Letter: It’s a shame dog program pulled from prison

I am disappointed, dismayed, and confused at the decision by the OSPCA to pull their dogs from Allen Correctional which resulted in the termination of the dog training program.

Judging one institution by the actions of another is not justifiable. The death of a dog at Warren Correctional was awful. But to the best of my knowledge, there have been no cases of animal abuse at ACI. The OSPCA claims the dogs did not benefit from the program. I beg to differ. For over 10 years, I, along with Dorothy Miner, taught weekly obedience classes at ACI. The benefits were obvious to both dogs and the men who trained them. The dogs became more adoptable and the men often received letters of appreciation from the people who adopted the dogs. The men learned to be responsible and in some cases, they learned a skill that gave them a career when they were paroled.

Prisons all across America have dog programs. Some train dogs as service dogs. There are even doggie day care operations within prisons! Perhaps Noah Turner, shelter director, should reconsider his position on this matter. I also question the prison when they say they enjoyed their partnership with OSPCA and were saddened that they pulled their dogs out. If the prison wants a dog training program so badly, why did they cancel the other training program at ACI which had dogs from Deb’s Dogs Rescue?

Diane Laratta, Elida


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