Council approves pool contract, new housing

LIMA — The Lima City Council met Monday evening and after a second reading passed the ordinance approving the mayor to enter into a contract with Charles Contracting LLC. The contractors will construct the Lima Aquatic Center. According to the communications letters, the contract is set to cost around $9,235,863.

An ordinance regarding the landlord registry was placed on a second reading with a 5-2 vote. First Ward Council Member Todd Gordon was not present during the meeting. According to the ordinance, the city established a “consolidated plan” in 2015-2019 and 2020-2024 to “create and revitalize” stable neighborhoods. The ordinance also states that the council hopes to focus on health and safety to protect renters.

“I remember when this first came up several years ago,” Sixth Ward council member Derry Glenn said. “We will continue to argue about this. I had an opportunity to meet with the landlords and talk about some of the problems.”

Mayor Sharetta Smith also weighed in on the registry.

“Like many of you, I was there in 2017 when the community first began to have this conversation,” Smith said. “This is an issue like Councilor Ehora has expressed that affects every ward — it is not perfect but I do believe after six years in various amendments this is the best piece of legislation.”

Seventh Ward council member Jon Neeper said he did not support the registry due to concerns about one complaint from a tenant potentially resulting in the inspection of each property a landlord owns.

An ordinance regarding additional housing in the city of Lima was passed on its first reading by a 6-1 vote. Council approved the mayor to enter into a tax exemption agreement with Pedcor Investments. According to the communications letter, the company plans to construct 104 new housing units.

Council also approved resolutions to honor the late Jacqueline Fox and a separate resolution to congratulate the Gators Football Team. Third Ward council member Carla Thompson shared a story of a personal encounter with Fox.

“My husband said ‘Their house is on fire,’” Thompson said. “It was my children’s house with my grandchildren — they were terrified. Then I posted on Facebook and right away she (Fox) called me. She made sure we had the resources available — I did not know her family but she helped me take care of mine.”

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