Land transfers, Jan. 7-13

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `65`48`71

Mortgage `66`55`74

Land contracts `0`1`1

Releases `72`71`173

Uniform commercial code `0`1`1

Terminations `1`2`4

Miscellaneous `45`32`50

Military discharges `4`0`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Jan. 7 through Jan. 13. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Blair, James F Executor/Estate Of Shirley E Tippie to Willeke, Scott, 625 Westbrook Drive, Lima, $99,000

C&C Property Management, LLC to Kuehner Rentals, LLC, 136-138 Harrison Ave., Lima, $31,200

Charisma Properties, LLC to Domus Investment Partners, LLC, 14 Elmview Court, 16 Elmview Court, Lima, $66,000

Conaway, Rickie Alan to Optimal Investments, LLC, 777 Richie Ave., Lima, $34,600

Davidson, Gary W to Vanvoorhis, Chad R, 821 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $20,100

Fisher, Jeffrey L/Fisher, Stephanie A to Lee, David A/Lee, Lisa E, 1844 Lowell Ave., Lima, $128,000

George, Diane L/Long, David W/Long, Dennis R/Gallmeier, Deborah K/Long, Pam/Long, Lisa to May, Zachary, 2005 Ann Way, Lima, $138,000

JumpX Real Estate Investment LLC to MK USA Good Shepherd LLC, 614 E. 3rd St., Lima, $4,500

Kaser, Michael E to Samsum LLC, 2818 Shadowood Drive, Lima, $165,000

Nance, Shirley to Thompson, Remey, 629 E. 3rd St., Lima, $18,000

Nance, Shirley T to Bryant, Lawrence, 960 S. Main St., Lima, $25,000

Small, Bethany D to Vanvoorhis, Chad R, 474 W. McKibben St., Lima, $34,100

Vandyke, Heather Lyn/Golden, Michael David/Vandyke, Brian E/Golden, Tiffany to County Line Investments, LLC, 160 S. Dana Ave., Lima, $50,000

West, Ryan M to Hensley, David A Jr, 1556 Leland Ave., Lima, $88,000

Wynn, John D/Wynn, Susan to Luce, Jean, 127 W. McKibben St., Lima, $12,500


Jordan, James David/Jordan, Carolyn Kay to Jordan, Shelby/Jordan, Karen S, South Grubb Road (0.162 acres), Lima, $1,000


Bell, Jean A Trustee/Bell, William Jr Trustee/Jean A Bell Living Trust to Klokochar, Nicholas P/Klokochar, Tamara E, 1950 Arlington Drive, Lima, $149,900

Greeley, Heather L to Long, Chad A/Long, Amy R, 3995 Dutch Hollow Road (1.168 acres), Lima, $335,000

Paphanchith, Tony/Pahanchith, Natallie to Armand, James R/Armand, Shelby N, 4167 Hickory Place, Lima, $363,500

Rempe, Jeffrey J/Rempe, Shannon to Guice, Anthony G/Guice, Sharon L, 3427 Providence Circle, Lima, $174,000


Ayers, Dennis W/Ayers, Heather S to Ayers, Terry L/Ayers, Janice K, 3278 Crestview Drive, Lima, $120,000

Gladys M. Williams Trust/Williams, Delbert Michael Trustee to Welsch, Troy/Welsch, Jaime, Bible Road (3.8 acres), Lima, $45,500


Hancock Investor Group, LLC to Buroker, Jenna R, 113 Riley St., Bluffton, $102,000


ECIRP Investments, LLC to A&A Property Group, LLC, 111 N. Main St., Delphos, $109,000

Schwinnen, Chad R Trustee/Cynthia J. Schwinnen Irrevocable Trust/Burger, Amie L Trustee to Hays, Lisa M, 1302 Hedrick St., Delphos, $169,300


Bowers, Michael/Bowers, Amanda to Haisley, Joshua/Haisley, Emily, 5115 Aster St., Elida, $243,000

Wilkerson, Ronald G/Rupert, Robert J Attorney In Fact to Henderholt Investments, LLC, 36170502032000, $120,000


Ellerbrock, Rosemary R Trustee/Ellerbrock, Catherine A Trustee/Rosemary Ellerbrock Revocable Living Trust to Schroeder, Grant A/Evers, Kasey N, 1999 Eversole Road (1.72 acres), Lima, $172,600

Robey, Steven M/Robey, Pamela S to Rakay, Richard B/Rakay, Mallory, 6285 Ottawa Road (0.77 acres), Lima, $145,000


Rieman, Robert L/Rieman, Louise M to Gesler, Douglas L/Gesler, Heidi M, Zurflugh Road (0.59 acres), Bluffton, $6,000


Karg, Christian to Green, Stephanie D/Green, Daniel N, 1710 Frail Road, Lima, $114,000

McClendon, Christopher J/McClendon, Melanie A to Rempe, Jeffrey J/Rempe, Shannon R, 1534 Riverview Drive, Lima, $234,300

McKiernan, Michael G to Paphanchith, Tony/Paphanchith, Natallie, 130 Hawthorne Drive (5.024 acres), Lima, $490,000

Serenity Investment Properties, Inc. to Alt, Sue A Trustee/Sue A. Alt Revocable Living Trust, 8B Mews Road, Lima, $225,000


Arlington, Mitchell D/Arlington, Jennifer to Boyer, Darren R/Boyer, Tiffany A, 106 N. Pearl St., Spencerville, $96,500


Simms, Tyler M/Simms, Brooke R to Blayney, Daniel, 5075 Sherrick Road (0.56 acres), Lima, $165,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `65`48`71

Mortgage `66`55`74

Land contracts `0`1`1

Releases `72`71`173

Uniform commercial code `0`1`1

Terminations `1`2`4

Miscellaneous `45`32`50

Military discharges `4`0`0

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