Lima to increase age limit for police candidates

LIMA — On Monday evening, Lima Council passed an ordinance that will allow eligible candidates to apply at a later age to the Lima Police Department. Mayor Sharetta Smith proposed legislation to increase the age limit for officers to be appointed from 35 to 51 years of age.

“We are hoping this will give us a greater pool of applicants that is interested in a career in law enforcement,” said Major Ron Holman of the Lima Police Department. “Particularly, for example, looking at people who are retired from the military who are interested in a career. That age restriction precluded a lot of people who have done their time in the armed forces looking for a challenge when they get out. We are hoping this will give us more people who are interested in a career with us.”

Holman added the age restriction has been in place for as long as he could remember.

“We are down about 10 positions,” said Holman. “We are hoping that will give more people an opportunity if they are interested in a career with us.”

Lima council passed several other ordinances to aid in completing projects throughout the city.

Council approved an ordinance for the city to renew a contract with the Allen County Commissioners. According to the communications letter, the passage of the legislation allows the Lima-Allen County Building Department to renew the agreement with the Allen County Building Department serving commercial Ohio Building Code needs in the unincorporated townships of Allen County through 2023.

Council also approved an ordinance for the mayor to give an easement to AEP for the Lima Region Park and Amphitheater and for Downtown Streetscape Phase 1. According to the communications letter, the easement or permission to access the property will be used to install the needed power supply to the park and amphitheater.

In other business, the Lima council passed resolutions commemorating the 135th anniversaries of Cenovus Energy Lima Refinery and Dominion Energy.

“I always told people growing up I lived as close to the refinery as you could without living in it,” said Fourth Ward Council Member Peggy Ehora. “It really is what started the growth of our community. One hundred and thirty-five years ago it was because of them discovering oil here. Hats off to you for being here for 135 years.”

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