Land transfers, July 21-27

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 21 through July 27. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Ames, Berry A/Ames, Lisa A to Johnson, Difinni, 321 Calumet Ave., Lima, $68,000

Garbry Road Estates, Ltd to Millward, William/Neidich, Steven, 1129 W. Wayne St., Lima, $99,000

Hicks, Julius D to Page, Mark, 320 N. Collett St., Lima, $9,800

Holbrook, Paul M Ii/Holbrook, Amber M to McNeal, Arthur/McNeal, Lashelle, 707 Dingledine Ave., Lima, $84,000

Hudson Property Solutions, LLC to Browning, Edwin William, 671 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $14,000

Kelley, Suzanne/Kelley, C Bradford to Nuckles, Donald L/Nuckles, Stephanie, 611 Ewing Ave., Lima, $45,000

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Johnson, John F Sr Decd Et Al to Thomas, Marvin L Jr, 227 N. Woodlawn Ave., Lima, $9,000

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Lima Roxy, Inc. Et Al to C&C Property Management, LLC, 122-132 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $151,000

SLM Ohio Investments, LLC to Greer, Chris, 511 E. Albert St., Lima, $35,000

Wannemacher, Wesley A/Winters-Wannemacher, Dawn R to Branstner, Robert C/Guerra, Donna L, 1867 Wendell Ave., Lima, $180,000

Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC to Swartwood, Shelby M/Swartwood, Devin, 822 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $103,000


Ricker, Daniel P/Ricker, Adam J/Ricker, Amanda Christine/Ricker, Elaine Suzanne to Mahin, Jed Owen/Mahin, Lucy I, 2424 N. Grubb Road (1 acre), Delphos, $135,000


Bogart, Jeremy B to Hammitt, Allen M/Brunk, Ashley, 1803 Homeward Ave., Lima, $90,000

Christy, Nicole R to Fetter, Robert A/Bruns, Austin M/Bruns, Alison, 5293 Lobo St., Lima, $170,000

F B Development to Medley, Donna, 1108 Logan Ave., Lima, $43,300

H&L Group LLC to Spencer, Charles/Spencer, Sarah, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 174, Lima, $75,000

Healthpro Investments, LLC to Grand Portion, LLC, 4200 Elida Road (0.6 acres and 1.3 acres), Lima, $375,000

Jankow, Denise M to Bickel, Randall A/Bickel, Catherine M/Bickel, Jennifer M, 1841 Brookhaven Drive, Unit 1841, Lima, $130,000

Karrick, Brian P/Karrick, Marlene K to Wollenhaupt, Seth R/Wollenhaupt, Destiny, 2874 Freyer Road, Lima, $256,000

Ritchie, Alexis E to Barker, Robert Gary/Furst, Sylvia Martha, 5294 Lobo St., Lima, $167,000

Smith, Lorri/Smith, Cameron to New Heights Housing Investments LLC, 2701 Lowell Ave., Lima, $87,500


Richardson/Deborah K. to Richardson, Nick A./Richardson, Jammie M., Faulkner Road (8.3 acres), Harrod.


Hornic, Michael E Executor/Estate Of Elizabeth A Wren to McGee, Joshua/McGee, Carmen Lynn, 3252 Shiloh Drive, Lima, $170,000

Kennedy, Gail I Successor Co-Trustee/Kennedy, Jeffrey K Successor Co-Trustee/Kennedy, Rodney B Successor Co-Trustee/William F Kennedy Revocable Living Trust to Warner, Jonathan S/Smith, Robin M, 5430 Mowery Road (0.7 and 0.7 acres), $186,500

Opperman, Aron/Opperman, Megan to Benchic, Andrew/Benchic, Renea, 2706 Autumn Ridge Drive, Lima, $355,000

Pukharaj Corp. to Nikoda, Inc., 1505 Findlay Road, Lima, $405,000

Schaefer, Matthew L/Schaefer, Jodi Y to Bianco, Ryan A/Bianco, Kayla L, 4416 N. Dixie Highway (4.9 acres), Lima, $300,000


419 Cherry, LLC to Meyer, Jared, 419 Cherry St., Bluffton, $41,000

Ellerbrock, Matthew P to Riepenhoff, Dustin M/Riepenhoff, Falon D, 334 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $69,900

Fields, Carol A Successor Trustee/Jack M Fields Trust to Laing, Jeffrey S, 146 Thurman St., Bluffton, $47,000

Three S Development Group, LLC to Riepenhoff, Dustin M/Riepenhoff, Falon D, 335 Parkview Drive, Bluffton, $69,900

Young, Rebecca S to James, Richard Ray/Eikenbary, Michelle, 213 E. Elm St., Bluffton, $120,000


Bragg, Charles D Jr/Bragg, Christina D to Laba, Michael J/Bragg, Taylor S, 137 S. Perrysburg Road, Cairo, $44,200


Cummans, Thomas E/Cummans, Bethany M to Mohr Family Realty, LLC, 226 Douglas St., Delphos, $105,000

Habitat For Humanity-Lima Area, Inc. to Teman, David W/Howard, Debra D, 712 N. Washington St., Delphos, $105,000

Taggi, Sarah to Swick, Bradley/Swick, Lindsay Toy, 218 S. Franklin St., Delphos, $107,000


Mosley, Gary Wayne/Mosley, Georgia Ann to Kaufmann, Jeffrey L/Kauffman, Theresa L, 1548 N. Cool Road, Lima, $194,000


Klausing, Joann M/Edelbrock, Karen R Co-Attorney-In-Fact/Neumeier, Susan M Co-Attorney-In-Fact to Speakman, Richard Joseph/Black, Victoria, 1605 Fort Jennings Road, Delphos, $145,000

Ray, Kelly to Germain, Kaliah B/Germain, Bendy, 4775 N. Kemp Road (0.7 acres and 0.2 acres), $219,900


Bowers, Anthony S/Bowers, Allyson K to Seabolt, Michael Shay/Seabolt, Shawna M, 1998 Bowman Road (17.7 acres), Lima, $170,000

Miller, Justin W to Banks, Cortlend, 1507 Lennox Ave., Lima, $15,000

Roberts, Nolan E/Roberts, Destiny D to Keith, Kraig M/Keith, Sarah E, 4520 Bellefontaine Road (6.1 acres), Lima, $310,000

Sneary, Rick L to Eric Sneary Holdings, LLC, 4325 Bellefontaine Road (8.1 acres), Lima, $165,000

Timmerman, Lee Ann Executor/Henshaw, Robert Vincent Estate to Harnishfeger, Joseph Reed, 4444 Bellefontaine Road (2.1 acres), Lima, $185,000


Bailey, Stevie W/Bailey, Deirde to Adams, Jason Eugene, 925 Wardhill Ave., Lima, $17,000

Carlson, Emily/Karhoff, Norbert to Hammons, Kara/Hammons, David, 3347 Wilbur Drive, Lima, $254,900

Pothast, Michael A/Weiss, Suzanne Marie to Morton, Dennis W/Greaf, Zachary J, 4015 Zurmehly Road, Lima, $209,900

R.L. Enterprises to Krohn, Carla L, 4400 W. Breese Road, Lima, $68,300

Rubens, Jeffrey D Successor Co-Trustee/Lois M Rubens Revocable Living Trust to Patrick, A Eugene/Patrick, Bobbi Jo, 2469 Struthmore Drive, Lima, $305,000

Smallwood, Mary E to Blass Holding, LLC, 501 W. Breese Road, Lima, $700,000


Lybarger, Jessica L to Shultz, Stephen M/Shultz, Lanette K, 7225 Gomer Road (0.4 acres), Gomer, $123,000