Girls high school capsules

Coaches provided this year’s team information. Capsules will be updated as information is provided.



Division: III

Coach: Lisa Brackman

2019 overall record: 11-6-1

2019 league record: 3-3 (fourth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 1-0 to Kalida in district semifinals

Returning 2019 starters: Elise Kramer, Mallory Kremer, Ava Giere, Maddie Sheffer, Janelle Halterman, Megan Sigler, Molly Steinke, Katie Noonan, Brianna Keller

Newcomers to watch: Leah Kaiser, Abbie Kaiser

Coach’s analysis: Our for the the season is to make it to district finals and improve on our overall game.

Delphos St. John’s

Division: III

Coach: Emma Pohlman (second season)

2019 overall record: 2-14-1

2019 league record: 0-5 (sixth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 1-0 in 2 OT to Delphos Jefferson in sectional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Reagan Ulm, Addison Mueller, Renee Unland, Elly Wrasman, Kylie O’Connor, Caitlin Cox, Michaela Shawhan, Kaili Gillespie, Myah Boggs, Lilly Vonderwell, Nicole Pohlman, Audrey Ferguson.

Promising newcomers: Sara Burnett, Lydia Hablitzel, Evelyn Mueller, Emma Lindeman, Natalie Esquivel, Kierstyn Klaus, Casey Flannagan.

Coach’s analysis: We are excited to get the season started with an increase in numbers this year. I know how much time and preparation this group of girls have put into this offseason despite all of the challenges and obstacles we have encountered thus far. We have eight returning seniors who have outstanding leadership and determination to make this season successful. We also have some promising upcoming talent from our underclassmen that we are excited to mix in with the experienced upperclassmen. We are hopeful for a safe and successful season.

Lima Central Catholic

Division: III

Coach: Mike Santaguida

2019 overall record: 8-10

2019 league record: 2-4 (fifth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 3-0 to Spencerville in district semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Kitt Siatkosky (sr.), Sophia Luchini (sr.), Mary Kate Dee (sr.), Emily Scarberry (sr.), Madalena Knotts (jr.), Kristina Zupan (jr.), Annika Wilker (jr.), Isabella John (jr.), Madeline Quatman (jr.), Kaitlyn Sherrick (jr.), Allison Young (jr.), Anna Wannemacher (soph.), Olivia Stolly (soph.)

Promising newcomers: Elibeth Qintero (sr.), Kelly Jo Koenig (jr.), Katie Cox (soph.), Keigh Macklin (soph.), Ellie Barrett (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: We are very excited to have a chance to play this season. The work ethics have been incredible with this team, and we should be very competitive.



Division: II

Coach: Brooke Herr (fourth season)

2019 overall record: 14-5

2019 league record: 6-3 (third)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 1-0 to Celina in district finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Chandler Clark (sr.), Abbie Dackin (sr.), McKenna Hale (sr.), Faith Kindig (sr.), Madelyn Renner (sr.), Jenna Wireman (sr.), Macey Hoehn (jr.), Kyla Bailey (soph.), Rachel Clark (soph.), Emma Gast (soph.), Alexis Hammons (soph.), Mattie O’Kief (soph.), Lexi Renner (soph.)

Promising newcomers: Riley Daniels (sr.), Emily Harnishfeger (sr.), Emily Parker (soph.), Abby Rakay (soph.), Allie Burke (fr.), Karlie Wallace (fr.), Tatum Walsh (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: We communicate well and have good team chemistry from returning so many. The girls work really hard and are hungry. We want a different ending than the last three years which is going to require putting in different work. We’re focused on pushing past our comfort zones and improving our possession game. We return nine starters from last year and a 2018 starter back from injury. We have a lot of experience and a handful of newcomers that are ready to go as well. Our team goal is to improve on where we finish the league and tournament.


Division: II

Coach: Eric Gerker (third season)

2019 overall record: 14-3-3

2019 league record: 6-0-3 (second)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 2-1 (shootout) to Oak Harbor in regional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Sydney Lehman (sr.), Nicole Fennig (sr.), Natalie Braun (sr.), Kennedy Henry (sr.), Chloe Johnsman (sr.), Emma Homan (sr.), Emma Minnich (sr.), Carley Eichler (sr.), Makenna Klinghirn (sr.), Mia Rolfes (jr.), Zoey Burns (jr.), Harlee Harris (jr.), Jena Wilson (jr.), Taylor Klingshirn (soph.), Kira Dirksen (soph.), Raven Harris (soph.)

Promising newcomers: Carly Hathaway (soph.), Kemara Burns (soph.), Kristina Stein (soph.), Ellie Hitchcock (fr.), Lucy Piper (soph.), Rose Axe (soph.), Amelia Adams (soph.)

Coach’s analysis: The Lady Bulldogs should be a solid side in 2020. Sixteen lettermen return from 2019’s district championship team. Nine end-of-the-year starters return led by second team All-Ohio selection Makenna Klingshirn. The entire back line of defense returns along with goalkeeper Kennedy Henry. Celina has a solid group of offense returning with 75 percent of their offensive production returning from 2019. Lost to graduation were Reilly Cox, Alexa Billger and Larissa Orick. The abundance of letter winners returning along with very strong sophomore and freshman classes will give the Bulldogs an exceptionally deep roster for the 2020 campaign. Continued development and consistent performances will be points of emphasis.


Division: II

Coach: Elise Jenkins (fourth season)

2019 overall record: 5-10-2

2019 league record: 1-6-2 (ninth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 1-0 to Bryan in sectional finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Brooke Reese, Erika Suever

Promising newcomers:

Coach’s analysis: We do well with possession and quick transition and have a lot of speed and athleticism in the offensive positions. We need to work on finishing. Having a young group last season (started five freshmen), we are looking to build on the confidence and experience from last year.


Division: II

Coach: Wade Wetherill (first season)

2019 overall record: 11-5-2

2019 league record: 4-3-2 (fifth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 3-0 to Celina in district semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Keelee Barrett (sr.), Makenzie Bays (sr.), Jazmine Mendez (sr.), Kaitlin Heberling (sr.), Lexi Wetherill (sr.), Lauren Bartlett (jr.), Taylor Harshfield (jr.), Addy Modd (jr.), Joslyn Stauffer (jr.), Ali Harpel (sr.), Riley Hunt (soph.), Avery Smith (soph.), Abi Temple (soph.), Gabi Wetherill (soph.)

Promising newcomers: We are blessed to have many upperclassmen returning to the game of soccer as well as many incoming freshmen ready to contribute however they can. There will be many of these girls fighting for playing time as the season gets underway.

Coach’s analysis: We defend as a group very well. We have a very strong and experienced group of defenders that have skill and grit. We also play as a team well. Many of these girls have grown up playing from a very young age together and there is natural chemistry. We look to build on this chemistry and continue to increase our success we have had over the past few years. We are going to have to find some new ways to score this year and upcoming seasons. We have relied in the past on graduating seniors from last season and will need to see who can fill these rolls. There are many that can take over this roll or many that can be part of the roll as a whole. Having my kids on this team I am blessed to have been a small part of it for many years. I have watched and coached many of these girls from a very young age. I see the passion they have for the sport and for their teammates. I now see the struggle that we all now have of whether it is the right thing to do or not in having this season. If we get to play we will no doubt have a fun and successful season of soccer. We will enjoy the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. The team will grow and hopefully win another sectional title and maybe more. We can only hope to have this season and get to play the game we love and do it safely without any harm coming to anyone. My season outlook is one of hope. The hope that these girls get the opportunity to play, and we can make it as safe as possible for them along the way. We are making memories no matter what. #WeWantToPlay


Division: III

Coach: Chris Podraski (ninth season)

2019 overall record: 8-10-1

2019 league record: 3-5-1 (seventh)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 3-2 in OT to Swanton in district semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Kelsey Erford, Lauren Diller, Lauren Siefker, Millie Recker, Emilee Horstman,

Ella Okuley, Abby Warnecke, Alexa Fortman, Clara Beach, Maggie Verhoff, Lilly Haselman

Promising newcomers: Myka Aldrich, Brianna Douglas, Madelyn Hovest

Coach’s analysis: Young team but I feel we will be solid in all areas this season. We need to work on being mentally focused with the challenges this season of COVID-19, school and our field being ready for the 2020 season. The Lady Titans are looking to build on the 2019 season that saw a big improvement and finishing 4-1-1 in last few weeks. We have a solid team that has worked hard to turn things around and are so excited to take the field.


Division: II

Coach: Caroline O’Brien (19th season)

2019 overall record: 11-4-2

2019 league record: 7-0-2 (first)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 2-0 to Kenton in sectional finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Claire Huff (sr.), Shayla Sellers (sr.), Kaylen Jackson (sr.), Sophia Miller (sr.), Gabby Larshied (sr.), Lily Cleaves (jr.), Kennedy Jensen (jr.), Bri Ridenour (jr.), Kaelan Swallow (jr.), Ava Schaaf (soph.), Natalya Booher (soph.)

Promising newcomers: Amber Sunderland (sr.), Zoe Best (fr.), Chloe Cleaves (fr.), Rylie Lamb (fr.), Riley Smith (fr.), Adelay Stover (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: The Indians have improved on their possession game and speed of play. After graduating two big scoring threats, the Indians need to work on attacking the goal with multiple threats. With a healthy mix of veterans and newcomers, the Indians are excited about the season and look to defend the Western Buckeye League championship and finish stronger in the postseason.

St. Marys

Division: II

Coach: Nick Wilson (third season)

2019 overall record: 11-4-3

2019 league record: 5-2-2 (fourth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 3-0 to Bath in sectional finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Kiley Tennant, Tabby Knous, Lydia Will, Amelia Ankerman, Kendall Dieringer, Elena Menker, Peyton Wilson, Lilly Ankerman, Madi Anthony, Morgan Hesse, Makenzie Lindeman, Jewel Niekamp, Gabby Keller, Emma Birt, Katie Lucas

Promising newcomers: Aerial Fast, Ella Jacobs

Coach’s analysis: At this moment we’re just hoping for a season. Otherwise we appear to have all the pieces. It’s just a mater of whether or not they can find the team chemistry to make it all work. I have high hopes for a strong showing this season but WBL girls soccer is so strong. If you don’t bring your A-game you head home with an “L.”

Van Wert

Division: II

Coach: Matt Miller (first season)

2019 league record: 0-9 (10th)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 9-0 to St. Marys in sectional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Chloe Brayton, ReAnna Chancey, Grace Dowler, Trinity Goins, Liesel Lare, Becky Rigdon

Promising newcomer: Citlali Aguilar-Montiel

Coach’s analysis: We work well communicating with each other and understanding of positional awareness. We also do well transitioning the ball on counter attacks. We need to work on overall development as a team as we have not been with each other the entire summer. Since this is my first year as a head coach, I am very excited to start competing. I know that the girls are also ready to play. I am hoping that with the squad we have put together we can make school history this year with at least five wins.


Division: I

Coach: Mike Foor

2019 overall record: 7-10-1

2019 league record: 4-5 (sixth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 9-0 to Anthony Wayne in sectional finals



Division: III

Coach: Toby Bidlack (18th season)

2019 overall record: 11-6

2019 league record: 3-1 (second)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 3-2 to Evergreen in sectional finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Maddie Burke (sr.), Shelby Collier (sr.), Trinity Prowant (sr.), Sierra Salinas (sr.), Hannah Soto (sr.), Jensen Armey (jr.), Kayden Centers (jr.), McKenzy Mayes (jr.), Myan Bishop (soph.), Jensen Prowant (soph.), Alli Scott (soph.)

Promising Newcomers: Bryn Tegenkamp, Destiny Pier, Tori Searfoss, Kaitlyn Bidlack, Marissa Becher

Coach’s analysis: We have great work rate and great team cohesiveness. Our passing is much improved from past seasons. Weaknesses are defending and offensive efficiency. We have a good combination of youth and experience. We have several talented players and if we can develop our defensive pressure and offensive efficiency, we could have a successful season.

Fort Jennings

Division: III

Coach: Rob Warnecke (fifth season)

2019 overall record: 2-13-2

2019 league record: 0-3-1 (fifth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 4-1 in Allen East in sectional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Elizabeth Howbert (sr.), Maddison Dickman (sr.), Grace Gischbach (sr.), Savanna Siebeneck (sr.), Grace Martz (sr.), Abigail Koester (jr.), Ellie Lindeman (jr.), Tayla Finn (soph.), Taylor Liebrecht (soph.), Elizabeth Meyer (soph.), Madison Tumlinson (soph.), Rachel Von sossan (soph.), Gloria Webken (soph.)

Promising newcomers: Haven Knippen (jr.), Reagan Ricker (soph.), Ashley Beining (fr.), Lydia Dickman (fr.), Elizabeth Freund (fr.), Hannah Grote (fr.), Alexandra Maag (fr.), Vanessa Warnecke (fr.), Chelsea Whitney (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: The Lady Musketeers have a good number of returning varsity letter winners bringing great leadership and a positive attitude onto the field. These girls are ready to work hard and are motivated to push themselves to a higher level of performance. The Fort Jennings Lady Musketeer Soccer Team is looking to improve our record from last year. We have a talented group of hard working athletes that are motivated to improve our game. Communication and field awareness will be key areas of focus on our journey to a successful season. We look to be competitive in the Putnam County League this year and look forward to our league matches.


Division: III

Coach: David Kehres (15th season)

2019 overall record: 12-7

2019 league record: 4-0 (first)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 2-1 in 2 OT to Kalida in district finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Melanie Meyers,Dayna Schimmoeller, Mya Schmitz,Kathryn Siebeneck, Brenna Smith, Kenzie Fortman, Kendal Bockrath, Liv Recker, Allie Stechschulte, Jordyn Vandemark

Promising newcomers : Hannah Basinger, Kathrine Bendele, Audra Hovest, Camryn R.ecker, Carly Webken, Kassidy Hipsher

Coach’s analysis: Kalida Ladycats come to practice each day with a positive attitude and a good work ethic. This is a well disciplined group of athletes who are anxious for a soccer season. We need to become more efficient on offense. We play a very competitive schedule and hope to be playing our best soccer at tournament time.

Miller City

Division: III

Coach: Kurt Rosengarten (first season)

2019 overall record: 5-7-5

2019 league record: 1-2-1 (third)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 6-0 to Swanton in sectional finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Natalie Koening (sr.), Abi Reyna (sr.), Madison Ellerbrock (sr.), Hannah Brown (sr.), Kayleen Maas (sr.), Lauren Hermiller (sr.), Abi Long (jr.), Lexi Heuerman (jr.), Tava Schroeder (jr.), Ava Rosengarten (soph.), Hallie Kamphaus (soph.), Carly Hermiller (soph.), Taylor Wilhelm (soph.), Megan Ellerbrock (soph.)

Others likely to make varsity roster: Liz Otto (soph.), Nicolette Inkrott (soph.), Stephanie Berger (soph.), Tess Long (soph.), Belle Reyna (fr.), Chelsea Wilhelm (fr.), Ava Ruck (fr.), Maddie Erford (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: A majority of our starters will be returning from last year, and we will have a deeper bench this year. We will have a successful season if we can play consistently all year.


Division: III

Coach: Doug German (third season)

2019 overall record: 6-8-2

2019 league record: 0-2-2 (fourth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 2-1 (shootout) to Lima Central Catholic in sectional finals



Division: III

Coach: AJ Wahlie (first season)

2019 overall record: 3-13-1

2019 conference record: 2-3-1 (tied for fourth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 8-1 to Ashland Crestview in sectional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Timber Blankenship, Brenna Hissong, Lauren Mullins, Alaina Robirds, Hailey Robirds, Kylie Shafer, Carmella Thompson, Luci Wall

Promising newcomers: Olivia Green, Karmen Hall, Ella Marshall

Coach’s analysis: With two seniors and nine juniors, we will be a young team that will constantly be growing throughout the year. When postseason seeding comes out in October, the Lady Bulldogs’ record will turn more than a few heads.

Allen East

Division: III

Coach: Steve Roeder (second season)

2019 overall record: 10-5-1

2019 conference record: 4-2 (third)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 1-0 to Kalida in sectional finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners include: Addison Jones (sr.), Lacey Nease (sr.), Kyleigh Rumer (sr.), Makenzie Jackson (sr.)

Promising newcomers: Aubrey Young, Megan Koehlinger

Coach’s analysis: Having three players returning in front of our young goalie will hopefully help us out this season. We need to work on our transition game and getting our young players used to the speed at the varsity level. As always we are looking to compete for The NWC title.


Division: III

Coach: Jared Byers

2019 overall record: 10-7-1

2019 conference record: 5-1 (second)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 7-0 to Liberty-Benton in district semifinals

Columbus Grove

Division: III

2019 conference record: Did not compete in conferences

2019 postseason finish: Lost 3-1 to Coldwater in sectional finals


Division: III

Coach: John Dowler (fourth season)

2019 overall record: 8-9-2

2019 conference record: 2-3-1 (tied for fourth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 4-2 to Columbus Grove in sectional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners include: Katelyn Castle, Macy Kulwicki, Addyson Dowler

Promising newcomers: Addison Williman, Adessa Alvarez

Coach’s analysis: We are quicker than last year. We have a great defense again this year. Hope to add more goals to our season totals and notch more wins. We need to communicate better and keep our spacing. I again feel very good about this group of girls we have. They all work extremely hard during practice and give us 100 percent during games. We have team goals to win the NWC this year and win 12-16 games. I know the girls are up to the challenge.

Delphos Jefferson

Division: III

Coach: Josiah Sober

2019 overall record: 2-16

2019 conference record: 1-5 (sixth)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 4-0 to Spencerville in sectional finals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Noel Warnement, Emily Dienstberger, Karly Mawhorr, Danielle Hohlbein, Alexa Chung, Sarah Metzner, Rachel Fetzer, Haylee Bayman, Maddie Weitzel, Jaina Bloom, Lizzie Chung, Emma Dailey, Kylee Dienstberger, Rylynn Marquiss, Paige Mericle, Makya Miller, Meredith Vulgamott

Promising newcomers: Alyvia Lindeman, Kyrstin Moore, Lauren French, Kyra Foust, Hannah Joseph, Alivia Joseph

Coach’s analysis: We bring back a veteran group of seven seniors this year that have played a lot of varsity soccer. This is the year we expect them to make a huge jump in leadership. We bring in a good group of freshmen this year that looks to compete for some starting positions. Overall, this group comes with a lot of speed and work ethic. We did not score a lot of goals last season. We still bring back some young players that will be expected to step up and score this season. A few freshmen are coming in that we believe can bring us some goals. There are a lot of good teams in the area and the NWC conference. There are some strong teams in our conference. We look to continue to improve on our fundamentals and working together. The girls have been working really hard leading into the season and look to improve as the year goes on.


Division: III

Coach: Kathy Goecke (fifth season)

2019 overall record:

2019 league record: 4-2 (third) in WOSL; 6-0 (first) in NWC

2019 postseason finish: Lost 2-0 to Archbold in regional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Ariana McMichael (sr.), Gillian Goecke (sr.), Raigan Staup (sr.), Emma Leis (sr.), Sydney LeMar (soph.), Ashley Fetzer (soph.), Cloey Ehrnsberger (soph.), Sierra LeMar (soph.)

Promising newcomers: Promising new junior athletes are Lilyan Goecke and Adelyn Martin. Promising new sophomore athletes include Jaelynn Boop, Megan Baughman and Chloe Sharp. Incoming freshmen include experienced Grace Goecke and Lexie Greer as well as Kaitlynn Brooks and Caitlin Lee.

Coach’s analysis: We will have several athletic players and speed on the team. Our experienced returning players have improved their foot skills. We have a strong returning midfield to build on. We have a lot of new players to develop and determine positions. We need to develop players and determine positions for defense, forward, and goalkeeper. This will be more challenging with the cancellation of scrimmages. We will look to defend our conference title. With the athletes and speed we have, we look to continue to improve throughout the season. As the new players gain more experience and we determine positioning, we hope to make another run in the tournament. The COVID-19 restrictions of not allowing schools to scrimmage makes it more challenging.



Division: III

Coach: Mark Schwemer (eighth season)

2019 overall record: 10-7-1

2019 conference record: 2-3 (fourth in North Central Ohio Soccer Association)

2019 postseason finish: Lost 9-0 to Wapakoneta in sectional semifinals

Returning 2019 varsity letter winners: Libby McVetta, Mackenzie Schimmoeller, Korryn Karcher, Katie Bish, Evelyn Waltz, Paige McVetta, Sophie Simon, Jocelyn Peterson, Brynn Reese, Zoe Chisholm, Madison Bixler

Promising newcomers: Lanie Kempf, Makayla Oman

Coach’s analysis: The Lady Hornets return 10 of their 11 starters from 2019, the program’s most successful season in it’s history. Their experience will make them difficult opponents. The Lady Hornets need to find more goals from players other than their all-state forward Zoe Chisholm. We are very excited about the potential of the team this year. We need to continue to do the daily work to improve technically and tactically to reach our full potential. If we do the work, we could be even more successful than last year.

Lima Senior

Division: I

Coach: Andrew Kane

2019 conference record: 0-6 (eighth) in TRAC

2019 postseason finish: Lost 9-0 to Wapakoneta in sectional semifinals

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Reach The Lima News sports department at 567-242-0451.

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