‘Scramble’ was animal abuse

Forgive me if I don’t see the “fun” in having poor animals chased , stepped on, hung by the leg , then captured for a monetary prize at a 4H County Fair in Lima, Ohio. To me this is adults perpetuating abuse of animals in children.

Many animals had to have been hurt in this “scramble.” I notice we put helmets on the 75-pound children to overpower a 3-pound chicken.

The photos show the true story. Sickening.

I am president of the Auglaize County Humane Society and will be contacting the Ohio ASPCA In both Columbus and Lima to protest this event in any future fair.

This is not what we are to be teaching our children about the proper treatment of animals. 4 H promotes proper care and treatment of all animals.

Sandra Harrison, Wapakoneta


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