Herbert Ray to Fortney, Adam C/Fortney, Jill M, 201-211 W. Grand Ave., $190,000

Mcpheron, Jessica M to Creating Comfort Rentals, LLC, 329 Calumet Ave., $30,000

Ott, Daniel P/Ott, Kimberly Sue to Ehrhardt, Earl F, 320 N. Collett St., $12,000

Roberts, Todd J to Cox, Russell Joseph/Cox, Stephanie Nicole, 520 S. Woodlawn Ave., $72,000

Schnipke, Richard A/Schnipke, Joann M to Intelligent Rental Solutions, LLC, 714 S. Greenlawn Ave., $10,000

State Of Ohio/ Auditor Rachael S Gilroy to Croft, Joseph Robert/Herr, Nicole M, parcel South Union, three parcels 200 block east Second Street, $2,000

Vorhees, Deborah C Successor Trustee/Robert F O’Connor Revocable Trust to Taylor, Jaren D, 1304 Melrose St., $120,000


Brown, Charles O to Brown, Courtney N/Ruble, Austin Michael, 53 Beaumont Place, $135,000

Engle, Charlotte L Trustee/Charolette L Engle Living Trust to Henderson, Marcia L, 1701 Victoria Lane, $105,000

Hoogland 2013 Children Investment Limited Partnership/ Charles R Hoogland Trust/ Hoogland, Keith A On Behalf Of/Hoogland, Charles E Co-Trustee/Hoogland, Keith A Co-Trustee/Heslop, Kathleen Knox Co-Trustee/Reynolds, Eliza Hoogland Co-Trustee to Ltr I LLC, 1505 N. Cole St. and 1306 W. Robb Ave., $604,500

Ltr I LLC to Kah V, LLC, 1505 N. Cole St., 1306 W. Robb Ave., $610,000

Wainscott, Brian P to Costas, Gregory W/Costas, Bobbie, 3031 Diller Road, $128,000


Kagy, Chuck/Kagy, Terri to White, Travis/White, Angela, 601 E. Robb Ave., $45,600

Sorrels, Durelle to Thompson, Ebony, 1519 Adams St., $5,000

Zehner, Matthew Thomas/Zehner, Casey Lorraine to Harding, Tyler J, 222 Devonshire Drive, $163,900


Warner, Grant R/Warner, Emily M to Strayer, David/Strayer, Natalie R, 125 W. Kibler St., $175,000


Bell, William Jr Trustee/Bell, Jean A Trustee/William Bell Jr Living Trust to Heslop, Steven J/Heslop, Teresa D, 4698 Amaryllis St., $203,900


Evans, Jerry W/Evans, Opal to Wauben, Jacob D, 10170 Clum Road, $127,000


Miller, Glen A/Miller, Sandra J to Miller, James E/Miller, Martha R, West State Road (16.352 acres), $159,500


Kahle, Kenneth/Kahle, Susan M to Kahle Family Trust/ Kahle, David B Trustee/Kahle, Norman J Trustee/David Kahle Trust, Redridge Road (81.20 and .70 acres), $400,000


Woolley, Grace Administrator/Estate Of Jerry E Rigel to Brunk, Chris A, 1424 Glenn Ave., $53,000


Shaffer, Ashley N to Schlenk, Jason A, 5817 N. Dixie Highway, $80,000


Ammirati, Mario/Nathan, Nadia to Kadimov, Makhmud B, 2781 Shagbark Drive, $500,000

Askins, John R to Mauch, Andre W, 4191 Spencerville Road, $170,000

D & S Investments Of Lima, LLC to Julal Properties, LLC, 2228 Shawnee Road, $169,000

Eilerman, Michael S/Eilerman, Carla J to Rowe, Brian, 2227 Seneca Drive, $199,900

Imondi, Sarah to Keckler, Thomas D/Foote, Sue A, parcel on Shawnee Road, $82,000

Thompson, Margaret Executor/Estate Of Dorothy M Larotonda to Larotonda-Robinson, Angela, 145 Blackhawk Place, $117,000

Vonderembse, Curt/Vonderembse, Curtis J Aka to Miranda, Christopher, 4222 W. Breese Road, $189,000


Chuffers Inc. to Bwink Properties, LLC, 214 E. Seventh St., $87,500


Goodman, Bradley D/Goodman, Sharon to Green, Randy/Green, Connie/Green, Jedidiah/Green, Angie, West State Road, $58,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `63`78`74

Mortgage `55`82`96

Land contracts `0`0`0

Releases `78`162`88

Uniform commercial code `0`2`1

Terminations `2`0`0

Miscellaneous `48`57`73

Military discharges `5`2`0

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