Land transfers, Dec. 3-9

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Deeds `71`48`84

Mortgage `71`78`95

Land contracts `0`0`1

Releases `103`37`78

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `0`0`2

Miscellaneous `45`49`46

Military discharges `3`0`1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Dec. 3 through 9. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Ackles, Lashonda to Grant, Don Nademea, 629 Holmes Ave., Lima, $21,500

Armentrout, Ronald L Jr/Auditor Rachael S Gilroy/ State Of Ohio to Denson, Willie L III, 218 McPheron Ave., Lima, $5,000

Blass Holding, LLC to Ward, Rylan C/Ward, Jacqueline, 328 N. Metcalf St. and West Wayne Street (0.119 acre), Lima, $68,000

Dahlinghaus Properties LLC to Bailey, Patricia A/Bailey, Robert W, 1017 Brower Road, Lima, $87,000

Ehrman, Brett Charles/Ehrman, Melissa D to Wilson, Taesha, 506 Haller St., Lima, $12,000

Ejiogu, Olayemi/Ejiogu, Kelechi to K & N Investments & Consulting Inc., 425 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $1,500

Evans, Erich R/Evans, Windy A to Evans, Emilee A, 2320 Baywood Drive, Lima, $99,000

Family Worship Center Ministries International, Inc. to Everett S Kirk Company, LLC, Eureka Street (0.209 acres), Lima, $7,800

Fossa, Julia E/Fossa, Neil S to Bishop, Kalvin/Daglio, Amanda, 988 Brice Ave., Lima, $34,400

Handshoe, Terry I to Shafer, Adam R/Shafer, Tina L, 1812 St. Johns Road, Lima, $122,500

Harnishfeger, William/Harnishfeger, Dianna B to Francis, Stephen J/Francis, Susan E, 3748 Yale Ave., Lima, $141,500

Holtzkamp, William E to Frazier, Aniya, 822 Roosevelt Ave., Lima, $39,400

Houston, Lamar/Houston, Sharon to Rosewood Assets LLC, 2403 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $108,000

Hunter, Michael L to Jackson, Chazz, 459 McPheron Ave., Lima, $3,900

Jordan, Doris June/Meyer, Robert H IV Guardian to Serenity Investment Properties Inc., 2281 N. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $115,000

Kelley Rental Homes LLC to AEB Holdings LLC, 329 Detroit St., 333 Detroit St. and 335 Detroit St., Lima, $128,000

Laderer, Michelle K/Laderer, Tom/Andrews, Karen J/Andrews, Crusie to Huffman-Gay, Lorraine M, 519 E. Albert St., Lima, $32,500

Meloy, Barbara J to PC Thompson Investments, LLC, 879 W. Elm St., Lima, $134,500

State of Ohio/Auditor Rachael S Gilroy/Garcia, Tony Et Al to M.E. LLC, 987 Brice Ave., Lima, $36,000

State of Ohio/Auditor Rachael S Gilroy/Lacock, Rocky Joe to Barnett, Tawama Renea, 530 E. Elm St., Lima, $11,000

State of Ohio/Auditor Rachael S Gilroy/Lesher, John T to Pettigrew, Samantha, 119 S. Scott St. and South Scott Street, Lima, $600

Thomas, Jan C/Thomas, Kim/Goetz, Darlene/Thomas, Walter A/Goetz, Ralph to Rigdon, Corey/Rowe, Miranda, 1600 W. Wayne St., Lima, $63,000

Ward, Scott A to Yoder, Johnathan/Newland, Justin, 585 Marian Ave., Lima, $35,000


All Service Properties, LLC-1 to Rector Properties, LLC, 1410 Baty Road, Lima, $80,000

Bowen, Theresa Jean/Bowen, Scott Damen to Ammon, Dylan J/Shellenbarger, Samantha K, 505 W. Bluelick Road, Lima, $97,500

Built Rite Builders, LLC to Bellman, Craig R/Bellman, Melita R, 3644 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $269,000

C&C Property Management, LLC to Omega Property Investments, LLC, 2300 Kimberly Drive (2.643 acres), Lima, $1,150,000

Clement, Max J to Swint, Mary J, 3431 Providence Circle, Lima, $110,000

Eastown Rentals I, LLC to Bumgarner, Devin, 312 S. Blackburn Drive, Lima, $115,000

Lam, Jason/Lam, Chuen Tung Aka/Chen, Qui Bin to Lam, Chuen Tung/Zheng, Bing, 2955 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $33,600

Lennartz, Daniel R/Lennartz, Theresa L to Myers, Steven A, 1708 Victoria Lane, Lima, $145,000

Ritchie, Melai/Ritchie, Randall to Brown, Austin M, 107 Candy Lane, Lima, $145,500


Winegardner, Wallace Brent/Winegardner, Brian Garner/Winegardner, Brenda/Ford, Kevin/Paulus Ford, Elizabeth Anne to Winegardner, Brad A/Winegardner, Melanie J, 935 S. Phillips Road (5.01 acres), Harrod, $127,500


Bailey, Michael/Bailey, Jane to Rex, Bridget M/Rex, Calvin T, 4000 Slabtown Road (0.59 acres), Lima, $232,000

Cunningham, Brian S/Cunningham, Jessica J to Hounshell, Jeremy T/Hounshell, Katherine C, 2049 Slabtown Road (0.915 acres), Lima, $350,000

Hoover, Patricia Sims Executrix/Sims, Elsie Miriam Decd to Clark, Camden/Flores, Raiya, 3279 Crestview Drive, Lima, $115,000

Jay, Tammy/Jay, Gary/Moritz, Mark to Sakemiller, Nancy E, 4007 Brookshore Drive, Lima, $170,000

Taylor, Denny C to Taylor, Kayne Andrew, 3448 Shearin Ave., Lima, $35,800

Williams, Lori to County Line Investments, LLC, 612 Bristol Ave., Lima, $50,000

Welch, Mariah D Executor/Estate Of Linda L Ream to Diller, Cora L, 3842 Yale Ave., Lima, $132,500


Butler’s Investment Properties Co. to Schick, Joshua A, 220 N. Main St., Harrod, $55,000


Habegger, Frederick L Trustee/Habegger, Clarice J Trustee/Frederick And Clarice Habegger Revocable Trust to Scott, Michael, 250 S. Hardin Road (18.745 acres), Ada $195,500

Shafer, Christian Lee/Shafer, Lisa Marie to Pinks, Ferlin/Pinks, James, 8014 Reservoir Road, Lima, $27,500


Hager, Rose to Mox, Cody J/Mox, Alicia M, 6595 Mericle Road, Fort Jennings, $110,000


Shockency, Timothy C/Shockency, Patricia S to Perreault, Aaron Jay/Perreault, Kelsey, 6685 Ottawa Road (0.733 acres and 0.24 acres) and Ottawa Road (0.6406 acres and 0.3959 acres), Lima, $184,900


Glorioso, Jerome A/Glorioso, Vaune M to Shawnee Holdings, LLC, 2950 Yoder Road (4.34 acres), Lima, $125,000


Parish, Jacqueline K Trustee/Hollar, Billie Dale/Parish Family Revocable Living Trust to Mumaugh, William M/Mumaugh, Ann L, 9944 N. Dixie Highway, Bluffton, $179,900


Baxter Family Revocable Living Trust/Baxter, Jeffrey L Successor Trustee to Johnson, Herbert Jr/Johnson, C Fay, 2975 Inwood Drive, Lima, $140,000

Chisnell, Mark/Chisnell, Laurie/Chisnell, Chloe M to Stechschulte, Joseph P/Stechschulte, Ronda J, 3518 Camden Place, Lima, $185,000

Gatson, Heather M to Gibson, Thomas E/Delgado, Jaime Samael, 3021 Pecan Ave., Lima, $188,000

Houston, Thomas L/Houston, Pamela K to Feister, Jerry W/Feister, Loraine Kay, 1789-1791 Koch Drive, Lima, $145,000

State of Ohio/Auditor Rachel S Gilroy/Altenbach, William P to Martin, Jock D’Vore, 1408 Southwood Drive, Lima, $6,000

Rex, James S to Childs, Kevin B, 2300 High RIdge Road, Lima, $182,000

Troyer, Sarah M to Greeley, William G/Greeley, Mary E, Walnut Court (0.182 acres), Lima, $17,500

Wuebker, Frederick J/Wuebker, Kelly J to Hahn, Cory/Hahn, Mary, 2651 Snowberry Lane, Lima, $195,000


Rodden, Bruce E/Rodden, Tammy S to Miller, John K Jr/Miller, Katelin R, 11795 Sarka Road (1 acre), Spencerville, $159,000

Filing`Last year`Last week`This week

Deeds `71`48`84

Mortgage `71`78`95

Land contracts `0`0`1

Releases `103`37`78

Uniform commercial code `2`0`0

Terminations `0`0`2

Miscellaneous `45`49`46

Military discharges `3`0`1

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