Land transfers, Aug. 18-24

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running Aug. 18 through 24. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Amerson, Martese J/Amerson, Kathleen to Dukes, Lakesa/Dukes, Antoin M, 136 E. 4th St., Lima, $48,000

Brock, Terry B/Brock, Linda K/Bogatko, George/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Brock, Terry B, 1107 E. Franklin St., Lima, $14,000

Develbiss, Mark J to Develbiss, Mark J/Newman, William, 324 Elmwood Place, Lima, $18,000

Jelcal Properties, LLC to Timothy James Investments, LLC, 1725 and 1727 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $100,000

Kales, Dean/Kales, Mary A to Cox, Gillian M/Cox, Adam M, 663 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $107,000

Kisor, Jayne A to White, Tirreha, 718 Weadock Ave., Lima, $80,000

Lima 315, LLC to AMN Futures LLC, 567 Harrison Ave., Lima, $95,000

Mayer, Lori to Mayer, Joshua A, 2762 W. Elm St., Lima, $20,000

McNeal, Willie J/McNeal, Gladys to Clark, Cathryn L, 967 S. Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $1,000

Swetnich, Jeffrey R to Davidson, Gary, 971 W. Wayne St., Lima, $32,000

Warner, John O/Warner, Lawrie P to T-K Sarno LLC, 1554 W. High St., Lima, $105,000


Altenbach, Steve/Altenbach, Lana to Austin, Stacy, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 60, Lima, $67,000

Bendan Group to Traydan, LLC, 3390 W. Elm St. (1.2 acres), Lima, $392,400

Brookshore Investments, LLC to Custer, Rayna R, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 154, Lima, $66,500

Brunk, Herbert F Trustee/Brunk, Norma M Trustee/Brunk Family Revocable Living Trust to Piehl, Robert L/Piehl, Sandra I, 3633 Citabria Drive, Lima, $197,500

Coon, Kimberly C to Smith, Michael J, 2113-2115 Brookhaven Drive, Lima, $185,000

Hawk, Janet C to Batic, Nicholas E/Batic, Jacqueline M, 677 S. Wapak Road (1.8 acres), Lima, $580,000

Jenkins, Timothy/Jenkins, Alicia to Betts, Paul Malcom/Betts, Vicki Lynn, 297 S. Wapak Road (1.8 acres), Lima, $373,000

Joseph, Cynthia L to Robey, Joshua/Robey, Jennifer, 2421 N. McDonel St., Lima, $62,000

Kingdom Keepers Investments, LLC to Harter, Robert T/Harter, Linda J, 2949 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $225,900

Miller, Sabrina A Et al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Miller, Charles M to U.S. Bank Trust National Association Owner Trustee/Reo Trust 2017-Rpl1, 141 Paradise Place, Lima, $40,000

Niebel, Kathy E Trustee/Kathy E Niebel Revocable Trust to Adeniyi, Akeem A/Adeniyi, Barbara T, 139 Timberfield Drive N, Lima, $485,000

Ohio Lima Wash & Lube, LLC/Lima Wash & Lube LLC to Wicoi LLC, 2911 Vera Way and Elm Street (0.4 acres), Lima, $300,000

Parent, Cynthia D to Hamilton, Allison E, 3041 Freyer Road, Lima, $171,000

Tyre, Edsel P/Tyre, Sheril A to McGee, Gina L, 4750 W. Elm St., Lima, $180,000


Collins, Casey M/Lawrence, Jennifer to Herr, Steven, 3021 Johnson Road (0.6 acres), Harrod, $135,000


Benedetto Group, LLC to Moore, Roger L, 4013 Brookshore Drive, Lima, $250,100

Swenar, Raymond S Executor/Estate Of Raymond P Swenar to HTL Enterprises, LLC, 560 Sunnymeade Lane, Lima, $180,600


Barnes, Leslie M to Smith, Heidi K Trustee/Smith, Larry S Trustee/Smith’S Realty Professtional 401(K) Plan, 199 Garmatter St., Bluffton, $100,000


Collins, Ruth Ann to Swartz, Nathan B/Swartz, Mary Ann, 242 First St., Cairo, $11,000


McRedmond, Craig J/McRedmond, Patrick J/Castle, Erin M/McRedmond, Michael S/Castle, Edward to McRedmond, Dana L, 603 Suthoff Road, Delphos, $56,000


Allen, Barry L/Allen, Dorothy A to Crumrine, Brian/Crumrine, Shana, 2755 N. Peevee Road, Harrod, $205,000

Golden, Thomas Sylvester Jr Co-Trustee/Golden, Julia Grace Co-Trustee/Golden Family Revocable Living Trust to Lauck, Elizabeth/Fisher, Joshua, 3215 Murray Road (5 acres), Lima, $332,000


Living-Branches, Inc. to Smith, Lorri, 6875 Ridge Road (2.5 acres), Delphos, $75,000

Ulrich, Scott T/Wang, Xuedan to Sroufe, David Michael, Ridge Road (4 acres), Delphos, $58,000


Cotten, Aimee M/Cotten, Jason to Caudill, Paul, 4270 Kerr Road (3.4 acres), Lima, $110,000

Stippich, Paul J Jr/Stippich, Rose/Caris, Susan R/Caris, Brian to Packard, Arlene K, 210 Amherst Road (2 acres), Lima, $207,500


Ferenczi, Edward W Administrator/Estate Of Stephen Joseph Ferenczi/Deem, Edgar H Administrator/Estate Of David John Forenczi to Elite Builders General Contracting Limited Liability Company, West 9th Street and C Street, Lima, $4,000

Johnson, Tracy M/Johnson, Travis to Malarchick, John R, 4100 Susan Lane, Lima, $160,000

Roberts, David F/Roberts, Jennifer L to Lea, Travis/Lea, Amber, 2906 Morning Sun Drive, Lima, $500,000

St. Clair, Corey to Offenbaker, James C/Offenbaker, Cynthia K, 2854 Riverwalk Blvd., Lima, $200,000

Wilcox, Tom/Wilcox, Scott/Mennesse, Amy/Wade, Kim/Wilcox, Steve/Mennesse, Mario S/Wade, Ted A/Wilcox, Carol M/Wilcox, Brenda Lee/Wilcox, Kimberly A to Cramer, Ariana/Cramer, Justin, 2085 Shawnee Road (9.9 acres), Lima, $475,000

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