Land transfers, June 9-15

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 9 through 15. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Agner, Murray to ABR Investment Properties LLC, 4 Superior Court, Lima, $23,000

Biery, April J Trustee/Sturgeon Preservation Trust to Lima 315, LLC, 551 Haller St., Lima, $35,000

Bradford, Cody to Lemle, Nathan, 717 Dingledine Ave., Lima, $4,500

Cleve, Mary to Jumpx Real Estate Investment LLC, 502-504 N. Jefferson St., Lima, $11,000

Creating Comfort Rentals, LLC to Wallen, Clyde, 230 Calumet Ave., Lima, $18,000

Donnelly, Amy M to Boop, Sandra E, 319 Haller St., Lima, $15,000

Dove, Frederick to Bradford, Cody/Carnes, Michaela, 318 E. Vine St., Lima, $1,000

Duron, Pete to Duron, Shirley Ann, 1155 Franklin St., Lima, $38,600

G & SN Leasing LLC to Jessee, Christopher M Sr/Jessee, Shedella, 1112 N. Baxter St., Lima, $120,000

Gardner, Eric B/Theis, Latosha L/Theis, Dustin/Gardner, Jennifer to Fowler, David/Fowler, Carrie Lynn, 1424 Lowell Ave., Lima, $138,000

Goedde, Susan E to Otero, David Angelo/Otero, Sonya Kirkman, 908 N. McDonel St., Lima, $129,000

Golliday, Zackary S/Golliday, Sarah M to McKinney, Machelle R, 2021 Lakewood Ave., Lima, $159,800

Hayes, Lara S/Kollars, Gaylord Scott to Burden, Kelly M, 334 S. Kenilworth Ave., Lima, $161,100

Jennings, Joshua S/Jennings, Kelly J to Harding, David S, 905 Tremont Ave., Lima, $138,600

Lima 315, LLC to Creating Comfort Rentals, LLC, 230 Calumet Ave., Lima, $20,000

Liston, Paula to Ellis, James B, 1817 Latham Ave., Lima, $130,000

Musto, Dominic J/Musto, L Susan to Hittle, Tina M/Hittle, Joshua E, 321 N. Woodlawn Drive, Lima, $85,900

Myers, Robert/Myers, Vivian/Myers, Melissa/Myers, Ryan/Smithson, Michael to B&D Investments Firm LLC, 1052-1068 N. Main St. and 668 N. McDonel St., Lima, $65,000

RCCC, Ltd. to Craft, William, East High Street, Lima, $1,500

Regan, David/Regan, Hayley to Rohrer Rentals, LLC., 1728 Virginia Ave., Lima, $127,000

Tomlinson, David S/Tomlinson, Michael K/Gruber, Jill M/Tomlinson, Landa Lynn/Tomlinson, Diane Kay/Gruber, Jeffrey Daniel to G & V Tomlinson, LLC, 219 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $112,500

Torbet, Ann W/Torbet, Alan Scott Attorney In Fact to Jennings, Joshua/Jennings, Kelly, 1915 W. Market St., Lima, $246,500

Vision 4 Investments, LLC to Walter, Susan M, 615 Cortlandt Ave., Lima, $52,500

Walker, Alison to Dunifon, Joseph/Dunifon, Stephanie A, 1200 Melrose St., Lima, $128,000

Wallen, Clyde to Creating Comfort Rentals, LLC, 1007 E. Eureka St., Lima, $29,500

Williams, Derrick to Watkins, Jacqueline, 981 W. Wayne St., Lima, $3,000


Calvert, Janet K to Myers, Nicholas S, 2661 S. Conant Road (1 acre), Spencerville, $195,000

Conrad, Justin R/Conrad, Nicole R to Kriegel, David L, 9455 Harris Road (2.5 acres), Lima, $110,000

Miller, Sharon L to Gilroy, Phillip, 9245 Gaskill Drive, Spencerville, $6,000


Pierce, William J to Neff, Mackenzie Elizabeth/Henning, Ethan, 708 Hollar Ave., Lima, $170,000

Wehri, Andrew J/Mohler, Renee to Palmer, Gregory Edward/Palmer, Nikolee Suzann, 2905 Hanover Drive, Lima, $274,000


Flack, John D/Flack, Barbara O to Flack, Bradley J/Flack, Angela L, 465 S. Mumaugh Road (3.4 acres), Lima, $500,000

Francis, Stephen J/Francis, Susan E to Eberhart, Anita, 3748 Yale Ave., Lima, $165,000

Lori, Marcus K/Lori, Tina to Nichols, Ronald A, 671 E. Ford Ave., Lima, $4,000

Wilkins, Terry L to Wells, James A/Wells, Chelsea A, (half interest), Lutz Road (0.6 acre, 2.5 acres, 0.1 acre), Lima, $195,000

Wilkins, Terry L to Weis, Edward J/Weis, Mary (half interest), Lutz Road (0.6 acre, 2.5 acres, 0.1 acre), Lima, $195,000


Wireman, Samantha A et al/Sheriff Matthew B Treglia to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB As Trustee/Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust F, 204 Pearl St., Beaverdam, $65,000


At Home Investments, LLC to Hodge-Miller, Reece J, 3p1 Marion Ave., Lima, $160,000


Paco LLC to Risner, November/Risner, Tyler B, 129 Orchard Drive, Elida, $278,333


Dray Farms, LLC/Grant, Karen Trustee/Luella Mae Dray Trust to Jostpille, C Dale Trustee/Jostpille, Elaine K Trustee/C. Dale Jostpille Revocable Trust, West Lincoln Highway (40 acres, 30.3 acres, 2.2 acres, 77.2 acres and 36.9 acres), Fort Jennings, $2,183,500


Compston, Rex/Compston, Brenda L to Robinson, Yvonne E, 1420 Southwood Drive, Lima, $148,400

Fischer, Cody R to Brickner, Jeffrey K/Taprayoon, Denaduang, 2320 Adgate Road, Lima, $250,000

Landers, Michael D Successor Trustee/Doris K. Landers Revocable Living Trust to Congdon, Sarah/Congdon, Christopher Adam, 3000 Sands Road (0.6 acres), Lima, $499,900

LBC Investments, LLC to Wilson, Robert Keith/Wilson, Christina Lucile, 3485 Camden Place, Lima, $283,000

Muhlenkamp, Stacie R to Phalen Properties, LLC, 2065 Huntington Drive, Lima, $130,000

Mulcahy, Lyn K Administrator/Estate Of John C Fisher to Weber, Zachary Robert/Weber, Angela, 1528 Putters Lane, Lima, $234,000

Roof, Mary Ann Successor Trustee/Mary Helen Bagge Living Trust/Connelly, John J Successor Trustee/Richard Lee Bagge Living Trust to Roof, Ronald W/Roof, Mary Ann, 2550 Elmview Drive, Lima, $180,000

Smith, Ivanrobert Sirgei to White, Timothy P, 2040 Rosewood Lane, Lima, $155,000


Holtzapple, James Douglas Co-Trustee/Vaden, Diane K Co-Trustee/Evelyn Joan Holtzapple Living Revocable Trust to Norton, Jenna, 516 E. 5th St., Spencerville, $151,000


Althoff, Christina J/Ranzau, Christie L Guardian to Smith, Albert F III, Irvin Road (5.2 acres), Lima, $77,000