Land transfers, Jan. 26-Feb. 1

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Jan. 26 through Feb. 1. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Boyer, Errin N/Boyer, Brent to Perry, Diann/Perry, Tyrone D/Perry, Robert L, 1700 W. Elm St., Lima, $127,000

Caudill, Ruth L Decd/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Ricker, Missy, 411 Ertel Ave., Lima, $15,200

Chamberlain/Huckeriede Land Company, Inc. to Chamberlain Huckeriede Realty, LLC, 920 N. Cable Road, Lima, $980,000

Cox, Joshua Matthew/Cox, Kayla Mckenna to Armstrong, Collin/Armstrong, Candy M/Armstrong, Robert K, 1000 N. Central Ave., Lima, $77,300

Eastown Investments LLC to Redhead Investments, LLC, 200-214 W. McKibben St., Lima, $425,000

Ebbskotte, Tamara S to Music, Nathan/Music, Melissa, 133 S. Roberts Ave., Lima, $75,000

Ford, James L/Ford, Glenda to Advanced Property Solutions And Management, LLC, 335 W. Kibby St., Lima, $37,500

Ford, James L/Ford, Glenda to Advanced Property Solutions And Management, LLC, 403 S. Nye St., Lima, $37,500

Ford, James L/Ford, Glenda to Advanced Property Solutions And Management, LLC, 439 Oerna Ave., Lima, $37,500

Johnson, James G/Perrine, Jordan T/Perrine, Kody to Featheringham, Storm N, 642 W. Ford Ave., Lima, $131,000

Lomker, Jordan D to Cabrera, Otmar, 1330 Essex Drive, Lima, $59,900

Moore, Shawn E/Moore, Karen A to Gonzalez, Ciarra K, 1108 E. Market St., Lima, $30,000

Noor Rentals, LLC to Parsons, Susan, 2951 Jenny Place, Lima, $162,500

Protsman, Jeanna L to Brunner, Christina L, 927 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $70,000

Rogers, Traci L/Rogers, Valerie K to McVicker, Jefferson, 517 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $24,100

Rogers, Traci L/Rogers, Valerie K to McVicker, Jefferson, 219 and 219 1/2 S. Scott St., Lima, $27,600

Schulz, Donald L/Schulz, Pamela S/Schulz, John A/Schulz, John P Attorney In Fact to Hofferbert, Gregory L, 1889 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $108,500

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Dumm, David A Deceased to Smith, Matthew, 429 S. Prospect Ave., Lima, $7,900

Sierra, Trisha A/Sierra, Adrian V to Sigsworth, Johnathan T/McGinn, Karsyn, 657 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $81,500

Suarez, Joseph D/Suarez, Joseph to Marion Sky Inc., 1501 Linden St., Lima, $120,000


Good, Gary L Executor/Estate Of Chester L Good to Brenneman, Kyle C/Brenneman, Sarah N/Brenneman, Keaton A/Brenneman, Kristen M, North Kemp Road (22.6 acres), Lima, $420,800

HCF Realty Of Lima, Inc to Temple Christian School, Inc., 750 Brower Road, Lima, $600,000

Long, Shirley to Healey, Jermonte, 614 W. Wayne St., Lima, $4,000

New Heights Housing Investments LLC to Schindler, Joseph/Schindler, Pamela, 2701 Lowell Ave., Lima, $165,000

Sebenoler, Kory M/Sebenoler, Andrea C to Sebenoler, Andrew Zachary, 3300 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $124,200

Trowbridge, Michael A/Trowbridge, Sally E to Briggs, Jill M/Briggs, Paul M, 2967 Canterbury Drive, Lima, $237,000


Smith, Truman/Smith, Susan F to Murphy, Matthew L/Murphy, Kelsie A, 7045 Madden Road (3.4 acres), Waynesfield, $251,000


Allen, John E/Allen, Kerri S to Boyer, Errin N/Boyer, Brent A, 5369 Mirror Lake Drive (0.5 acre), Lima, $207,000

Crumrine, Carrie A to Compton, Jessica/Compton, Jamie, 310 E. Bluelick Road (2.5 acres and 1.83 acres), $125,000


Siferd, Tony A/Siferd, Jennifer J to Village Of Bluffton, Riley Street, Bluffton, $20,000

True Word Tabernacle to Meyer, Ryan L/Meyer, Jessica K, 104 E. Elm St., Bluffton, $140,000


Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Carman, Janice Deceased to Parker, Todd, 634 S. Main St., Delphos, $10,000


Kable, Karen R/Maddy, Shaun C/Kable, Karen R Power Of Attorney/Kable, Jonathan L/Maddy, Brian K to Smith, Justin M/Smith, Jacklyn, 8999 Reservoir Road (1.4 acres), Harrod, $135,000

Miller, Alan L/Miller, Lois M to Denisco, Anthony J Co-Trustee/Denisco, Barbara S Co-Trustee/Denisco Family Revocable Trust, Reservoir Road (25.7 acres), Ada, $205,400


Vaske, Edwin L/Vaske, Sandra K to McNeal, Katherine/Ward, Douglas, 8070 Elida Road (0.8 acres), Delphos, $212,000


Alger, Kodi A/Groch, Katelynn to Siefker, Kyle/Siefker, Virginia, 1285 E. State Road (1.1 acres), Lima, $169,900

JTM Farm LLC to Schroeder, Dennis J, Mayberry Road (1.5 acres), Columbus Grove, $15,000

Klaus, Richard J/Klaus, Nancy L to Neal, Virginia, 5543 Ottawa Road (0.8 acres and 0.3 acres), Lima, $139,000


Coon, Kimberly D/Coon, Ted S to Hunter, Blaine/Hunter, Taylor, 5600 E. Hanthorn Road (1.5 acres), Lima, $166,000

Nickles, Michael J/Nickles, Mary Ann to Nickles, James M, 1800 E. Hanthorn Road (0.7 acres), Lima, $13,500


Pursell, Paul R Jr/Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar to Federal National Mortgage Association, 10040 N. Napoleon Road (2.6 acres), Columbus Grove, $109,900


Briggs, Paul M/Briggs, Jill M to Pitson, Brian M, 4305 Leffler Drive, Lima, $200,000

DeLeon, Christina D Administrator/Estate Of Athena Joan Nyers to Cox, Joshua M, 2126 Odema Drive, Lima, $200,000


Cox, Craig/Cox, Annette to Straley, Taylor, 220 S. Main St., Spencerville, $12,500

Schwinnen, Dean/Schwinnen, Christina to Bowersock Brothers Post No. 6772/Veterans Of Foreign Wars Of The United States, 125-131 and 133 N. Broadway St., Spencerville, $56,900

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