Land transfers, Sept. 1-7

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Sept. 1 through 7. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Ames, Lisa/Ames, Berry Allen to Property Management Professionals, LLC, 323 Calumet Ave., Lima, $30,000

Beck, Daniel W/Beck, Jennifer K to Stahl, Michael, 738 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $10,000

Bishop, Mike/Bishop, Katherine A to Paxton, Donnette K, 643 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $129,500

Chen, Qin Bin to Sullivan, Issaac/Williams, Hailey, 823 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $121,000

Defruscio, Brittany S/Defruscio, Adam J to Rowe, Benjamin W/Rowe, Ashley M, 405 W. Kildare Ave., Lima, $47,000

Eyzc RE LLC/Ebury Street Capital LLC to Property Management Professionals, LLC, 657 S. Dewey Ave., Lima, $36,500

Gearing, Blaine/Gearing, Michelle to Dahlke, Theodore, 1533 Latham Ave., Lima, $163,400

Haithcox, Dwayne R to Catlett, Brittney Nicole, 1208 E. Market St., Lima, $1,500

Hawk, John T/Hawk, Susan E to Ross, Diana L, 1039 Loretta Place, Lima, $205,000

Holbrook, Jennifer to Catlett, Brittney Nicole, 1203 E. Market St., Lima, $10,000

Kirkman, Volanda to Comer, Tanya M/Comer, Todd D, 27 Axminster Terrace, Lima, $225,000

Lee, Joshua/Lee, Deborah to Nunez, Nicolas/Sherrick, Megan, 2301 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $114,500

Pugin, James A/Pugin, Gina A to Mills, Travica, 685 W. Spring St., Lima, $51,000

Reynolds, Macie Lee Decd/Green, Margaret M Executor to Reynolds, Lashay S, 822 Holmes Ave., Lima, $24,500

Vision 2 Investments, LLC to Sullivan, Caleb, 203 E. Kildare Ave., Lima, $57,400


Lawrence, Greg A/Lawrence, Kathleen J to Stark, Jessica Lynn, 651 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $40,000

Mason, Marsha to Kellermeyer, Darrell/Kellermeyer, Deborah, 3959 Bur Oak Trail, Lima, $415,000

Murray, Mary Jane to Rent A Home Away From Home, LLC, 3852 Allentown Road, Lima, $45,000


Coburn, Delbert L/Coburn, Larry Attorney In Fact/Coburn, Audrey to Wireman, Dylan A/Wireman, Taylor, 723 E. Williams St., Lima, $135,000

Davis, Jill R/Nienberg, Jill R Fka to Nienberg, Dustin J, 2818 Reservoir Road, Lima, $125,000

Eiche, Sondra K to Golden, Walter Jr, 2217 Wellesley Drive, Lima, $141,000

Kesner, Jerome W/Kesner, Julia Ann to Property Management Professionals, LLC, 1316 McKinley Ave., Lima, $27,500


Delgado, Juan J to Garrod, Kelly, 204 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $120,500

Emura, Laura L/Emura, Steven/Spitnal, Mark W/Spitnal, Leann/Johnson, Gerard L/Sorell, Leann M/Huffer, Leann M Fka/Sorell, Deron to Corzine, Reid T, 435 E. Cleveland St., Delphos, $131,000

Haunhorst, Gregory A/Haunhorst, Kevin L/Rahrig, Carla K/Sohayda, Jill M/Haunhorst, Edna L/Haunhorst, Dorothy L/Sohayda, John C to Rags To Richards Properties, LLC, 604 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $123,500

Kriegel, Colin/Kriegel, Emily to A.S. Home Improvments, LLC, 607 E. 3rd St., Delphos, $89,000

Moenter, Donald E/Moenter, Darlene K to Dehaven, Betsy L, 1106 Rozelle Ave., Delphos, $179,000


Diller, Gary L/Diller, Connie J to Shank, Brenton/Shank, Lydia J, 206 W. North St., Elida, $16,500


Crumrine, Brian W/Crumrine, Shana to Hannah, Alexis M/Hannah, Dylan T, 333 S. Napoleon Road, Harrod, $195,000


Kerr, Thomas A Trustee/Kerr, Barbara J Trustee/Thomas A Kerr and Barbara J Kerr Trust to Kirkendall, Michael S/Kirkendall, Tina M, Wonnell Road (8.8 acres), Lima, $45,000


Augsburger, Dwain Richard Jr Trustee/Lanelle Augsburger Trust/Spallinger, Sue Ann to Spallinger, Robert Eugene, 8555 E. Lincoln Highway, Bluffton, $115,800


Irons, Justin to Klett, Joey/Klett, Ashley, 3317 Peachtree Place, Lima, $330,000

Schomer, Robert J/Schomer, Robert John Attorney In Fact to Clay, Abbigail/Schiffler, Taylor J, 1845 Jo Jean Road, Lima, $135,500

Strickland, James D/Strickland, Carrie to Britton, Amanda, 2166 Grimmwood Drive, Lima, $245,000


Crawford, Christine L Administrator/Estate Of Mark A Crawford to Cruikshank, William/Cruikshank, Jessica, 3980 W. Lincoln Highway (0.7 acre), Gomer, $4,500

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