Letter: Newspaper carrier of year

There are many heroes in the world of which we acknowledge in today’s media, i.e., the military, firefighters, police. Then there are the ones you don’t hear about, those that assist us in our lives making some aspect a little easier. Mine come on a daily basis, and if they don’t have to or are unavailable for some reason, I miss them terribly.

One we see and can talk to and are able to acknowledge but more than likely don’t, our mail delivery person. But the other is nearly invisible, traveling in the stealth of night. In the dark early morning hours when the majority of us are still sound asleep, this individual briefly touches our lives never making a sound … at least mine doesn’t. Always on time, she does a job I wouldn’t want to do and in all types of weather: snow, icy roads, blistering cold and pouring rain.

This is my hero, this is my newspaper delivery carrier. When she was briefly gone from the job this past year, we missed her terribly when our paper on many days was not delivered, or left in the middle of the yard where we had to tiptoe through the wet and cold to retrieve it. We had been blessed with the perfect person and had never acknowledged it.

If there was ever an award for “Newspaper Carrier of the Year,” she should unequivocally receive it. But since there isn’t, I just want to say hats off to our wonderful carrier, Colleen Miller, and thank you so much for a job well done.

Marilyn Huffman, Lima


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