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The purpose of democracy is for every person to have a say in what goes on. That’s why we hope to see a record number of voters from the region taking part in Tuesday’s General Election. Polls will be open Tuesday from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Today, The Lima News shares our endorsements:



Endorsement: Bath, Delphos, Lima, Perry and Spencerville.

Voters need to remember two things in regards to renewal levies: Passage won’t increase taxes, but a levy’s failure can leave gaping holes in a school and community. That’s why we recommend passage of the renewal levies being sought by five Allen County school districts: Bath, Delphos, Lima, Perry and Spencerville.

Education should matter to all of us, and these high-stakes levies provide the backbone to a school’s operation.


Endorsement: Randall L. Basinger

Judicial experience is the line that separates two exceptional candidates seeking a seat on Ohio’s Third District Court of Appeals.

The two candidates — Putnam County Common Pleas Court Judge Randall L. Basinger and Shelby County Common Pleas Court Probate and Juvenile Division Judge William Zimmerman – each have 40 years of legal experience and impeccable reputations in their communities. But it is the actual time as a judge, the types of cases he’s handled, and his genuine love for the law that has The Lima News endorsing Basinger.

Endorsing Basinger, while a close call, came down to the significant experience he has with the appellate court. During the 1990s, he heard around 200 cases in the 11th and 18th District Court of Appeals at the request of then Ohio Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moyer.


(Two openings)

Endorsements: Pat Fischer, Pat DeWine

Both Pat Fischer and Pat DeWine currently sit on the state’s 1st District Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

Fischer is a former president of the Ohio State Bar Association in 2012 and 2013, and brings a clear understanding of the law to the court and more. He plans to make a priority of getting the court to reviews cases more quickly and efficiently, a laudable goal. Fischer has earned a reputation for being well-reasoned and a good listener with high ethical standards.

DeWine is a constitutional conservative who graduated in the top 10 percent of his class from the highly regarded University of Michigan Law School. DeWine also worked for 13 years with Keating, Muething & Klekamp, one of Cincinnati’s top law firms


Endorsement: Jim Jordan

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan’s growing stature on Capitol Hill makes him an easy choice for re-election in the 4th Congressional District.

Jordan won the congressional seat in 2007 on the promise of being a fiscal conservative who would slash unnecessary spending, resist tax increases and be a watchdog of government. Ten years and five elections later, he has not disappointed.

His deep conviction to conservative values often has Jordan being tagged as the conscience of the conservative wing of the Republican Party.


Endorsement: Bob Latta

Bob Latta’s primary concerns — the burdens of government overreaches, problems with the Affordable Care Act and the rising national debt — mirror that of the people living in his mostly rural district.

His work and values match best with the people of his district, who chose the Republican congressman every election since 1939. That’s why we endorse him to keep the seat he’s held since 2007.


Endorsement: Rob Portman

Rob Portman is smart and engaged on the issues that matter to Ohioans: jobs growth; improving the water quality of Lake Erie and inland lakes; cleaning up dilapidated neighborhoods; and his pet project – helping parents and the state cope and fight a tremendous heroin problem.

The Republican also has been no stranger to the four corners of Ohio. He’s made it a point to see firsthand the issues communities are wrestling with. In the Lima region, he recognized early the importance of the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, and has fought to keep it open


Endorsement: None

We hoped Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton would emerge from the July conventions with fresh ideas for building the economy, ensuring our safety and providing opportunity. Instead, they spent most of August, September and October attacking each other’s character.

Thus, in good conscience, The Lima News cannot endorse either Trump or Clinton.

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