Land transfers, June 30-July 6

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 30 through July 6. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Big Bay 6 LLC to Nixon Baker Legacy Holdings LLC, 662 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $11,100

Conner, Paul D to Banks, Willie, 791 S. Broadway St., Lima, $5,000

Cornerstone Restoration Group, LLC to Hollar, Tracy L, 941 Brice Ave., Lima, $82,500

Crippen, Patrick R to Basinger, Rose Ann, 732 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $56,000

Daley-Meyer, E. Christine/Purdy, Karen S./Hoffman, Theresa A/Sidener, Mary B./Bryan, David L; Traina, Kathleen M.; Bryan, John R./Moye’, Laura M./Bryan, Edward G. to Duffy, Brian/Bourk-Duffy, Julie Ann, 1325 Melrose St., Lima, $153,000

Denson, Willie to Posey Family Enterprises, LLC, 1144 Hazel Ave., Lima, $138,000

Gross, Alexa R/Gross, Scott J to Strange, Zachary M, 2393 Baywood Drive, Lima, $115,000

Krieg, Jerry A/Krieg, Lisa K to Stolly, Patrick R/Stolly, Maria Gabriella, 1529 W. Market St., Lima, $235,000

Luce, Jean/Luce, Louis to Bradford, Cody/Carnes, Michaela, 127 W. McKibben St., Lima, $1,000

Mayes, Mutee A/Fletcher, Trisha M to Routson, Aleasha J, 468 W. McKibben St., Lima, $117,000

Meredith, Robert J Administrator/Estate Of John W MacDonell to Daley, Michael/Daley, Gwyn, 2324 W. Market St., Lima, $305,000

Mills, Dondra Camille to Tata, Stephanie, 711 Brice Ave., Lima, $1,000

MMC Lima LLC to Smith, Sharetta/Harper, Jermaine D, 1058 W. Elm St., Lima, $130,000

Plummer, Jane/Jacobs, Brenda L Attorney In Fact to Creps, Barry L/Creps, Linda K, 1866 Wonderlick Road, Lima, $214,900

Sheriff Matthew B Treglia/Williams, Kayla Et Al to Cook, Marlon T, 1131 and 1131 1/2 W. Wayne St., Lima, $7,500

Staup, Jamie L/Staup, Elias to David, Luis R Ortiz/Morales Lopez, Mariely, 2301 N. Metcalf St., Lima, $150,000

Wright Distribution Centers, Inc. to L&W Lima Properties, LLC, 435 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $75,000


Smith, Kenneth E/Smith, Tammy Ann to Rahrig, Crystal L/Horton, Stephen, 35220003002005, $590,600


LBC Investments, LLC to Barnard, Neal B/Barnard, Carol A, 1774 Woodberry Creek Drive, Lima, $379,200

Nichols, William F/Nichols, Joyce A to Cordella-Bontrager, Matthew C/Cordella-Bontrager, Rachel D, 5129 Willow St., Lima, $235,000


Gibson, Eric James Et Al/Kigar, Rick Private Selling Officer to Benroth, Todd, 3275 Crestview Drive, Lima, $86,000

Hooks, Troy/Hooks, Lori to Bishop, Michael G/Bishop, Katherine A, 4890 Stewart Road, Lima, $5,000

Sakemiller, Nancy E to Lutz, Janice, 4007 Brookshore Drive, Lima, $240,000


Clark, Phillip R/Clark, Barbara J/Clark, Philip R to Rohr, Autumn/Simon, Danny, 224 E. Main St., Cairo, $158,000


Hughes, Beverly L/Hughes, Hugh S/Best, Curtis R/Best, Nancy/Best, Barbara E/Wieging, M Lorraine/Wieging, Robert J to Best, Valerie Jean, 902 Fort Jennings Road, Delphos, $128,000

Karman, Shirley L to Ries, Glen/Ries, Patricia, 626 N. Scott St., Delphos, $50,000


Ellis, David W/Ellis, Lynnette G to Sebring, Richard/Nunns-Sebring, Joyce, 120 Orchard Drive, Elida, $314,000

Ruggles, Michael E/Ruggles, Cathy K to Wolford, Joseph Daniel, 4683 Amaryllis St., Elida, $261,000


Hefner, Mark A/Hefner, Colleen D to Williams, James R III/Williams, Melinda C, 640 N. Cool Road (88 acres), Lima, $192,500

Mackey, Julie Marie/Mackey, John/Brauen, Shirley Jean/Augsburger, Gene/Augsburger, Merry Lee/Brauen, David Dean/Brauen, Kathleen/Hochstetler, Christine Ann/Hochstetler, John/Augsburger, Betty Sue/Augsburger, Gary/Brauen, Janet Kay/Brauen, William Joe/Brauen, Joan/Crouse, Connie Louise/Crouse, Leland/Brauen, Donald Kent/Brauen, Jodi to DDH Farms, LLC, Peevee Road (27.4 acres), Bluffton, $1,270,666


Clagg, Debra S Executor/Estate Of Judy A Craig to Sibold, Robert L/Sibold, Tanya M, 110 and 112 E. Sugar St., Lafayette, $15,000


Schindler, Ronald C/Schindler, Karen/Schindler, John A/Schindler, Sharon/Blosser, Dorothy M/Martz, Janice S/Salmons, Lisa S/Wutrich, Lora A/Wutrich, James to Miller, Alan L/Miller, Lois M, Ramsey Road (70.3 acres, 75.5 acres and 4.6 acres), Lima, $1,342,500


Handshoe, Terry to Handshoe, Robert W, 1911 Clyde Ave., Lima, $28,000


Hartman, Robert J/Hartman, Nancy K to Allen County Leasing, Inc., 2931 Morning Sun Drive, Lima, $480,000

Kinsey, Walter L Jr/Kinsey, Carolyn J to Link, Aaron T/Link, Lauren R, 2925 Sands Road, Lima, $375,000

Kroplin, Marsha R/Hefner, Kelly R Attorney In Fact to Lovett, Timothy J/Lovett, Patricia J, 2650 Snowberry Lane, Lima, $185,000

LBC Investments, LLC to Artisan Investment Properties LLC, Shawnee Road, Lima, $25,900

LBC Investments, LLC to Homes By Bowman LLC, Commonwealth Avenue and Shawnee Road, Lima, $36,400

LBC Investments, LLC to Homes By Bowman LLC, Weldon Drive, Lima, $7,700

Richard L And Donna E Williams Family Limited Partnership to LBC Investments, LLC, Zimmerly Road (23.4 acres), Lima, $525,000

Smith, Robin Marie to Bales, Sarah Elizabeth Florence, 2115 and 2125 Morris Ave. Lima, $74,000


Siefker, Susan J/Ritchey, Debra K/Siefker, Jan H/Williams, W Wayne/Siefker, James/Ritchey, Robert/Siefker, Louis/Williams, Lori J to Williams, William W/Williams, Lori J, 6660 N. Wapak Road (16.5 acres), Lima, $135,000