Land transfers, Sept. 8-14

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 8 through 14. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Atwater, Stefanie J to Shepherd, Tara S/Henderson, Christopher A, 2269 W. Wayne St., Lima, $260,000

Ball, Anita E to Bye, Sandra M, 923 N. West St., Lima, $105,000

Baxter, Marc D/Akins, Mary Lee Life Estate to Collins, Casey, 666 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $22,500

Butler, Melton/Butler, Nancy to Dillard, Kylie Jatae, 1033 Westerly Drive, Lima, $102,000

Carter, Kijana Demetrice to Cleventure Enterprises, LLC, 120 N. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $56,000

Clifford, Kelly K to Woodhouse, James B/Sims, Constance P, 1415 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $115,000

Colasanti, Christopher A/Colasanti, Kimberly to Opperman, Heather L/Opperman, Colin D, 702 Meadowbrook Ave., Lima, $145,000

Desmarais, Kelly/Desmarais, Matthew to Packer, Heavenly/Barginere, Derrick L Jr, 1626 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $220,000

Glasco, Helen M/Strause, Cynthia S Attorney In Fact to Knotts, Presley P, 2004 W. Wayne St., Lima, $138,000

Krotzer, Gaudalupe to Barrows, Michele L/Barrows, Michael G Jr, 2813 Chapel Hill Drive, Lima, $150,000

Linton, Thomas A/Linton, Deborah to Mowery, Eric L/Mowery, Jessica A, 602 W. Robb Ave., Lima, $57,500

Lombardo, Franklin P/Lombardo, Tracy to Dom & Pudge Real Estate, LLC, 776 N. Main St., Lima, $41,200

Mason, Abigail M/Mason, Michael A to Kollars, Patrick Erol, 238 Ridge Crest Circle, Lima, $250,000

Morris, Mary Jo/Nichols, Michael L/Morris, James/Dannhausen, Christine K/Nichols, Marie Denise to Gulf Coast Partners, LLC, 1815 Mound St., Lima, $153,000

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Burdette, Jason M/Burdette, Susan K to Main St Homes – Lima, LLC, 2048 N. Cole St., Lima, $72,400

Ream, Treva Executor/Estate Of Emma Roberta Cook to Conklin, Benjamin K/Conklin, Brittany M, 516 S. Atlantic Ave., Lima, $49,900

Schuck, Thomas Richard/Schell, Dominique to Witten, Heather Lou, 901 Tremont Ave., Lima, $115,000

Wheeler, Lauren D to Balogun, Gbenga, 2320 Wales Ave., Lima, $135,000


Anderson, Jeffrey L/Anderson, Tanya S to Chivington, Steven/Chivington, Mary, 3805 Neely Road (1 acre), Lima, $174,500

Dulebohn, Monica to Harmon, Ross Michael/Harmon, Jessica Lynn, 312 Baxter St., Lima, $165,000

Giffin, Richard R to Lehman, Keaton A/Lehman, Rebecca/Lehman, Jake A, 735 Gloria Ave., Lima, $119,000

Gross, Alexa R/Gross, Scott J to Strange, Zachary M, 735 Gloria Ave., Lima, $115,000

Kistler, Darrel/Kistler, Elizabeth to Ricker, Mark/Ricker, Paula, Baty Road (0.7 acres), Lima, $39,900

Schrader, Kimberli K Administrator/Estate Of Brian Patrick Burke to Rupert, Jodi/McDorman, Scott, 3975 Dutch Hollow Road (1 acre), Lima, $62,000

Shafer, Debra L to Boulis, Chad M, 3180 Diller Road (1 acre), Lima, $154,000


Hauenstein, Matthew E/Hauenstein, Kelly J to King, Thomas L/King, Eileen M, 5550 S. Hardin Road (60 acres), Alger, $525,000


Arthur, Bailey R to Ruhlen, Timothy R, 2706 Lost Creek Blvd., Lima, $109,000

Camper, Stephanie M to Boulis, Angela K, 618 Bristol Ave., Lima, $157,000

Cheney, Daniel A Successor Trustee/Harold E Cheney Living Trust/Norma L Cheney Living Trust to Dirmeyer, Mathew P, 3867 Yale Ave., Lima, $139,000

Knisely, Wiliam Lee to Zack, Lori S, 145 Valley Way, Lima, $179,900

Lam, Bee Wah to Buckley, Billy Junior, 1649 Reservoir Road, Lima, $150,000

Lamb, Sandra Sue to Grothouse, Brittany, 921 Kingswood Drive, Lima, $190,000

Swint, Hugh/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC, 1798 Stewart Road, Lima, $68,000


Rhodes, Brandon C/Rhodes, Jackie A Wyse/Wyse Rhodes, Jackie A to BJKR LLC, 127 N. Lawn Ave., Bluffton, $190,000


Harmon, Jessica L/Harmon, Ross M to Sierra, Trisha/Sierra, Adrian, 705 Beechwood Place, Elida, $242,000


Miller, Ronald/Miller, Amy to Oates, Kurt/Oates, Nancy, 8175 Reservoir Road (2.1 acres), Lima, $350,000


Stump, John William/Stump, Linda J to Baughman, Ned A, 105 S. High St., Lafayette, $45,000


Davis, Cheryl A Successor Trustee/Jeanette Gossard Living Trust to Bear, Dorvin/Bear, Kelvin, McBride Road (57 acres), Lima, $773,800

Rosskillco, LLC to Wurst, Evan J, 4444 Good Road (0.5 acre), Delphos, $170,000


Conn, Linda/Schroeder, Janet/Utrup, Susan/Saint Anthony’s Parish/St. Anthony Of Padua Catholic Church/Conn, Steven to Stechschulte, Michael J/Stechschulte, Amy S, Ottawa Road (38.6 acres), Columbus Grove, $447,900


Cummins, Donald W/Cummins, Karen M to Oglesbee, Rachel A/Oglesbee, Steven K, 4311 E. Hanthorn Road (4.3 acres), Lima, $205,000

JTL Leasing, LLC to Walters, Justin C/Walters, Emely, 310 E. Hume Road, Lima, $153,000

Stutzman, Lynette R to Bugger, Maysn/Bugger, Claire, 1418 Glenn Ave., Lima, $65,000


Amstutz, Michael K/Amstutz, Kathie L to Gesler, Jared L/Gesler, Amanda K, 8977 Bixel Road (2.5 acres), Bluffton, $205,500

Campbell, Shawn S to Nowlan, Sara L/Nowlan, Matthew T, 6460 Phillips Road (3.4 acres), Bluffton, $60,000

Flory, Donald E/Flory, Cathy S to May, Aaron M/May, Stephanie, 8590 Putnam Road (4.0 acres), Pandora, $239,900


Berry, J Lynette to Russell, Carol R/Russell, Todd, 3148 Spring Blossoms Courts, Lima, $399,000

Cheryl O Cecala Trust/Cecala, Cheryl O Trustee to Gephart, Scott R/Gephart, Judith A/Shisler, Cole/Lucas, Shelby, South Kemp Road (10 acres), Lima, $100,000

Crites, Gary A/Valdiva, Marcia Karina Atunga to Magoteaux, Michele, 1557 Southwood Drive, Lima, $155,000

Donnal, David E/Donnal, Susan R to Moore, Brad, 1815 Leffler Drive, Lima, $200,000

Johnson, Herbert Jr/Johnson, C Fay to Warner, John O/Warner, Lawrie P, 2975 Inwood Drive, Lima, $190,000

Jones, Gerald Dean/Jones, Justin T Attorney In Fact to Arthur, Bailey R/Freed, Alexander W, 3636 S. Amblewood Circle, Lima, $185,000

Josh And Matt Investments LLC to Snyder, Tamera/Snyder, John/Snyder, Aaron, 4145 Susan Lane, Lima, $147,000

Meeks, Patricia A to Cannon, Erika M/Robinson, Richard L III, 3812 Linfield Lane, Lima, $340,000

Russell, Carol R/Russell, Todd C to Murino, James A/Mclendon, Melanie A, 1554 Pro Drive, Lima, $340,000

Stinebaugh, Matthew K to Campbell, Justin/Graham, Jenna, 2000 Huntington Drive, Cridersville, $186,000

Swartz, Benjamin P/Swartz, Hanna L to Swartz & Hager LLC, 1135-1145 S. Wapak Road (0.8 acres), Lima, $37,100

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