Potts Entrepreneur Center looks forward to expansion

LIMA — A local organization hopes to expand its tent pegs after years of service in Lima. The Walter Potts Entrepreneur and Training Center met Tuesday afternoon to provide an update to the community. The organization was created to be a resource for small business owners. According to Executive Director Jessie Pope, the center was named after the first African American electrician who owned a business in Lima.

President Jill Ackerman weighed in on the future vision of the company.

”We want to continue the work we have already been doing with helping budding entrepreneurs, helping people create business plans and help them stay on the path of their dream,” said Ackerman. “We want to be able to serve more people and become financially self-sufficient with the idea of creating memberships with other businesses in the community.”

The organization provides free consultation to small business owners throughout the lifespan of their business. The hope for the future is to partner with other organizations and businesses to make the expansion of the center possible.

“I think what it (the future) looks like is a lot of growing small businesses, created by people who have dreams and us helping them make those dreams come true,” said Ackerman. “We’re talking about businesses that reflect the culture of our community. So we’re talking about minorities, we’re talking about women, we’re talking about just really helping anyone that has that dream. How to get them from point A to point B.”

One local business owner shared how the center has helped him.

”It’s been a huge help and a huge resource to me to help me with my business planning, projections and getting my numbers together,” Anthony Woodley said. “I’m truly thankful for the Potts Center. I’ve learned how to run, manage and sustain a business. I am more eager to go ahead, grow and become an asset in my community.”

For more information follow their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pottscenter/ or reach them by phone at 419-222-6045.

Reach Precious Grundy at 567-242-0351.