Land transfers, June 2-8

The trend of the real estate market in Allen County is shown by the following report, for the week running June 2 through June 8. Figures reflect the selling price of the property, along with the address or lot number of same and are courtesy of Allen County Recorder Mona Losh’s Office.


Barcus, Otto/Barcus, Willi Mae to Barcus, Darrein, 406 S. Baxter St., Lima, $26,700

Burden, Cheyenne to Fry, Chase M/Fry, Nicole C, 933 E. Vine St., Lima, $40,000

Community Dental Realty, LLC to 1702 Allentown Road, LLC, 1702 Allentown Road, Lima, $215,300

Cramer-Smith, Denise to Thomas, John M II, 1630 W. Market St., Lima, $290,000

Harrod, Kevin K/Harrod, Joyce to Lutz, William/McCabe, Jessica, 811 Mackenzie Drive, Lima, $130,000

Hogan, Nancy A/Hogan, William L to Schmidt, Leisa/Schmidt, Michael, North Cole Street, Lima, $20,000

Hooks, Cynthia L Executor/Estate Of Nancy Ann Timmerman to Huffman, Sara A, 757 S. Glenwood Ave., Lima, $131,000

Huff, Jason to Lawrence, Seyoum, 320 Haller St., Lima, $12,000

Lehman Enterprises LLC to McKissick, William, 329 W. Kildare Ave., Lima, $45,000

Pickens, Marian H to Johenkins-Walkes, Michael, 799 S. Elizabeth St., Lima, $21,800

Plaugher, Kane to Hoffer, Taylor L, 1317 Virginia Ave., Lima, $131,900

Ranzau, Christie L Guardian/Althoff, Christina J to J&A Legacy Investments, LLC, 827 S. Nixon Ave., Lima, $77,000

Schwartz, Joshua A to Metcalf, Garrett, 1821 Rice Ave., Lima, $142,000

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Development to Naylor, Caleb S, 419 S. Woodlawn Ave. Lima, $62,000

Settlemire, Nancy/Shrider, Corey to Koontz, Teresa, 2429 Wales Ave., Lima, $215,000

Sibert, Tiffany J/Currier, Misty R/Currier, Anthony/Hickey, Crystal M/Hickey, Samuel/Lutterbein, Lacey L/Sibert, Tiffany Attorney In Fact to Jefferson, Lisa M, 2104 Virginia Ave., Lima, $135,000

Sielschott, Robert E Successor Trustee/Charles D Siferd Revocable Trust to Flower, M Charlotte, 515 S. Nixon Ave., Lima, $82,500

Simpson, Larissa to Verdecia, Juan Rolando Torres, 601 S. Scott St., Lima, $13,700

Tice, Ronald E to Gibson, Sherman, 951 and 955 Greenlawn Ave., Lima, $3,000

White, Chunbo to New One Capstone LLC, 1501 Allentown Road, Lima, $180,000

Wiechart Investment Properties, LLC to Volbert, Jeffrey J, 1040 N. McDonel St., Lima, $128,000


Foust, Norman G Trustee/Wilson, Norman G Trustee to Peters, Nancy E, Piquad Road (39 acres), $120,000

Harmon, Steve A to Harmon, Daniel R, 1908 Jared Place, Lima, $100,000


Brewer, Kristofer Executor/Estate Of Jerry R Brewer, 6350 Clum Road, Harrod, $9,000


Hawkey, Kyle D to Conn, Brandon E, 4470 N. Dixie Highway, Lima, $158,400

Huffman, Sara A to Golliday, Zackary S/Golliday, Sarah M, 3210 Makley Drive, Lima, $210,000

Johnson, Charlotte A to Johnson, Rick L/Johnson, Brenda L, 1614 Summit St., Lima, $68,000

JPE Holdings, LLC/Skinner, James A to Zahra LLC, 1730 N. Union St., Lima, $430,000

Kelly, Joseph B to Sites, Lynnett D, 2901 Reservoir Road, Lima, $65,000

Pauff, Chris A Successor Trustee/Pauff Family Revocable Living Trust to Johns, Christopher M, 435 Ridge Crest Circle, Lima, $146,600

Tschuor, Jennifer E to Sproul, Michael A/Sproul, Jean A, Berryhill Road, Lima, $8,500

Volbert, Joan H Administrator/Estate Of Christopher G Volbert to Williams, Joshua/Williams, Jennifer L, 575 Monticello Ave, Unit 5, Lima, $85,000

Young, Sharon Lee Trustee/Sharon Lee Young Revocable Living Trust to Hawkey, Kyle David, 4619 N.. Thayer Road, Lima, $265,000


Rehm, Jacob/Rehm, Maria to Deitrick, Robert/Deitrick, Gary, 157 Geiger St., Bluffton, $221,000

Sommers Rental LLC to Shackelford, Allyson, 321 S. Jacson St., Bluffton, $155,000


Bonifas, Jan A/Bonifas, Carol A to Keller, Lisa M/Keller, Mark E, 1201 Ricker St., Delphos, $74,000

Coil Investment Properties, LLC to Kesler, Austin N/Wallace, Morgan R, 511 Lima Ave., Delphos, $130,000

Hubert, Kelly D to Hubert, Leonard J, 809 E. Suthoff St., Delphos, $50,000

Teman, Dee H to City Of Delphos, 536 S. Main St., Delphos, $270


Fuerst, Michael P/Fuerst, Christy A to Ellis, David W/Ellis, Lynette G, 303 Cherry Blossom Court, Elida, $300,000


Butcher, Dereck R/Butcher, Nicole M to Blankemeyer, Ethan M/Miller, Cassandra, 3164 Begg Road (0.5 acre), Columbus Grove, $210,000


7 M Rentals, LLC to Mason, Kyle T/Mason, Jori L, 1030 S. Cool Road, Lima, $264,800

Jones, Courtney B to Holland, Cory K/Nance, Erica L, 3535 E. Hanthorn Road (2 acres), Lima, $310,000

Nickles, Heath Z/Nickles, Ella R to Nickles, Casey/Starr, Ellie D, East Hanthorn Road, Lima (19.7 acres), $170,000


Bowsher, Jonathon R/Bowsher, Amanda to Lamb, Gina R/Lamb, Frederick A, 1418 Wilson Ave., Lima, $60,000

Chamberlain, Nathan W to Kempher, Austin L/Dawe, Brittany, 120 Mohawk Court, Lima, $315,000

Mayer, Vicki to Longworth, Jayse R, 1865 Huntington Drive, Lima, $172,500

Reidenbach, Adam J/Reidenbach, Kimberly M to Hepworth, Lindsay/Hepworth, James, 710 Kiowa Trail, Lima, $335,000

Smith, Florian B/Smith, Susan K/Joy, Tana/Joy, Michael A Attorney In Fact to Joy, Michael A, 2811 S. Dixie Highway, Lima, $12,000

Washam, Patrick A/Washam, Michelle A to Meyer, Jacob M/Turrentine, Bethany L, 3863 Forest Drive, Lima, $221,000


Wolford Farm, LLC to H & D Wolford, Inc., Hanley Road (94.5 acres), Spencerville, $884,900