Let the tournaments begin

By Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

It without question is a new era in our sport.

I mean is there anybody out there that can still recall when sponsors ruled the roost? I mean car dealerships are still active and (with a respectful bow of my noggin) as is Water Equipment but seemingly things are starting to change especially when it comes to tournament play in the Lima Bowling Association Team event.

It could be argued that the glory of rank is even tinged a touch – more on that a little later.

The team names that most grabbed my eye in this event (other than the squad known as Phil Austin’s team) were named: Menace to Sobriety; Lebowski – Urban Achievers; Pork Chop Express and 4 wrongs and a right.

It was a leaderboard that was loaded with Hall of Fame and future Hall of Fame members.

It was by association ruling a handicap tournament.

The members of the championship team for actual and handicap – who by logic but not USBC ruling were one in the same – were Menace to Sobriety – note not menace to society as these are five pretty good humans as well.

The group shot an actual 3364 series. Individuals and their scores were Brian Sharp (690), Bryan Slaughter (694), Derek Dukes (675), Jason Moneer (695) and Shannon Ingram (610).

In the modern day and age – again I say – this is a handicap tournament and indeed this group of greats scored high enough to defeat the handicap aided teams.

Number two in the handicap side of things was one of my favorite misdirected teams of all time. They chose the moniker Four Wrongs and a Right. I have deep respect for this squad and I am not sure that in the bowling world they have ever been wrong. I am trusting here that the four wrongs were the left-handers – Tim and Kim Lehman, Amy Newland and Onalee Shepler. One could argue that they were the right ones and Alyssa Maag the right-hander on the team was wrong. In any event Tim Lehman, his brilliant daugthter Onalee and the one the only the incredible Newland are in the Hall of Fame and certainly there needs to be a wing for the great mom Kim. Alyssa, your day will come, as will the times for all the members of the championship team other than Moneer who is already a member and Slaughter who may have to stick to calendars.

Third place went to Pork Chop Express. When I noticed the team members I wondered if there was a new item on the menu at Norada Lanes, where the bowling alley cuisine is top shelf.

They could have named this team – Four Wolbers plus one – we will do some research on this team name. Jay, Jef, Fred, and Joe Wolber represented Norada quite well, even though neither I nor my cubbie reporter from that area knew for sure who Joe was. The plus one for this great group was Jeff Oestreich.

Hall of Fame locks in here as well as Fred has been recognized for meritorious service and it just seems that there is a path for Jay and Jef as well.

For the record, the five bowlers who will lay claim to the top Actual slot are better for the sport of bowling than the movie that is referenced in their team name, which is not even the best bowling movie.

Lebowski-Urban Achievers – a talented group of gentlemen – who also have in the person of Brent Jones, at least one bowler destined for the Lima Bowling Association Hall of Fame.

Jones (640), Brian Illif (583), Brad Karsten (675), Thomas Pomaville (696) and Chas Illif (642) rolled a 3,236 which gave them the route to the actual title when The Menaces were ‘forced’ to take the gold that went with the handicap title in this event.

There were solid honor scores rolled Jason Moneer paced the way with a 279 and 742 for another team. Pomaville and Mason Godfrey also tallied a 279

Jay Wolber (722). Jake Schroeder (716) and Robert Smith (702) also rolled great scores for the event.

Speaking of Robert Smith – pay close attention wherever you roll for different flyers for his scholarship events – to include essays. He is doing what he can to pay back to a sport he loves.

Speaking of great scores –

Jason Ewing has been so very close recently in his search for perfection. He finally made it to the summit – moments after I left that building on this past Thursday. I will see if I can get off earlier from now on Jason and maybe an 800 or 900 series will happen. Congrats on the perfecto.

There is something about Tony Graham, maybe it is because of how will he put his life on hold and served our country. I still have the image of how proud he wore that uniform entrenched in my minds eye. Congratulations for the 300 that you rolled this past week as well.

One last thing…

One of my favorite organizations in this city is Rally Point – simply an incredible faith based organization for youth.

They are having a bowl-a-thon this Saturday at Westgate Lanes. There are still spots available so please do what you can to either bowl or donate to help this great cause. If you want to bowl give Westgate a call at 419-227-7231. If you will like me will not be available to bowl - please find it in your heart to stop by Westgate on Saturday or Rally Point on North Main (near Northland) and see a true Hall of Fame for life person – Jared Diller and see what you can do to help.

One final thing

The NWO Travel league doubles event is this Sunday at pLA-MOR lanes in Coldwater. Contact JJ Miller on facebook or call pla-mor if you want in


By Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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