NAACP will not be silent, or passive

The NAACP does not condone fighting with any area youth to resolve disagreements. We recently met with parents and grandparents at our offices to address the ongoing fighting among a group of teens in March of this year. The following school day, Dr. Carol Fails and I, had a productive meeting with Fran Mort, principal of Lima Senior. We do not believe that violence is the answer to resolve differences.

The NAACP does not condone the action of the police officer who kicked a 14-year-old African-American teen last week. The NAACP rejects Lt. Andrew Green’s response to the incident. There has been a continued assault on blacks in this community in regards to the use of excessive force, especially on black females.

The white community would be outraged if this type of assault by police officers were used on white females. The white community would especially be in an outrage if it were black officers assaulting white females.

The animal rights community would be in an uproar if a dog was kicked.

Where is the uproar for the continued excessive abuse used by officers in the Lima Police Department? Chief Martin has never held his officers responsible, therefore he needs to be replaced by someone who will execute fairness. Furthermore, Mayor Berger has never held Chief Martin responsible in his neglect to manage the Lima Police Department. Berger courted the black community for their vote, but will not address issues that directly affects them.

The NAACP will not be silent or passive. We will not allow blacks to be enslaved by racism in this community.

— Rev. Ronald Fails

president, Lima chapter of the NAACP

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