Land transfers, Sept. 15-21

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 15 through 21. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Archibald, Lenworth M to Swick, Brandon J, 456 McPheron Ave., Lima, $66,000

Brinkman, Jill M to Spencer, David E/Burger, Zachary T, 654 W. Grand Ave., Lima, $130,900

Keith, Michael B/Keith, Heather G to Mutya, Rae/Cruz, Rey, 1311 Virginia Ave., Lima, $110,000

Manley, Labbaron to De Hoyos, Arnold C/De Hoyos, Emily, 1180 Bikini Drive, Lima, $150,000

Matteson, David W/Matteson, Janene to Rush, Krisann/Purvis, Scott, 816 E. Kibby St., Lima, $99,900

Mort, Richard L/Mort, Juanita Ann to Simpson, Bernard/Helton, Sarah N, 138 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $50,000

Myers, Kevin J Et al/Myers, Esther M/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Hall, Divante J, 223 McPheron Ave., Lima, $18,500

Piehl, Robert L to White, Timothy I Co-Trustee/White, Darlene S Co-Trustee/Darlene S Patrick Family Trust, 1561 Diller Road, Lima, $153,500

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Henry, Dairreyon Et al to Mclellan, Jenova/Mclellan, Sophia, 1074 W. Market St., Lima, $14,000

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Wolever, Michael Et Al/Treasurer of Allen County, Ohio/Allen County, Ohio/Wolever, Kathi to Johns, Thomas D/Johns, Darlie A, 205 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $3,000

Sorrells, Martha K to Smith, Delisa D/Smith, Samuel L Jr, 641 E. 3rd St., Lima, $7,900

Tate, Shirley A to Hall, Johnny Jr, 1650 S. Union St., Lima, $2,500

White, Jodi M Administrator/Estate Of Alice Ellen White to Main Street Homes-Lima, LLC/Greeley, Mike, 720 Meadowbrook Drive, Lima, $55,000

Zukas, Robert A/Zukas, Elizabeth A to Gronas, Jessica S/Gronas, Sean C, 4846 Hopi Trail, Lima, $405,000


Catlin, Louis F to Koenig, Norman L/Koenig, Sydney A, 530 S. Conant Road (0.3 acres and 0.6 acres), Spencerville, $168,500

English, Rebecca R/English, Brent L to Goecke, Kenneth A, 9859 Zion Church Road (80 acres), Lima, $1,160,000

Strayer, Randy S/Strayer, Luann to Sutter, Randy, North St. Marys Road (8 acres), Spencerville, $80,000


Bresson, Alex C/Bresson, Jessica P to Joseph, Hunter A/Joseph, Danielle, 561 Seriff Road, Lima, $222,500

Crider Farms, LLC to Brenneman Brothers, Diller Road (35.3 acres) and 2880 N. Cable Road (1.8 acres), Lima, $1,001,700

Durso, Joseph C/Durso, Maria A to Mosley, Savannah/Mosley, Noah/Perkins, Jonathan, 4872 Marciel Drive, Lima, $255,000

E-Z Wheeler, Inc. to Matica Investments LLC, 2875 Baty Road (4.2 acres), Lima, $450,000

HBI Properties, LLC to Hall, Samuel C, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 66, Lima, $65,000

Horn, Angela C/Martinez, Christina L/Fisher, Mark R/Smith, Sarah I/Horn, Steven D/Martinez, Darrin/Fisher, Marlene/Smith, Anthony W to Ludwig, William/Olivieri-Ludwig, Lisa, 2280 N. Glenwood Ave,, Lima, $195,000

Keirns, Jane R to Depaoli, Raymond Lee, 2982 N. Kemp Road, Lima, $225,000

Kim, Chong Sool/Lumpkin, Younghee Attorney In Fact/Kim, Jung Ja to Buetner, Dylan William, 2581 Susan Ann Drive, Lima, $165,000

Nesbitt, Beverly Trustee/Nesbitt Family Trust to Evans, Steven Mark, 3719 Cherokee Drive, Lima, $278,000

Newbury, Dale M/Newbury, Christine L to Newbury, Christine L, 5055 Sycamore St., Lima, $10,000

Ricker, Geraldine T Trustee/Charles S and Geraldine T Ricker Joint Living Trust to Garcia-Guerrero, Juanita/Garcia-Garcia, Carlos, 4100 East Road, Lima, $230,000

Ross, Richard L Trustee/Ross, Margaret B Trustee/Richard L Ross Living Trust to Smith, Richard D/Smith, Patricia A, 3632 Citabria Drive, Lima, $275,000

Thomas, Robert F/Thomas, Kathleen L to Goetz, Cheryl A, 2753 Hummingbird St., Lima, $269,000

Wolfenbarger, Shelva to Hue Squared LLC, 3478-3840 W. Elm St., Lima, $152,000


Griffith, Judith L/Griffith, Robert to Stone, Robert R/Stone, Kathleen J, 3736 Yale Ave., Lima, $165,900

JJ Shiloh Properties, LLC to O’Leary, Brendan, 3064 Shiloh Drive, Lima, $147,000

Long, Darrell P Trustee/Darrell P Long Living Trust to Hillard, Briley M/Wallace, Kelsey G, 195 Carlos Lane, Lima, $182,500

Miller, Margie J/Miller, Gary L to Dailey, Tylar N/Dailey, Ashton C, 832 Canyon Drive, Lima, $265,000

Rizvi, Seema/Rizvi, S M Tariq to Robertson, Brian L/Robertson, Jeanna O, 547 Monitcello Ave., Lima, $100,000


Olson, Bruce A/Olson, Thomas A/Olson, Maria to Stricklen, Kevin R/Stricklen, Angie, 83 Riley Creek Court, Bluffton, $245,000

Wannemacher, Clay D/Wannemacher, Emily to Wannemacher, Adam M, 118 Garmatter St., Bluffton, $175,000


Starbuck, Dylan Et al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Mycumortgage, LLC, 238 E. Main St., Cairo, $97,090


Hines, Diane E/Schimmoeller, Adam M/Schimmoeller, Addison N/Schimmoeller, Ashlyn N to Schulte, Nicholas J/Palacios, Estrella Moran, 453 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $70,000

Stokes, Malcolm A/Stokes, Erin to Kriegel, Colin M/Kriegel, Emily E, 911 N. Pierce St., Delphos, $148,400

Zuber 5, LLC to Western Connection, LLC, 485 Moxie Lane, Delphos, $200,000


Keckler, Lisa K/Scott, Bret W/Richardson, Michele A/Scott, David W/Scott, Cindy Kay/Scott, Craig W/Scott, Rosanna Marie to Legacy Farm Properties, Ltd., Reservoir Road (111.6 acres), Ada, $925,000


Eikenbary, Larry/Eikenbary, Valerie to Sampson, Barrett L/Sampson, Laura A, 7654 Hillville Road (3.4 acres), Bluffton, $130,000


Dailey, Tylar N/Daily, Ashton C to Waggamon, Evan Robert/Waggamon, Cynthia Marie, 1453 W. Shore Drive, Lima, $192,000

Hight, Anthony M to Geroli, Jorge Esteban, 1449 Loch Loman Way, Lima, $167,000

Holliday, Jessica Renee to Vanschoyck, Bruce A/Vanschoyck, Kimberly D, 2632 Elmvew Drive, Lima, $270,000

McPheron, Eric J/McPheron, Lindsey R/McPheron, Eric J Attorney In Fact to McPheron, Danny J/McPheron, Shelly S, 3070 W. Breese Road, Lima, $150,000

Miller, Margaret E/Malone, Donald to Schindler, Jacob Patrick/Boop, Amy, 1917 Frail Road, Lima, $175,000

Sherer, Austin A/Sherer, Lauren A to Taylor, Michelle/Taylor, Shane M, 3493 Weldon Ave., Lima, $350,000

Stalsberg, Christopher K/Stalsberg, Windi L to Nolan, Lauren M, 1404 Wilson Ave., Lima, $150,000

Taylor, Michelle R/Taylor, Shane to Collins, Charles W II/Collins, Debra E, 1790 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $243,500


Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Cockerell, Matthew Et Al to Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC, 218 N. Mulberry St., Spencerville, $54,511

Sites, Cheri R to Cira, Andrew J/Cira, Eleishea Nicole, 101 Reynolds Ave., Spencerville, $88,500

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