Land transfers, Oct. 6-12

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Oct. 6 through 12. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Blubaugh, Melissa K/Blubaugh, Andrew/Spoerke, Melinda/Spoerke, Peter W/Ritchey, Melanie J/Ritchey, David L to Towsey, Keaton, 1212 Summit St., Lima, $85,000

Carter, Shamon/Carter, Phyllis to Downton, May F/Hoskins, Eddie, 621 E. 3rd St., Lima, $29,600

Citibank, N.A. Owner Trustee/New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2018-3/Newrez, LLC/New Penn Financial, LLC F/K/A/Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing As Attorney In Fact to K&N Investment & Consulting, Inc., 516 Linden St., Lima, $13,000

Gossard, Jennifer R/Gossard, Jeremy A to Gossard, Tabitha, 608 E. Kibby St., Lima, $4,500

Hernandez, Lizbeth J/Anderson, Kyle J to Hernandez, Lizbeth J/Hernandez, Josue A, 1236 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $54,000

Mart, Jeffery L/Mart, Catherine to Catalina Investment LLC, 543 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $59,000

Pocza, James W/Pocza, Renee to Maywest Properties LLC, 909 S. Sugar St., Lima, $15,000

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Courtney, Barbara L Et al to Federal National Mortgage Association, 923 Michael Ave., Lima, $26,700

Resor, David/Resor, Leslie to Elite Property Management & Development LLC, 937 W. Spring St., Lima, $18,000

Scott, June E to Gross, Kenneth J, 1842 Latham Ave., Lima, $103,900

Webb, Milton L Trustee/Milton L Webb Living Trust to Maez, Eric D, 800 Holmes Ave., 1027 Holmes Ave., 1301 St. Johns Ave., 805 Hope St., 1104 E. 2nd St., $100,000


Miller Stolzenburg, Kimberly M/Stolzenburg, Michael C to Smoll, Joshua O, 1111 Cremean Road, Lima, $130,000


Doty, Roger D/Doty, Angela E to Dowling, Gregory T/Dowling, Deborah K, 2254 Augusta Drive, Lima, $230,000

Gehr, Robert J III/Gehr, Tiffini D to Neal, Elliette E, 1381 Stevick Road (0.6 acres), Lima, $151,000

Kistler, Darrel/Kistler, Elizabeth to McElroy, Mark A, Baty Road (0.7 acres), Lima, $38,000

Molaski, Jolene to Delish Homes LLC, 2657 River Bend Road, Lima, $93,100

Ohio Lima Ventures LLC/Lima Ventures, LLC/Cig2, LLC to SROA Acquisitions, LLC, 2917-2941 Vera Way, 2922-2940 Vera Way, 2916 Vera Way, 2910 Vera Way, $6,330,300

Peters, David/Peters, Anna to Barwanietz, Marcel/Barwanietz, Sarah Elizabeth, 2505 Susan Ann Drive, Lima, $400,000

Razorback Capital LLC to Gearing, Blaine, 1617 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $30,000

Samsal, Evelyn D/Samsal, Kenneth A to Shears, Abraham M/Shears, Jakiece T, 1875 Edgewood Drive, Lima, $196,500

Stemen, Margaret/Crites, Debra Attorney In Fact to Crites, Gary A/Valdivia, Marcia Karina Atunga, 3500 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $141,000


Boquist, Douglas W/Boquist, Deborah J to Wilson, Christopher/Wilson, Kristin, 1717 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $256,000


Black Swamp Arms LLC to Samsal, Kenneth A/Samsal, Evelyn D, 107 Sally Lane, Bluffton, $185,000


Hurles, Jayden/Hurles, Salina L to Richlife Industries, LLC, 607 E. Harrison St., Delphos, $95,000

Odenweller, Lynn Successor Trustee/Robert M Schulte Revocable Trust to Odenweller, Maria Lynn/Odenweller, Phillip L, 1220 Kreft St. and 1220 Carolyn Drive, Delphos, $575,000


Dockham, Chase/Dockham, Amanda/Rice, Brooke to Shehata, Samuel A/Shehata, Courtney L, 3823 Meadow View Drive, Lima, $185,000

Goddard, Ruth A/Goddard, Roger E/Reinhart, Jolene Denise Attorney In Fact to Hux, Perry/Tebben, David, 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 402, Lima, $135,900

Palte Family Farms, LLC to Cocks Family Farms LLC, South Dixie Highway (28.1 acres), Lima, $330,200

Secretary of Veterans Affairs/United States of America/Vendor Resource Management to Gatlin, Ricky A, 2424 Adgate Road, Lima, $129,500

Williams, Darnell K/Williams, Kim Charlene to Asgharzadeh, Amir, 2619 Gaithersburg Drive, Lima, $411,800


Wierwille, Robert W/Wierwille, Richard E/Place, Jill R/Place, John L/Wierwille, Teresa M/Powell, M Lynn/Place, Kendall/Wierwille, Carol D to RKL Family Farms, LLC, Kolter Road (36.2 acres), Spencerville, $470,900


Augsburger, Lacinda/Augsburger, Nelson/Potts, Misty/Potts, Timothy/Watkins-Potts, Debbie to Carder, Zachary N, 209 S. Pearl St., Spencerville, $57,500

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