Editorial: Officers deserve kudos following large drug raid


The Lima News

The officers didn’t care which agency got credit.

They didn’t concern themselves with whose idea or plan it was.

All they cared about was getting cocaine and crack cocaine off Lima’s streets.

For that, we’re grateful.

Officers at the federal, state and local levels conducted multiple raids Thursday morning in an effort to take down what they described as “large-quantity” dealers of cocaine and crack cocaine.

They made eight arrests — seven on Thursday, one on Friday — on federal charges of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute the cocaine. The cocaine started outside the country, found its way to Detroit and then came into Lima.

The Lima Police Department also made five arrests on a variety of possession, trafficking and corrupt activity charges. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team arrested one man.

The courageous actions of these officers brought 14 men suspected of furthering Lima’s drug problem into custody. They searched out these men worrying they could be walking into dangerous circumstances. They made it out of the ordeal with 14 arrests and no reported injuries.

That’s a blessing, both for these officers’ families and for our community.

Illegal drugs are a scourge on this and many communities. While cocaine doesn’t get the attention that the opioid crisis does these days, it remains a serious concern in Lima and Allen County.

The desperate need for drugs, something a drug dealer feeds off, causes so much community harm. It leads to people no longer becoming employable. It leads to theft. It can lead to dangerous situations as the rest of us encounter desperate addicts.

We’ll see in court in the coming months how much harm these men allegedly did to our community to get the tag of “large-quantity” dealers from the federal, state and local officials. They deserve their right to defend themselves in case any of the accusations fail to be warranted.

But for now, we offer our appreciation for the hard-working law enforcement that made these raids happen.


The Lima News

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