Students learn about real-world finances

LIMA — Lack of financial stewardship can cause long-term difficulty for anyone. Local organizations have partnered together to help young adults before they make life-changing decisions.

Superior Credit Union and the Ohio State University Extension-Allen County hosted their annual financial education day on Tuesday morning at UNOH Event Center. High school students gathered from Bluffton, Delphos Jefferson, Delphos St. John’s, LCC, Lima Alternative Schools, Parkway, Perry and Temple Christian to learn for the day.

“The students are doing the simulation part of their real-world experience,” said Kelly Coble, 4-H educator. “They are married and they have been given a job. Their spouse is in college still so their spouse only makes $400 per month. Some students have zero children and some have three. The students get a budget every month then they have to make choices to try and end up in the positive.”

Students had the opportunity to make real-life financial decisions throughout the simulation. If they went over budget, students were encouraged to seek financial help and obtain a second source of income or were provided with government assistance.

Organizers focused on educating the students and having fun. Much like the real-world incentives, students were able to get $20 off their insurance after completing 20 jumping jacks.

Each booth focused on a different aspect of finances. Students decided on which car to purchase, childcare, entertainment expenses, paying off loans, food, telephone expenses and more.

”It is fun,” said Anita Lindeman, Superior Credit Union Supervisor. “A lot of them come over and say ‘I’m about out of money,’ and they hadn’t made it to food or clothing yet.”

One student shared how the day impacted him.

”Today was very educational and gave very valuable information,” said LCC student Sal Guagenti. “I liked the interactions I had with other students. I think it is a great program that a lot of other schools should also consider joining. I learned that kids are very expensive and the food is outrageous. When the time comes I will think about my financial decisions before I make them.”

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