OSU cheers to new beginnings

LIMA — The center of Ohio State University-Lima is getting a new foundation. Galvin Hall, OSU-Lima’s first building, will be renovated to create an updated space for students.

Galvin Hall originally opened in the fall of 1966. Today, Galvin Hall is known as the heart of the campus. OSU-Lima is now surrounded by 10 buildings.

The campus building was named after a businessman and philanthropist, John E. Galvin. In 1963, Galvin donated $250,000 to begin the process of creating the Ohio State branch students attend today.

Around 56 years later, a few students approached the faculty with the idea to renovate Galvin Hall. OSU-Lima did begin to transform the lower-level space by painting. Students and faculty members were then inspired to do more.

Tim Rehner, Dean and Director of OSU-Lima, weighed in on the project, noting it as a monumental work.

“Some years ago, the Recker boys came to my office and said we’re a part of the basement club and we’ve been in the basement of the Galvin because there is no room for us in the Webb (campus building),” said Rehner. “That prompted a whole conversation. What can we do to begin investing in Galvin? This effort is probably the largest investment in this building since 1966. It is exciting to think we are making a transition from what was to what is going to be.”

Brothers Kevin and Craig Recker gathered their friends to propose the idea to staff members.

“It is exciting seeing everything we worked toward finally starting,” said OSU student Kevin Recker. “We thought initially it was going to start last year but it is great to have it start this year.”

Before the official renovations begin, students were invited to leave their mark on the walls that will soon be torn down Wednesday afternoon.

“We will start next week and should be finished by mid-summer,” added Rehner. “We want it to be ready for the start of classes next fall.”

OSU-Lima plans to transform the basement into a community space with student life offices, study areas, game areas, and space for student government. There will also be room for outside events.

“This has been a really significant part of the Lima campus,” said Rehner. “We are saying goodbye to what has been and moving to the new thing.”