Land transfers, Dec. 17-23

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Deeds `70`77`90

Mortgage `62`99`93

Land contracts `1`0`3

Releases `73`164`164

Uniform commercial code `1`2`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `29`49`54

Military discharges `3`2`0

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Dec. 17 through 23. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Andrews, Kay/Miller, Megan to O’Connor Investment Properties, LLC, North Pierce Street, Lima, $24,000

Bolender, Charles/Lee, Lisa/Lee, David to SS Quality Homes LLC, 520 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $30,000

Clark, Thomas C/Clark, Amy to Patton, Natalee R, 765 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $95,000

Eyzc RE LLC/Ebury Street Capital LLC to Jumpx Real Estate Investment LLC, 1224 W. Wayne St., Lima, $18,500

Guagenti, Concetta M/Guagenti Family Trust/ Guagenti, Carolyn L Trustee/Guagenti, Frank J/Guagenti, Cecilia R/Guagenti, Dominic D II/Guagenti, Virginia/Guagenti, Gregory/Guagenti, Kathleen to Firm Foundation Christian Center, 125 S. McDonel St., Lima, $13,000

Johnson, Lynn A/Johnson, Jeffery W to Vanvoorhis, Chad R, 321 McPheron Ave., Lima, $20,100

Kelly Rental Homes LLC to Bukowski, Stephanie C, 1817 Burch Ave., Lima, $90,000

Killian, John P/Carder, Beverly J POA to Komarek, Robert B/Komarek, Patricia A, 541 Westerly Drive, Lima, $150,000

Koch, Richard J to Morales, Eduardo, 1914 University Boulevard, Lima, $8,900

KSR Rental, Ltd. to Collins, Seth T/Houston, Jenna K, 1253 Latham Ave., Lima, $80,000

Lee, Lisa/Lee, David to SS Quality Homes LLC, 535 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $30,000

Martin, John R/Martin, Leslie P to G & SN Leasing LLC, 777 Ewing Ave., Lima, $67,000

Patton, James/Patton, Tanya Attorney In Fact to Miroglio, Anthony E/Miroglio, Jill E, 36360906021000, $18,000

Pruitt, Thomasina to Denson, Willie, 1144 Hazel Ave., Lima, $5,000

Richard and Russell, LLC to Bolol Investments Inc., 1099 N. Main St., 827 Deborah St., 756 Ewing Ave., 764 Ewing Ave., 644 Hazel Ave., 1550 W. Wayne St., 2015 W. Wayne St., 1407 Oakland Parkway, 923 N. McDonel St., 160 Pardise Place, Lima, $597,500

Thompson, Kathleen A Guardian/Missler, Alice May to Andrews, Steven W/Andrews, Lisa C, 1036 Woodland Drive, Lima, $118,000

Torres, Stephen J to Rosewood Assets, LLC, 2156 W. Market St., Lima, $105,000

Wallace, Rashad Steven to Quinones, Vanner Leonel Ramires/Jimenez, Sharin Lineth Castro, 1316 W. Spring St., Lima, $8,000

Wings Of Deliverance-Lima to Mount Calvary Holy Union Church Of God, 400 S. Scott St., Lima, $32,000


Barnt, Donald E/Barnt, Sonja L to Barnt, Robert C/Stockton, Bernard K/Stockton, Connie A, Allentown Road (78 acres), $780,000


Batchelor, Patricia J to Morrison, Lawrence E/Morrison, Marie K, 184 S. Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $248,000

Coolidge, Janet S to American Christian Television, Inc., 4289 Sunnydale St., Elida, $189,500

Easttown Rentals I, LLC to Walkins, Darrell T, 3000-3002 Dutch Hollow Road, Lima, $225,000

Heffner, Charles C/Heffner, Margaret A to Klay, Andrew D, 1141 W. Bluelick Road, Lima, $137,000

Kahn, Kenton D/Kahn, Diana L to Jones, Justin D/Jones, Stephanie, 2166 Reinell Ave., Lima, $185,000

McNulty, James D/McNulty, Karen A to Luzanov, Iiya S/Luzanova, Natalya S, 5849 Poling Road, Lima, $100,000

Montgomery, Courtney S to Keenan, Brett M, 2805 W. Market St., Lima, $36,000


Fetter, Nina M Successor Trustee/R Ellen Fetter Trust to Fetter, Todd Michael/Fetter, Keaton Craig, 1720 Fetter Road (57 acres), $275,000

Kreinbrink, John Linus/Kreinbrink, Alyssa R/Burkholder, Dawn to Burkholder, James P, 4638 N. Dixie Highway (0.689 acres), Lima, $150,000

Mauk, Jeffrey T/Mauk, Amy V to McKinney, Bryan J/Carlson-McKinney, Desiree, 137 Valley Way, Lima, $220,000


Wilson, Zachary D to Wilson, Michael D/Wilson, Jill A, 221 N. Jackson St,. Bluffton, $140,000


Klinger Investment Properties, LLC/Klinger, Rodney/Klinger, Tasha to Radebaugh, Ryan N, 402 E. 9th St., Delphos, $102,000

Rayman, Stephen J/Rayman, Dorothy M to Andrews, Taylor L, 326 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $69,900

Ricker, Geraldine T Trustee to Slippery Fish, LLC, 1106 Marsh Ave., Delphos, $146,500


Brenneman, Sarah to Watson, Michael, 109 Kiracofe Ave., Elida, $13,000

Komarek, Robert B/Komarek, Patricia A to Blubaugh, Hannah M/Warnement, Daniel G, 4681 Amarylis St., Elida, $267,500

Nolte, Deborah A Successor Co-Trustee/Bowsher, Susan E Successor Trustee/George R Wagner and Audrey M Wagner Trust to Bowers, Michael/Bowers, Amanda, 2139 Buttercup Drive, Lima, $289,900


Neeley, Sabrina G to George, Richard W Jr/George, Cynthia A, 4422 Stemen St., Gomer, $145,000


Barnes, Bryon A to Linn, Joshua M/Linn, Jessica M, 442 N. Phillips Road (8.263 acres), $180,000

Criblez, Michael A/Criblez, Wanda Y to Brauen, Klathleen A/Brauen, David D, Sugar Creek Road ((75.967 acres), Harrod, $440,700

Keeler, Jennifer/Keeler, Matthew/Thayer, Adam/Thayer, Benjamin to Gossard, Bradley M, North Rumbaugh Road (30.309 acres), Harrod, $184,900


Griffith, Cheryl Co-Executor/Smith, Karen S Decd/Smith, Paul J Decd/Landin, Donna Co-Executor to Schroeder, James J/Schroeder, Lisa M, Ottawa Road (41 acres and 7.984 acres), Columbus Grove, $465,000


Hunt, Jerry J/Hunt, Sandy Rae to Kirkpatrick, James D/Kirkpatrick, Nicole J, 3770 E. Breese Road (2 acres), $270,000

Wright Warehousing, Inc. to Pioneer Warehousing, LLC, 1601 E. Fourth St., Lima, $4,250,000


Emerick, William Administrator/Estate Of Duane D Hauenstein to Hauenstein Farms, LLC, 5950 Bentley Road (80 acres), Bluffton and Sugar Creek Road (79.5 acres), Harrod, $82,500

Goldstein, Pamela A/Goldstein, Marvin A to Hauenstein Farms, LLC., 5950 Bentley Road (80 acres), Bluffton and Sugar Creek Road (79.5 acres), Harrod, $90,000


Cain, Michael H/Cain, Carol I to Dennison, Kiel A/Dennison, Angela R, Zurmhely Road, Lima, $177,000

Cain, Michael H/Cain, Carol I to Mayer, Elizabeth Joy/Mayer, Derek W, 5123 Zurmehly Road, $290,000

Fischer, Cody R/Fischer, Kate to Delgado, Alana, 2316 Adgate Road, Liam, $159,000

Guagenti, John M/Guagenti, Tondra L to Greve Holdings, LLC, 3853-3855 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $219,000

LBC Investments, LLC to Ford, Jimmy C/Ford, Rebecca J, 3491 Camden Place, Lima, $259,900

Noor Rentals, LLC to Torres, Stephen J/Scott, Rachel, 3260 Shawnee Road, Lima, $185,000

Schnipke, Richard A/Schnipke, Joann M to Geiler, Erich L/Geiler, Alayan S, 2922 Westimber Court, Lima, $170,000

Wellman Homes, LLC to Stanley, Samuel W, 3479 Weldon Drive, Lima, $269,000


Bauer, Helen/Noonan, Alice/Noonan, Patricia/Bauer, James to Schwinnen, Timothy J/Schwinnen, Brett B, St. Marys Road (65.351 acres), Union St., Spencerville, $588,200


Sandy, Michael L to Gross-Downey, Sara E/Och, Lori M, 125 Reynolds Ave., Spencerville, $68,900

WJHOH LLC/WJH LLC to Ford, Ashley N/Ford, Emmanuel Dalton, 425 W. 4th St., Spencerville, $163,500


White, Timothy I. and White, Darlene S. to Patrick, Brandon J., North Cole Street (2.5 acres), Lima.

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `70`77`90

Mortgage `62`99`93

Land contracts `1`0`3

Releases `73`164`164

Uniform commercial code `1`2`1

Terminations `0`1`0

Miscellaneous `29`49`54

Military discharges `3`2`0

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