Brown announces secured funding for Lima tank plant

Joint Systems Manufacturing Center

Joint Systems Manufacturing Center

LIMA — U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) recently announced that through the Senate’s Defense Appropriations Bill he has helped procure $2.8 billion to protect critical manufacturing jobs at Lima’s Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC).

The Senate Defense appropriation bill includes funding for $392.5 million for Stryker vehicle upgrades and modifications and more than $2.4 billion for upgrades and modifications to the Abrams Tank.

Brown is urging the Senate to pass this legislation immediately now that the funding has been authorized and included in the Appropriations’s bill.

“Lima’s JSMC workforce helps advance national security and the safety of our troops through its work on the Abrams Tank and Stryker Vehicle programs,” said Brown. “I’ve seen first-hand the critical work performed at JSMC and will keep working to make sure JSMC and its workforce have the funding needed to continue expanding production.”

Joint Systems Manufacturing Center Systems Manufacturing Center

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