FFA organizes blood drive

ELIDA — Every two seconds, someone in the United States requires a blood transfusion, according to the American Red Cross. Donating blood saves lives. Blood can be stored for 42 days and used when needed in parts whether you need the red cells, the plasma, or the platelets. One blood donation can save up to three lives. People usually donate because it feels good to help others.

The Elida chapter of the Future Farmers of America organized a blood drive in the auxiliary gym at Elida High School allowing students and adults the opportunity to feel good about giving.

Elida student Kayla Griffith said, “I can help whoever I can. If I have it, I might as well give it away.”

Xavier Boop echoed the philanthropic feelings, “I feel like it goes to a better cause and I don’t need it.”

Blood donors don’t expect to be rewarded for their acts of kindness. Regular donations from a variety of people guarantee that anyone who needs blood can get it. It also ensures that the United States has a steady supply of donor blood and there will not be a shortage.

How often you can donate depends on what kind of donation you choose. There are guidelines to be sure your body has enough time to fully recover and replenish between donations. There is a minimum time between donations: whole blood donation 56 days; platelet donation, 7 days; double red cell donation, 112 days, and plasma donation every 28 days. One can check the American Red Cross website to find when and where blood drives are being held.

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