Two sisters, two babies, one birthday

LIMA — Sisters Nicole Travis and Jessica Walkup weren’t expecting to deliver on the same day, let alone from the same delivery room.

Months earlier, the sisters learned their due dates were only four days apart.

They started posing for maternity photos together and checking in after doctor’s appointments, comparing their progress and confiding in one another through their pregnancies, the second each for Travis and Walkup.

It was an unexpected bonding experience that culminated in a shared birthday for their sons: Cade Travis and Cayden Walkup, born hours apart on Wednesday, May 18.

“We knew that there was always a chance that we could deliver at the same time, but we didn’t think it was likely,” said Jessica Walkup, 32.

Travis, 28, had passed her due date and was set to be induced on May 19, the same day Walkup was planning to have a cesarean-section. Both sisters instead went into labor one day earlier at Mercy Health-St. Rita’s Medical Center: Same day. Same hospital. Same delivery room. Same nurses.

Even their boys, fondly referred to as the “birthday twins,” were given similar names.