2020 Lima area girls high school tennis capsules

Coaches provided this year’s team information. Capsules will be updated as information is provided.



Division II

Coach: Sandy Dackin (ninth season)

2019 record: 10-4

2019 league finish: Tied for third overall; third in tournament; 6-3 in matches

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Esther Bolon (sr.), Ruby Bolon (sr.), Rachel Wilcox (jr.), Chloe Rieman (jr.), Elena Oliver (soph.), Lexi White (soph.)

Others varsity contenders: Alexis Parker (jr.), Anne Oliver (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: There will be much enthusiasm with the start of the 2020 season. The girls have been dedicated to improving their skills during the offseason as well as over the summer. With a number of successful returning varsity players, I look for the Wildkittens to be competitive on each court this season from first singles down to second doubles. Watching the improvements made and relationships built season over season will be the most rewarding aspects of this year.


Division II

Coach: Jan Morrison (19th season)

2019 record: 7-8

2019 league finish: Sixth overall and in tournament; 4-5 in matches

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Kaylin Avers (sr.), Amy Hartings (jr.), Grace Schneider (sr.), Madina Davlatboyeva (sr.), Kaylyn Saunders (jr.), Audrey Albers (jr.), Michelle Elston (soph.), Whitney Jones (jr.)

Other varsity contenders: Maddy Meeker (jr.), Kaylee Eischen (soph.)

Coach’s analysis: With eight returning varsity letter winners, we expect to improve upon our sixth place WBL finish in 2019. We graduated only Gracie Gabes, first singles player; therefore, Kaylin Avers and Amy Hartings will move up a court from last year’s position. Grace Schneider will move into the third singles court. We return five letter winners with doubles experience. We are working to improve consistency and ball placement. Although the WBL looks to be strong this year, we hope to finish in the top half of the league


Division II

Coach: Wally Neal (second season)

2019 record: 2-12

2019 league finish: Tied for ninth overall and in tournament; 1-8 in matches.

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Ava Long (soph.), Maggie Little (jr.), McKenzie Savill (jr.), Rylie Mick (soph.)

Other varsity contenders: Eden Troyer (jr.), Taylor Crates (soph.), Marlo Harter (sr.), Mckenna Shellhouse (sr.), Makayla Bok (sr.), Valery Ta (soph.), Taylor Guth (soph.), Alayna Mack (jr.), Hail Khork (jr.), Chardenay Smith (jr.), Brionna Jackson (soph.), Vanessa Compton (jr.)

Coach’s Analysis: We have a great group of girls that have been working hard. We took some lumps last year but we should be much more competitive this year. Two of our singles players (Long and Little) are returning and one of our doubles players (Savill) moved to singles and one player (Mick) moved from singles to doubles so we may have a small adjustment period. Definitely feel we should improve on last year’s record and looking forward to improving in the WBL also.


Division II

Coach: Adrienne Smythe (first season)

2019 record: 3-15

2019 league finish: Eighth overall and in tournament; 1-8 in matches

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Grace Collins (jr.), Sam Lowe (jr.), Aaliyah Rogers (jr.)

Other varsity contenders: Arayah Jones (sr.), Katie Sturgeon (jr.), Anlyn Carlson (soph.), Sara Horner (fr.), Emma Mulligan (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: We are a young and inexperienced team, losing a large portion of last year’s starting lineup. We will rely on our three returning letter winners for leadership and consistency throughout the season. We will measure our success by how much we improve and look to gain experience each and everyday. We want to become better tennis players by the end of the season.


Division II

2019 league finish: Fifth overall and in tournament; 4-5 in matches


Division II

Coach: Nate Higgins (fifth season)

2019: league finish: First overall and in tournament; 9-0 in matches

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Kunmi Ojo (sr.), Aria Patel (sr.), Alora Patel (soph.), Donna Bowers (sr.)

Other varsity contenders: Rose Kottapalli (fr.), Delaney Dawson (jr.), Cara DeBrosse (jr.)

Coach’s analysis: Shawnee is poised to have another great season. We have many experienced players returning and the younger players that do not yet have varsity tennis experience, have a lot of tennis experience in general as well as raw talent. As always, the goal is to win the league title and with three very talented and experienced singles players (Ojo and the Patels) leading the charge, that appears to be a strong possibility. We also have the expectation of going back to the state tennis tournament and representing the WBL on high school tennis’ biggest stage.

St. Marys

Division II

Coach: Mariah Krugh (fourth season)

2019 league finish: Seventh overall and in tournament; 4-5 in matches

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Grace Dodsen (sr.), Chaney Spencer (soph.)

Others likely to make varsity roster: Maddie White (soph.), Jodi Perry (soph.), Suzie Good (jr.), Brooke Fricke (jr.), Sammy Taylor (sr.), Sydney Boedicker (sr.)

Coach’s Analysis: I hope we get the chance to show how we have progressed and grown through the summer. The girls work so hard and put heart and effort into a sport they love. I just am hoping these girls get to show that this season.

Van Wert

Division II

Coach: Katie Peterson (first season)

2019 record: 11-3

2019 league finish: Tied for third overall; fourth in tournament; 7-2 in matches

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Allie Etter (sr.), Grace Lott (soph.), Lizzie Rutkowski (sr.), Sophie Rutkowski (sr.), Natalie Benner (jr.), Tayzia Havill (sr.), Jamie Burenga (sr.)

Coach’s analysis: This season we have a great group of girls looking to play through the unique situation presented to us. We hope to be very competitive as a team and are really looking forward to getting on the courts this season. Our five seniors have worked very hard during their four years at Van Wert and would like the end it with a great season.


Division I

2019 league finish: Second overall and in tournament; 8-1 in matches



Division II

Coach: Jennifer Allgire (second season)

2019 record: 10-9

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners:

Others likely to make varsity roster: Julia Smallcombe (sr.), Olivia Barnes (sr.), Pearl Lewandowski (sr.), Libby Frazier (jr.), Ellie Nickel (jr.)

Other varsity contenders: Brooke Camper (fr.), Caitlyn Couch (fr.)

Coach’s Analysis: Bluffton tennis has five returning varsity letter winner this year who have worked hard in the offseason to prepare for the upcoming season. We have two freshman girls who have joined our team this year with lots of talent and potential. These two girls will be joining the varsity lineup this year, playing together on second doubles. All of the girls have worked extremely hard throughout the offseason in hopes to show improvement as this year goes on. Every single girl on the the team has lots of talent and drive, and we can’t wait to see what this season holds for them.

Lima Central Catholic

Division II

Coach: Kevin Bruin (12th season)

2019 record: 17-3

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Morgan Chaney (sr.), Nicole Patricio-Agosto (sr.), Carrie Heider (jr.), Noah Nuesmeyer (jr.), Paige Brinkman (soph.), McKenna Bader (soph.)

Other varsity contenders: Ally Oravitz (jr.), Libby Simmons (fr.)

Coach’s Analysis: Looking forward to a good season with experienced girls and a strong newcomer. Should be fun.

Lima Senior

Division I

Coach: Evan Neuman (second season)

2019 record: 0-14

2019 conference finish: 0-7 (eighth) in TRAC

Returning 2020 varsity letter winners: Abby Beck (soph.), Nevaeh Sheeter (jr.), Shivana Breaston (jr.), Paige Bartels (jr.), Ariana Allen (soph.), Ashley McGue (sr.), Grace Beck (sr.)

Coach’s analysis: We hope to continue to build off of the momentum that was created last season. Our team focus will be to focus on the things we can control like continuing to give 100% and improving each other’s game.


Reach The Lima News sports department at 567-242-0451.

Reach The Lima News sports department at 567-242-0451.

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