Hohenbrink TV celebrates 60 years

By Camri Nelson - cnelson@limanews.com

Hohenbrink TV

Location: 11230 Elida Road, Delphos

Contact: 419-695-1229

DELPHOS — For the past 60 years, Hohenbrink TV has helped the Delphos and surrounding communities with their electronic repair needs.

After returning home from the army in 1955, the Hohenbrink TV late owner Robert Hohenbrink decided to study electronics under the GI Bill. By 1958, his passion for electronics grew, and by September of that year his two sons, Kent and Brad Hohenbrink, and his wife, Leah Hohenbrink, opened Hohenbrink TV out of their garage on 6633 Peltier Road.

When they first opened Hohenbrink TV, they only sold and repaired new and used televisions and stereo equipment sets.

“It wasn’t much else back then,” said Brad Hohenbrink.

It was not until the family moved their business to 11230 Elida Road in Delphos that they began servicing other electronics such as compact disc players, camcorders, lamps and vacuums.

Boomboxes, portable stereos, stereo equipment, Rokus, Blu-ray players, sound bars, smart TVs, microwaves, outdoor antennas and goose outfits are other items that are sold at Hohenbrink TV.

“We always did work on just about everything, but we did not officially start advertising those services until then,” said Brad Hohenbrink. “We try to service everything that we sell. Anything that comes through the door we service. We do not restrict anything.”

Televisions of any brand, size, old and new can be repaired whether the volume no longer functions, pixels have died out or the device no longer powers on.

“Any flat TV can be repaired — its foolish to throw away a flat TV without having it checked out first,” said Brad Hohenbrink. “The average repair cost is only around $70 to $90.”

Items like MP3 players and iPods are some of the few items the business does not service as the manufacturer requires the products to be sent into the factory to be repaired.

“MP3 players have become throwaways because manufacturers will not provide parts or anything,” said Brad Hohenbrink. “Some things have gotten to the point where a human being can not work on them anymore.”

Brad Hohenbrink said he and his family are grateful for the support of the Lima-area community and hope that they will continue to shop locally.

“I believe people should always patronize our local dealers regardless of what you buy, because we have some nice ones in the area,” said Brad Hohenbrink.


By Camri Nelson


Hohenbrink TV

Location: 11230 Elida Road, Delphos

Contact: 419-695-1229

Reach Camri Nelson 567-242-0456 or Twitter @CamriNews.

Reach Camri Nelson 567-242-0456 or Twitter @CamriNews.

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