2021 Lima area boys tennis capsules



Division II

Coach: Caden Schmidt

2019 league finish: Tied for ninth overall; ninth in tourney; 0-9 in matches

Roster includes: Harrison Abrams (sr.), Daniel Bolon (fr.), Ezra Bolon (fr.), Caden Bush (jr.), Riley Cannon (fr.), Jemin Gandhi (jr.), Jacob Garver (sr.), Austin Miller (jr.), Will Miller (jr.)


Division II

2019 league finish: Tied for ninth overall; 10th in tourney; 1-8 in matches


Division II

Coach: Michael Sarno (fifth season)

2019 league finish: Second overall and in tourney; 7-2 in matches

Returning 2019/20 varsity letter winners: Aidan Bartels (sr., first singles), Eric Butler (sr.)

Other varsity contenders: Scott Holmgren (sr.), Dawson Kendall (sr.), Kase Fletcher (jr.), Vishv Patel (jr.), Dylan Byers (jr.), James Mitchell (fr.)

Coach’s Analysis: We are looking forward to this year and getting back out on to the courts and competing. After losing five seniors last year, our four seniors this year are excited to get their chance. We have a few guys with varsity experience, but the guys have been practicing and working hard to get ready for this upcoming season.


Division II

2019 league finish: Eighth overall and in tourney; 2-7 in matches


Division II

Coach: Jay Laubenthal (ninth season)

2019 league finish: First overall and in tourney; 9-0 in matches

Returning 2019/20 varsity letter winners: Carter Welch (sr.), Colin Welch (sr.)

Promising newcomers: Ryan Kahle (sr.), Will Kaufman (sr.), Hayden Kuhlman (sr.), Jaden Lehman (sr.), Bryant Schroeder (sr.), Ryland Wehri (sr.), Alex Gustwiller (jr.), Sam Recker (jr.), Eli Schmenk (jr.), Nate Schroeder (jr.), Sam Schroeder (jr.), Josh Walls (jr.), Ethan Weis (jr.), Jaiden Compher (soph.), Logan Freeman (soph.), Gavin Geiger (soph.), Brodie Kuhlman (soph.), Theo Maag (soph.), Will Schroeder (soph.), Levi Unterbrink (soph.), Will Inkrott (fr.), Matt Schroeder (fr.), Mason Welch (fr.)

Coach’s Analysis: One strength that we have is that we do have two returning varsity letter winners in Carter and Colin Welch. They were fortunate enough to qualify to the state tournament in 2019. We are going to rely on these two for their experience and leadership throughout this upcoming season. Another strength is that we have 25 kids out for tennis this year, and so far, everyone is willing to put in the work to make up for the lost time from last spring. One weakness we have is very similar to what all spring coaches are going through right now, and that is trying to figure out what players are going to step up into new roles after not having a season last year. This will be a fun year for coaches and players because of so many of the unknowns around the WBL, and not knowing much background/scouting information on area tennis players. It will be a great opportunity for us to focus on what we can control throughout the season, and to continuously improve our game.


Division II

Coach: Aaron Patterson (third season)

2019 dual match record: 6-9

2019 league finish: Seventh overall and in tourney; 3-6 in matches

Returning 2019/20 varsity letter winners: Adam Stump (sr., second doubles), Brayden Ward (sr., second doubles).

Other varsity contenders: Mac Davis (soph.), Niel Ok (soph.), Mason Stahl (soph.), Gabe Burke (fr.), Seth Grieshop (fr.), Jackson Carpenter (fr.).

Coach’s Analysis: The Indians are excited to return to action this spring. Over 80% of the roster are underclassmen and have never played in a high school match, but they are excited to compete for the WBL title and postseason play.

St. Marys

Division II

Coach: Luke Gossard (first season)

2019 league finish: Third overall and in tourney; 7-2 in matches

Returning 2019/20 varsity letter winners: None

Varsity contenders: Rhett Chisholm (fr.), Kameron Maclean (sr.), Connor Milner (jr.), Correy Nelson (sr.), Carter Schmidt (jr.), Joey Vanderhorst (jr.), Isaac Wibbeler (fr.), Preston Wilson (sr.)

Coach’s Analysis: We are a very young experience wise. All seven starters this year will be competing at the varsity level for the first time. The have been working hard this spring and are eager to improve everyday. They know what I expect out of them and wel will be rady to compete at every position at every match.

Van Wert

Division II

Coach: Alex Schmidt (fifth season)

2019 dual match record: 10-7

2019 league finish: Fifth overall; tied for fifth in tourney; 5-4 in matches

Returning 2019/20 varsity letter winners: Jace Fast (jr., first singles), Micah Rager (sr., first doubles), Kaden Thomas (sr., first doubles).

Other varsity contenders: Sam Moonshower (jr., second singles), Bryce Miller (fr., third singles), Ian Cowan (sr., second doubles), Evan Knittle (sr., second doubles), Caleb Bledsoe (fr.), Isaac Moneer (soph.).

Coach’s Analysis: So excited to be able to have a tennis season. There are a few familiar contributors in our varsity lineup – Kaden Thomas, Micah Rager, Jace Fast. Jace has played doubles in past years and is looking to contribute as our first singles player this year. Kaden has been a solid doubles player for us in past years, having qualified for districts two seasons ago. Teaming up with Thomas this year is fellow senior Micah Rager who has had some doubles experience in varsity. They look to compete as our first doubles team this season. Sam Moonshower’s varsity opportunity has finally arrived, and he will be playing second singles for us. New to the team this year is Bryce Miller. Bryce is looking to compete as our third singles player. Ian Cowan is a senior, who played his freshman year, and is now returning to the team hoping to give us a boost in doubles. Cowan will be paired with Evan Knittle. Evan is new to tennis this year, but is ready to step into the varsity lineup with his partner at second doubles. Two other new members of the team are Issac Moneer and Caleb Bledsoe. Caleb and Issac will be starting the season as JV players but will need to be ready to step in to varsity spots when needed.

Honestly not sure how our team stacks up in comparison to other teams in the WBL this year. We had a lot of seniors graduate from last year’s season that never was, and I know many other teams in our league had similar losses. We do have a solid group of seniors and a few players with varsity experience who have been working hard at leading our team. This year we are just focused on learning and getting better everyday. We plan to compete with every team that comes our way and will do our best to make our school and community proud.


Division II

Coach: Elise Minick (fifth season)

2019 dual match record: 11-5

2019 league finish: Fourth overall and in tourney; 7-2 in matches

Roster includes: Bryce Cousino (jr.), Broderick Heft (jr.), Nathan Doll (soph.), Connor Coffey (soph.), Angel Coca (fr.)

Coach’s Analysis: We are a young, athletic team that is small in numbers, but show a great deal of effort and growth. This year we are hoping to have fun, learn a lot, and grow in a positive way that makes our skills look vastly improved in May compared to March.



Division II

Coach: Dave Roby (first season)

Returning 2019/20 varsity letter winners: Eden Nygaard (sr., first singles), Grant Klinger (sr., third singles), Connor Lee (sr., first doubles), Bryan Zimmerman (jr., second doubles)

Other varsity contenders: Luke Shadle (sr., second singles), Thad Mittendorf (sr., first doubles), Braeden Ackerman (soph., second doubles), Eli Wenger (soph., second doubles)

Coach’s Analysis: This is my first year coaching so we are getting to know each other as a team and after sitting out last season due to the pandemic, we are starting back to basics and working on improving skill sets. We are taking one match at a time and working to improve every week with the goal of advancing players beyond sectionals this year.

Lima Central Catholic

Division II

Coach: Kevin Bruin (16th season)

Returning 2019/20 varsity letter winners: Aaron Simmons (sr., singles, doubles), Hayden Bader (sr., doubles), Zach Burris (sr., doubles), Brady Koenig (sr., singles, doubles), Drew Hubbard (jr., doubles).

Other varsity contenders: Enrico Pittalis (sr., singles, doubles), Alice Braglia (sr., singles, doubles), Brayden Hubbard (fr., doubles)

Coach’s Analysis: We have quite a few seniors on the team this year, consequently, I expect to have a solid season.

Lima Senior

Division I

Coach: Keith Davis (first season)

2019 dual match record: 3-13

2019 league finish: Seventh overall, in tournament and overall in TRAC

Roster includes: Richard “Ricky” Lee (jr., second doubles), Fayo Balogun (soph.), Michael Bishop (sr., first doubles), Zach Warnament (fr.), Nicholas Harrell (soph., doubles), Brandon Stegg (sr., second doubles), Gage Hipsher (jr., doubles), Keegan Holliday (first singles), Ryan Utendorf (sr., second singles), Noah Phillips (sr., first doubles), Noah Engberg (soph.)

Coach’s Analysis: We are a young team looking to gain experience. We have good leadership in our seniors who are hungry to compete and pass the baton down to the next group of Spartans.


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