Ryan: Workers first

LIMA — In just 34 days, Congressman Tim Ryan (D) will be running against JD Vance (R) in the November election for U.S. Senate. The open seat is due to the retirement of Senator Rob Portman (R). Ryan rolled into Lincoln Park on Tuesday afternoon to meet his fellow supporters and advocates. Ryan brought his wife and beloved German Shepherd to join his bus tour.

The Workers First Express bus tour focuses on the workers in Ohio. He hopes to continue to invest and rebuild the working middle class. Ryan has made various stops in Dayton, Toledo and now Lima. The bus will make its next stops in Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland and Mt. Vernon.

“I believe in America and I believe in Ohio,” said Ryan. “I believe the exhausted majority of us, Democrats, Republicans and Independents are tired of the games, the hate, the anger and the division. We want to be Americans.”

In the summer of 2021, a bipartisan bill known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act became law. The act entailed nationally investing in roads, bridges, airports and the internet. Ryan supported the passing of the bill.

“This is about us building a future for our kids and our grandkids and making sure we invest in the communities that have been largely forgotten in the past 30 years,” added Ryan. “That is what the bi-partisan infrastructure bill was all about. Even Rob Portman and other Republicans were helping with that. We need communities with broadband, good infrastructure, clean water and joint vocational schools.”

One supporter from Marysville drove to visit Ryan on his bus tour. Chiara Tillman believes Ryan is advocating for the same thing she believes in.

“I thought his speech was down to earth,” said Tillman. “He included us and he cares about everyday people and our families.”

Throughout his speech, Ryan spoke about creating a legacy for the children to come. Tillman agreed with this statement.

“We all care about our children,” said Tillman. “The most important thing is making the world a better place for them. I want to do my part. My parents did their part and are still doing their part. Now, it’s time for the next generation to take over and fight for everyday Americans. We have to take up the fight.”

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