Land transfers, July 7-13

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running July 7 through 13. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Buck, Emma R to Moore, Austin M/Hoorman, Amanda C, 431 Columbia Drive, Lima, $200,000

Clemac Enterprises to 2115 Allentown Road, LLC, 2115 Allentown Road, Lima, $1,000,000

Cornett, Carl J/Cornett, Juanita A to Edinger, Don R, 136 E. O’Connor Ave., Lima, $63,000

Cristlieb, Sheryl A Administrator/Estate Of Mikki Anne Starr to Compton, Christopher, 624 W. Ford Ave., Lima, $140,000

Croft, Joseph/Herr, Nicole to Thompson, Misty, 628 S. Scott St., Lima, $162,900

Cross, Jason L/Cross, Andrew S/Cross, Denise L to Coffin, Jennifer M/Coffin, Robert Carl, 341 Ertel Ave., Lima, $93,500

Eubank, Amanda L to Rainsburg, Dawn, 102 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $125,000

Laws, Benjamin R Jr/Walker, Martha to Tate, Shirley A, 1650 S. Union St., Lima, $12,000

Miller, Joyce/Miller, Tom to Ricker, Melissa, 333 W. Ashton Ave., Lima, $5,000

Providence Assets LLC to Gubanche, Crystal/Gubanche, Nathan, 317 N. Baxter S., Lima, $4,500

Patrick, Natalee R. to Kowatch, Corey R/Kowatch, Sophia, 765 W. Lane Ave., Lima, $130,000

Roberts, David F/Roberts, Jennifer L to Buckeye Housing LLC, 635 Runyan Ave., Lima, $60,000

Roberts, David F/Roberts, Jennifer L to Buckeye Housing LLC, 804 Ewing Ave., Lima, $60,000

SLM Ohio Investments, LLC to Brandville Properties LLC, 610 S. Scott Ave., 620 S. Scott Ave. and 626 S. Scott Ave., Lima, $435,000

Thiess, Bradley A/Thiess, Angela to Twining, Derek, 220 S. Collins Ave., Lima, $118,600

Village Capital & Investment, LLC to Cnady LLC, 446 Hazel Ave., Lima, $38,000


Buildings, Metals And Lumber, LLC to Neely, Michael Todd/Neely, Cortney Shaye, 2450 Cremean Road, Lima, $50,000

Chambers, Elois Trustee/Chambers, Richard W Trustee/Elois Chambers Revocable Trust/Diepenbrock, Shelly Linn Successor Trustee to Lange, Tod E/Lange, Jan C, 6490 Fort Amanda Road, Lima, $186,000


Bradley, Lonnie J to Lewis, Travis J/Garrett, Samantha D, 1738 Plainfield Drive, Lima, $260,000

Casey, Kevin M/Casey, Lisa M to Lee, Holly/Lee, Nathan, 565 S. Fraunfelter Road, Lima, $550,000

Coolidge, Doug/Coolidge, Darlene to Greeley, Heather, 2970-2972 Lilly Drive, Lima, $280,000

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Sbc, Inc. to Bethel Apostolic Worship Center, 630 Powers Ave., $150,000

Kaplan, Kyle/Johns, Trystin to Jackson, Andrew L, 3157 Makley Drive, Lima, $200,000

King, Stephen W/King, Natasha Brunetti to Hartman, Jonathan/Swihart, Elyse, 172 Hartford Court, Unit 172, $79,000

Risner, Tyler B/Risner, November R to Herr, Richard N, 5027 Lobo St., Lima, $282,000

Smith, Wayne H/Smith, Christine M to Smith, Ashton C/Smith, Miranda L, 2450 N. Wapak Road, Lima, $173,900

Stokes, James A/Stokes, Elizabeth C to Spaun, Christian, 5106 Marciel Drive, Lima, $233,000

Walters, Richard W/Walters, Joy L to Donnal, Dave/Donnal, Susan, 755 Lester Ave., Lima, $235,000

Yang, Selina to Jarrell, Hailey Lynn/Headley, Christopher, 2256 N. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $153,000


Bergman, Abbigail J to Orpurt, Kody William, 555 Monticello Ave., Lima, $88,500

Callahan, Michael D Executor/Estate Of Elaine R Callahan to McDaniel, Cody R/McDaniel, Renee M, 1111 N. Thayer Road, Lima, $181,000

Kehres, Michael John/Kehres, Linda Lou to Kehres, Benjamin Michael, 1917 Bible Road, Lima, $26,100

Klaparda, Rj Samm to Young, Sharon Lee Trustee/Revocable Living Trust Of Sharon Lee Young, 782 Fenway Drive, Lima, $212,000

Nainaparampil, Josekutty/Nainaparampil, Thresia to Legros, Kim, 3810 Yale Ave., Lima, $157,900

Nguyen, Yvonne I/Thi, Johnny to Bradley, Lonnie J, 313 Harvard Ave., Lima, $159,900

Thousand Keys Acquisitions 2B LLC/Dufficy, Beth Attorney-In-Fact/Pikes Peak Capital Management II LLC to Gertsner, Robert J, 1906 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $19,900


Core, Jordan/Codora, Haley to Stevens, Blake R, 431 Cherry St., Bluffton, $19,500

Hancock Investor Group, LLC to Gillett, Daniel V/Gillett, Judith L, 115 Poplar St., Bluffton, $90,000


Alexander, R Michael/Alexander, Cynthia S to Kayser, Nicholas J, 707-709 Euclid Ave., Delphos, $128,000

Best, Larry M/Best, Vicki J to Best, Larry M, 414 E. 7th St., Delphos, $32,700

Muniz, Devin to Delish Homes, LLC, 433 S. Pierce St., Delphos, $73,800


Burkholder, Diane L/Burkholder, Michael A Attorney In Fact/Burkholder, Diana L to Slaughter, Bryan, 5740 Clover Ridge Drive, Elida, $230,000

Gunter, Mary M to Huenke, Robert F/Huenke, Brenda S, 4676 Amaryllis Drive, Elida, $162,500

Private Selling Officer Rick Kigar/Porter, Tonya M Et Al to Strategic Investment Holding LLC, 702 Sunnydale St., Elida, $103,200


Merriman, Lowell W/Merriman, Tressa A to Edwards, John Philp Sr/Edwards, Candy, 596 N. Napoleon Road (2.7 acres), Lima, $205,000


Sibold, Robert L/Sibold, Tanya M to Ballinger, Colton M, Washington Street, Lafayette, $35,000


Suever, Ralph H Trustee/Ralph H Suever And Nova Jean M Suever Living Trust to Probst, Levi B, 7560 Piquad Road, Lima, $316,000


Arant, Timothy J/Arant, Janet L to Staup, Elias M/Staup, Jamie, 1799 Frail Road, Lima, $252,400

Coon, Kimberly D/Coon, Ted S/Kleman, Debra L/Kleman, Philip/Gross, Shawn V/Gross, Virginia M to Coon, Kimberly D/Coon, Ted S, 1890 Frail Road, Lima, $80,000

D & S Investments Of Lima, LLC to Nieto, Evan/Nieto, Whitney, 2601 Adgate Road, Lima, $350,000


Schwartz, Kyle H/Rostorfer, Shelby to Erickson, Lee P/Erickson, Christina R, 12469 Kohler Road, Spencerville, $34,000