Land transfers, June 16-22

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 16 through 22. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Battle, Hannah to Burden Homes, LLC, 614 E. Albert St., Lima, $45,900

Duron, Peter Paul to Duron, Shirley Ann, 1156 E. Franklin St., Lima, $22,100

G & SN Leasing LLC to Shawhan, Nicholas S/Szabados, Karli, 907 W. Murphy St., Lima, $131,000

Haithcock, Gordon to Collins, Kianna, 823 Holly St., Lima, $110,000

Harding, David S/Harding, Lisa A to Moore, Jazmine S/Moore, Jeremiah, 605 Lewis Boulevard, Lima, $167,000

Herr, Nicole/Croft, Joseph to Studebaker, William M Sr, 1813 W. Elm St., Lima, $366,100

Hood, Michele L to Delish Homes LLC, 1407 Wendell Ave., Lima, $70,000

HTMP Holding Company, LLC to Tall Guy Properties, LLC, 2300 Central Point Parkway, $1,032,000

Long, Katelyn J/Long, John C to Mullett, Dewey A/Stump, Virginia, 913 N. Dale Drive, 1710 Allentown Road, Lima, $262,000

Noor Rentals LLC to CW Property Group, Ltd., 2982 Jenny Place, Lima, $160,000

Rogers, Barbara A to Heise, George O Jr, 1308 Rice Ave., Lima, $35,000

Stump, Virginia to Harding, Lisa A, 603 S. Cable Road, Lima, $125,000

Thomas, Lillie R to Adkins, Ashley N, 739-739 1/2 N. Elizabeth St., Lima, $32,000


Rider, Daniel J/Rider, Andrea to Bockey, Dylan A, 2524 S. Conant Road, Spencerville, $220,000


Boyed, Amanda to Tippie, Kayla, 2760 Clover Ave., Lima, $161,900

Built Rite Builders, LLC to Whited, Kimberly, 3619 Sky Hawk Drive, Lima, $339,900

Hassmann, Christopher J/Hassmann, Brooke A to Schimpf, Jordan/Schimpf, Ashlynn, 2686 River Grove Drive, Lima, $172,400

Line Associates, LLC to Buckeye Housing LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 191, Lima, $52,500

Stewart, N Shannon/Stewart, Scott A to Kohrn, Michael T/Kohrn, Julie L, 4067 Lilly Drive, Lima, $340,000

Tong, Dace/Tong, Robert D Jr to Keysor, Ronald/Keysor, Pamela, 2884 Hollyhock Ave., Lima, $270,000

T R Line Properties LLC to Buckeye Housing LLC, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 120, Lima, $52,500

Wagner, Corey J/Wagner, Erin R to Frazier, Ryan/Frazier, Troy D, 5151 Pheasant St., Lima, $214,000

Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC to Williams, Marcia S, 2275 N. Cable Road, Unit 126, Lima, $81,500

Wilson, Susan Ann Successor Trustee/Foust, Norman Gerard Successor Trustee/Foust, Norman G Trustee/Norman J Foust Living Trust to Burkholder, Troy M, Dutch Hollow Road (112 acres), Lima, $475,000


D. H. Parker & Sons, LLC to Parker, Joshua M/Parker, Lindsay M, Glaize Road (0.2 acre), Harrod, $2,000


Davey Doo Homes LLC to Quality R & C Properties, LLC, 855 Fenway Drive, Units A, B and C, Lima, $330,000

Gossard Development, LLC/Gossard, Bradley M to Calvert, Janet K, 3845 Cambridge Place, Lima, $149,000

Neiford, Raymond M/Neiford, Sabrina L to Ratliff, Kimrun Sue, 142 Brookview Court, Lima, $257,500

Yarber, Barbara M to Welker, Chad/Welker, Laura A, 3557 Reservoir Road, Lima, $205,000


Mault, Charles A/Mault, Jodi to Weihrauch, Stephen, 164 Susan Drive, Bluffton, $249,900


CSB Futures Ohio, LLC to Franklin, Jason A/Franklin, Valerie C, 403 N. Scott St., Delphos, $106,000

DSV SPV3, LLC/Statebridge Company LLC Attorney In Fact to Becker, Aaron/Becker, Emily, 420 E. 9th St., Delphos, $25,000

Fuerst, Roger P to Blighton, Gordon R/Blighton, Stefanie M, 516 S. Main St., Delphos, $65,000


Paco LLC to Risner, Tyler B/Risner, November, 129 Orchard Drive, Lima, $278,500


Bassitt, Heather Executor/Wright, Betty Ann Decd to Egbert Investments II, Ltd., Sugar Creek Road (32.8 acres), Lafayette, $348,200

Conley, Sheena to Smith, Latessa G/Smith, Steven P, 5942 Reservoir Road, Lima, $249,000

Heise, Isaac/Heise, Rebecca to Hunnaman, Matthew, 930 N. Phillips Road, Harrod, $125,000


Ellerbrock, Joyce C Trustee/Joyce C. Ellerbrock Trust to Moore, Blake C/Moore, Bethany R, East Hook Waltz Road (5 acres), Lima, $317,000


Holland, Cory K/Nance, Erica L to Weber, Emily L/Neu, Mitchell T, 2035 Lyn Grove Drive, Lima, $172,000

Kaufman, David W/Kaufman, Megan A to Bonifas, Luke A/Bonifas, Sarah M, 4762 Wenatchi Trial, Lima, $358,000

McGue, Kay to Boyed, Karen A., 1755 Shawnee Road, Unit 200, Lima, $90,000

Pasion, Patrick A/Pasion, Nicole D to Asimegbe, Bashir, 3054 Indian Hill Drive, Lima, $550,000

Russell, Justin A/Russell, Rachel E to Pellegrini, Troy L, 1584 Fairway Drive, Lima, $250,000

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Szabados, Derek/Szabados, Megan, 3950 Spencerville Road, Lima, $137,000


Emmons, Melissa S Executor/Estate Of Allen Robert Parsons to WG Real Estate, LLC, 12360 Zion Church Road (1.5 acres), Delphos, $72,800


Daley, Shirley D/Whittaker, Shonda A Attorney-In-Fact/Baker, Sabrina A Attorney-In-Fact to Daley, Steven A/Daley, Melissa A, 115 N. Main St., Spencerville, $102,500


Watkins, Jerold/Watkins, Melissa to Brenneman Brothers, West Lincoln Highway (2.5 acres), Lima, $28,000