Lima City Singles Rolls into final weekend at 20th Century Lanes

Phil Austin - Guest Columnist

The stage is set for some incredible story lines to take place this weekend, as the Lima City Singles Championship comes to a close at 20th Century Lanes.

In scanning the top 16 women and the top 32 men who are returning for competition this Saturday, two prominent names are Ambroza (x3) and Edwards (x2). And make no mistake, each and every one of the competitors from these families has the ability to win this tournament. Some already have.

Leading the women’s division is Shelley Ambroza. With four titles to her name already in this tournament, it is no surprise to see her put on a clinic this past Sunday to take herself from sixth place into the lead with 2150 for all 11 games bowled. Ambroza notes

“My kiddos are helping me find my spark,” she said.

Possibly looking up from her sixth place position to daughter Abbey (Ambroza) sitting in second, as the day started, is the spark she needed. Abbey maintains the second place position with a 2,104 after competition Sunday. Rounding out the top fourare last year’s runner up and champion, Donna Childs and Chris Mahlie, tied with 2,078 each. Ashley Ebeling, Mackenzie Wagner, Beth Edwards, and Makenzie Kraft round out the top eight women.

On the men’s side, Bob Edwards is the leader with total pinfall of 3,089 for 14 games. If you happened to notice Beth Edwards listed above, yes, Bob is her father. Wouldn’t it be cool if both found a way to capture their first title in the same year?

Or how about our second place qualifier Drew Ambroza, with a 3018 total, winning alongside his mother Shelley or his sis Abbey? 2 time champ Chandler Stevens is 3rd (2978), and 4th place is Anthony Kennard (2973), who has made several top four finishes in the tournament but has yet to win.

Rounding out the top eight include Brian Sharp, Ian Friesner, defending champ Trent Haughn, and 2 time champ, Todd Book.

Competition resumes at 4 p.m. this Saturday. Men will bowl eight games, and women six. The top eight men, and top six women will return for the semi-finals and finals this Sunday.

Phil Austin

Guest Columnist

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