Not much to watch from the ark

I am writing my latest column from my ark.

Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but who couldn’t use an ark these days?

Noah, where are you when we need you, huh?

I would want an ark big enough not just for animals, but big enough to be able to host Lima Locos’ baseball games.

Big enough to host Limaland Motorsports Park racing events

Big enough to host the AMA Ohio National Championship Motorcycle races, too.

And big enough to have a golf course available for people to use, while others are washed out with all of the rain that we have had of late.

Well, more than “of late,” right?

More than 12 and a half inches the past month?

That’s more rain in one month than we have had in any month over the past five years according to a Lima News story Wednesday.


Great for ducks and the Basement Doctor maybe, but the rest of us?

Not good!

And this is the time of the year where there are so many activities scheduled outside.

Seems like forever since we have been able to see the Lima Locos play a baseball game at Simmons Field.

They have already had eight rainouts, and all of their remaining off days, now filled with make-up games, and they are even forced to schedule doubleheaders now.

Limaland Motorsports Park has had to cancel racing the last three Fridays.

And they don’t get to postpone at Limaland until the next night. They have to cancel the race card, and hope the next Friday is good.

It hasn’t been of late.

At least the AMA got to contest the Ohio National Championship on Sunday afternoon, after having to postpone Saturday night.

But I feel for the promoter Dean Gallup, who was expecting such a big crowd when the event was actually scheduled. Then, maybe half as many people showed up for the event Sunday.

And while the Lima City Men’s Golf Tournament played last Sunday, there are still several flights that have to play their championship matches.

And that’s just the sports end of it.

Now you really hit me below the belt with the news that the annual Star Spangled Spectacular has been postponed.

That is tradition with the Koza family, for sure.

Every year we have family come in from Findlay to enjoy the day at my house, and then head to Faurot Park at night for the Lima Symphony or Lima Area Concert Band and then the incredible fireworks display which follows.

Not this Saturday, thanks to rain.

Labor Day weekend?


And even if people come to my house this week, they will have to walk on the driveway or sidewalk, because my front and back lawns are nearly knee deep with high grass, because of the rain.

And, oh by the way, my riding lawnmower broke.

I do have great neighbors, thankfully, and Jim mowed my lawn last week. But it hasn’t stopped raining since.

The sun came out Wednesday.

Will the rain stay away?

For a day?

Hey, give Limaland a couple of days without rain, please?

Noah, can you help?

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