Letter: A reminder of who we are

While pulling in to a parking space at a Lima store on July 10, I saw and heard a man yelling at a small toddler. While he was yelling, he jerked the child up by his arm and I thought that he was going to pull his arm out of its socket. The man kept yelling at this toddler and was getting ready to hit him again when someone said something to the abuser.

The abuser lashed out verbally saying, “No one tells me how to raise my children.”

I was going to get the license plate number of the abuser’s car and call it in to the police. Others were starting to gather around by now and by the time I got there, a woman was holding the child and another woman said she had already called the police. This nice woman continued holding and protecting that innocent little boy, and no one in this group of approximately 10 or 12 people was going to give the toddler back to the abuser.

In just a few minutes, the first police cruiser drove up. The policeman was very pleasant and remained in complete control while he gathered facts. Apparantly the abuser had been acting the same abusive way inside the store. Once I knew that this child was safe, I turned around to leave. I then noticed something:

Of all the witnesses standing around, some were black, some were white, and I believe there may have been a couple of Hispanics there. All were concerned about this child’s safety and were ready to step in if necessary. They all cared.

Isn’t this situation what America is supposed to be about? We may never see any pictures in the news or hear about this group of well meaning members of our society, and certainly we will never know what happened to a beautiful little boy, but it did my heart good to know that some good must come out of all of this.

Teresa C. Bungard, Cridersville


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