‘Engage, learn and thrive’: OSU-Lima encourages prospective students to succeed at open house

LIMA — Tailgating season is not over yet. Ohio State University Lima campus hosted a tailgate open house for prospective students on Friday morning.

Students had the chance to discover what life could be like in the fall. OSU-Lima hosts events throughout the school year to engage students and get them excited about their future.

Admissions Counselor Alyssa Brown weighed in.

“We are having one of the open houses that we do in the fall,” said Brown. “We try to make different themes so if someone wants to come to multiple so it will be different every time. This one is a tailgate the next one will be ‘warm-up with the buckeyes’. Each one has different departments that come in and share different opportunities and what they do.”

With each open house, students have the chance to experience life at OSU-Lima before making their decision.

“Today we have the office of student life, career development and recreation sports,” said Brown. “They are the fun people that come after discussing financial aid. We come and liven them up then we send them out with a couple of swag items and folders. If they have any questions they can reach out and receive the next steps.”

Students of all ages are welcome to come to the OSU open houses. One veteran joined the tailgate after serving in the Marine Corps for a couple of years.

“We catch students at any place and they are welcome wherever they are at in their journey,” added Brown. “OSU-Lima is a really great place that a lot of people do not know about. It is Ohio State and you can do all four years in 14 different majors. Across the board from biology to the theatre. You can start any of the 200 majors we have then go to Columbus. It is just a campus change.”

OSU manager of Student Life Justin Courtney encouraged students to have a support system that pushes them to thrive.

“You have to have people in your corner to help you figure it out,” said Courtney. “I want you to know that is what part of our team at student services does. We want you to be engaged, learn and thrive. Sometimes you have to have people in your corner that believe in you more than you believe in yourself. Those folks that are just championing you. We are going to champion you. We are going to push you to get wings and learn how to fly.”

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