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By Sam Shriver -

Emma Rex

Emma Rex

WAPAKONETA — Emma Rex, 17, is still weighing her options as she begins her final year at Wapakoneta High School.

“I have a lot of college options. I can’t say where I’m going to go yet,” Rex said. “I possibly will go into early childhood education, but the bigger option on my plate right now would be to major in English and become a writer and editor of some kind.”

Rex is involved in student senate, National Honor Society, the Fellowship for Christian Athletes and Spanish Club. She’s also on the volleyball and dive teams at the school.

Outside of school, she takes piano lessons and is involved in dance.

“I’ve been in dance forever. I very much like piano because the stress just comes out of me in there and the songs I can play. I find a lot of comfort in worship music just as a whole. When I’m stressed, I’ll just sit down and play that music,” she said.

Rex finds herself challenged by her course load.

“I feel like I’m always being challenged sometimes more than a teenager wants to be. It’s never boring,” she said. “I’m always doing something with school work. I have homework all of the time. I put it on myself because of the standards that I hold myself to.”

Going to school at Wapakoneta High School is something that’s a positive in her life.

“I like the people here. I feel very safe. I don’t feel like there’s anything that worries me when coming here, and I feel like it’s given me a lot of good friends that I can rely on and have fun with, while still being challenged and given the opportunity to succeed in my future,” she said.

The lessons she’s learned in sports should help her later in life.

“My goal is teamwork and cooperation and learning to work with people in all of the different forms,” she said. “It has also given me the best friends that I believe I could have.”

Raising a family is a major priority for her, and she hopes to raise seven children.

“I definitely want a family. That’s non-negotiable for me. My goal in life is to be a mother; that’s a big one,” Rex said.

Emma Rex Rex
Youth Profile

By Sam Shriver

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

Reach Sam Shriver at 567-242-0409.

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