Youth Profile: Allen East’s Kennedy pursuing nursing career

Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver -

Jordan Kennedy

Jordan Kennedy

HARROD — Jordan Kennedy, a 17-year-old senior at Allen East High School, is pursuing his dream of becoming a nurse.

He’s planning to go to the University of Toledo after he graduates.

“My grandma was a big role model for me, and she’s a nurse. She’s always wanted me to do something medical, so I kind of wanted to be a nurse, plus I heard really good things about Toledo,” Kennedy said. “It’s not too far from home but far enough to where I could still get away for a bit.”

Kennedy also enjoys competing on the wrestling mat.

“With wrestling, it teaches me that I’m in control of myself in terms of my actions. Like out there on the wrestling mat, you’re the only one wrestling, so I’ve always viewed it as I wrestle for myself,” he said. “So it teaches me individualism. I really like it, just because when I get older, I don’t have to rely on a bunch of people all the time. But it’s also a team sport still, so you still have your teammates to work with, and you can still help out people. You know, it just teaches you responsibility as well.”

He’s also involved in cross country at Allen East.

“I got into cross country my sophomore year because I wanted to do it for wrestling,” he said. “It was a lot more fun than I thought it was going to be.”

He was involved in 4-H but dropped it for focus on athletics.

“I showed chickens for my first couple of years. I did pigs for my last three years,” Kennedy noted.

Kennedy has found his experience at Allen East schools a positive one.

“I like it. I really liked the size of the classes, and the people here are just fun,” Kennedy said. “They focus on the school, but they also like to mess around every once in a while. It’s just a nice environment in general. I mean, nobody really makes fun of anybody, just good place.”

Jordan Kennedy Kennedy
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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