The main event returns to 2oth Century Lanes

Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

There will be times this coming weekend at 20th Century Lanes that my memory will harken back to the days of Tobe Cardone. I trust that I will see him with his tools of the trade in hand – perhaps assuring – that each board of the lanes was either dressed with oil or – perhaps even – bone dry as he prepared his house for the original days of the Lima City Singles. Simply said, I cannot walk into the tournament without thinking of the man who brought the event into the 60’s.

Tradition of the event is still of maximum importance to all of us who respect that very word –TRADITION. While Tobe may have jump started this event – great praise is due the Riepenhoff family for keeping things in good order over the years.

This journey for this year’s event will begin on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 with squads also slated for 7:30 on Saturday and 12 noon on Sunday. Rumor has it that you may be able to squeeze into a slot at 2:30.

Journey is a suitable word for this event at those who roll may have to move left and/or right or maybe even move target up and back on the lanes to assure that they can get the right angle to the best break point to the pins. If those words confuse you some, I apologize but it also illustrates why we will be watching the finals the second Sunday in January instead of competing. The shot will be demanding.

Chris Mahlie and Todd Book will be back to defend their titles. I refuse to make any predictions this year, although I own that I have my favorites to include Phil Austin looking at Bob Edwards and one or the other of them suggesting that they just share the title. Yep that would be pretty cool!

The title hunt for the City Singles was referenced as the main event as a whole lot of people have contributed to the under-card already this season.

I must apologize to Amy Newland and Ruth Everett as my notice for the winners of the 600 Club Event bypassed my normal mailbox and ended in my junk mail when my mail server decidened there was a need to tighten things up for their customers.

Newland and Everett are two of my personal favorites so needless to say there was nothing intentional in my lack of attention to a tournament that still confuses me from time to time.

Ruth captured the Actual title and one of the bigger honors for all lady competitors, The Jeanne Miller award, with a strong 652 series at Southgate Lanes.

On the other side of the coin Amy won the handicap title and seemingly top honors as this is a handicap event. She rolled a 781 with Ruth finishing second in that division with a 766.

Sharon Edwards [712], Bailey Arthur [696] and Joyce Sealscott [695] rounded out the top five. In the meeting that followed Everett took home even more honors as she became president of the group.

She has always been my favorite Harner …

One day Heather Harner will roll a 300 game or yet another major honor score. She came incredibly close the past Tuesday evening at 20th Century when she rolled a 299 game losing out to a very stubborn six pin that thwarted perfection.

Her brothers, Mike and Matt have each rolled multiple perfectos but Heather was still proud of her night.

“Last week I missed 600 by seven pins so I made it a goal to earn 600 this season. I never imagined that I would almost bowl a 300. I even beat my dad’s best game a 290.”

Heather was pumped – “I actually had fifteen strikes in a row at one point so in a way I got it but not really ha ha!”

She is a great young lady, her day will come. Love the goal setting and the humility.

The Elf got off the Shelf …

One of my favorite elves is the one, the only JJ Miller, the tournament director for the Vic Sockrider NWOTBA Travel League. For those who dare, you may want to stroll to travel league page and view the outfit of the amazing Miller.

The title for the day at Delphos Bowling and Recreation – yet another great website to bookmark – was won by Delphos Bowling and Recreation!

Jeff Kreischer, Scott Scalf, Kyle Early, Taylor Booth and Chandler Stevens had more than enough to bring home the gold and survive the unique of Miller.

Lima Senior High Invitational a huge success …

There will be more on this to come!

The format of this event was pure baker games and it played well for the young ladies of Wapak and the young men of Elida who eliminated Bath and Lima Senior respectively for tournament honors.

The true stars of the day may well have been Chris Sanford and Matt Burden who were absolutely amazing in getting food out of the kitchen. I must have heard ticket #77 four separate times.

Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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