Wapakoneta to keep name

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Wapakoneta has no plans of changing its mascot name in the near future.

The issue has been brought to the forefront with the Washington Redskins opting to change their mascot name Monday.

Wapakoneta superitendent Aaron Rex issued the following statement concerning the name change: “This was actually an issue that was brought up last year to the State Board of Education and has been discussed multiple times in the past by various groups and agencies. The statement was made that it would be left up to each district individually.

“At Wapakoneta we have always believed that our representation of Native Americans and their history in our area has been done with a great deal of respect. Our community was once a place inhabited by many Indian tribes with the last being the Shawnee under the leadership of Chief Black Hoof. In the last few years we have redesigned our school logo and feel that it has been done keeping the idea of respect and history in mind. Wapakoneta has a great deal to be proud of, as you know. Native American history is one piece of what makes our town one of the best small towns in Ohio.

At this time we have not had any formal discussions on changing our school mascot or logo.”


Staff Reports

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