First 300 special … finally

By Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

I still remember the feeling I had when I learned that Jon Burden had rolled his first 300. It was clearly a case of “what-huh he did not already have one.”

It was not quite like thatbut kinda when I learned that Michael Ball had rolled his first 300 in the Mega Cash League at Westgate Lanes. Maybe the Facebook post was meant to say that it was his first at Westgate. Nope it was his first one ever.

I concur with the multitude that have shared with him that it will not be his last.

“I did not realize it at the time and suddenly I had the first nine strikes. I was having a good time with Weston (Hawk) and the team and really did not see how the game was going. I was nervous in the tenth but shook it off and simply threw the ball.”

When we discussed how it seemed to have taken him forever, afterall he is all of 28 now, to tally the perfect game, he gave a quick and humble response.

“I have had times that I just have not been able to get out of my own head. The night of the 300, I did not try near as hard, just relaxed and bowled. I mean I have had better nights but the 300 is special.”

So was this your best night of bowling ever?

He quickly responded, “No that would be the night before my twins, Carter and Aryiah were born. I rolled a 752 that night and then became a dad. That was easily more special than this.”

Yep, have to say that Michael has his priorities in order.

Michael has the two young ones in the newly formed Bumper League at 20th Century. “The bumpers are there to keep the balls out of the gutter, I am still working with them to throw the ball the same way each time. They used to get frustrated when we go bowling and they guttered so often. This saves them some stress and I still get to help. We still aim down the middle.”

Nice job Michael and if genetics hold true, we will be hearing good things as the kids grow up.

Speaking of kids growing up – Wow.

It was just a couple weeks ago that I mentioned Olivia Miller rolling a 691 series with a 286 game. Since that time she has rolled 257 and 622. This past week teammate Abbey Ambroza rolled yet another youth honor score a 671. Hmm. Ambroza and Miller. We have heard that combination before.

This past week Brayden Dalton, son of Thomas and Erica rolled his first career 700, a 707. Much like in the case of Ball and Burden, I found myself saying are you sure? – that can’t be right. What is a given it will not be his last.

The bowling genetics are all over the map here. Anita Ball is grandmother of Michael … Ambroza genetics in general … Olivia has brilliant bowling parents Kari and JJ … Dalton is the brother of Camren and the son of Thomas … etc etc.

As if that grouping is not enough, this past week Nate Stratton rolled an 800 set – he will duplicate that I am sure. Nate son of Dan – like I said the beat goes on and on and on.

In praising Ian Friesner, last week for his 300, I missed the added news. His performance at the Orange and Black went along way to secure him being named the WHAC Bowler of the Week. Jordyn Stewart of Elida and now Lourdes was earned that honor for the ladies of the conference. I did see something on social media that would suggest that bowling genetics could one day happen there as well.

Scoring continues to rise on the Lima area lanes. Scott Scalf and Lenny Hubert rolled 299 at Delphos Bowling and Recreation on a weather impacted day. Scores certainly will begin to roar there I am sure. They each have rolled their share of 300s as has son of Scott.

Brent Miller duplicated the 299 feat at 20th the next night.

Wrapped around the scoring of Miller were not one but two 700 series in the senior league at the house on Main Street.

Sadly I did not give this event enough play. The Pink Ribbon Girls, a Dayton area program will be at Westgate this Saturday evening. They will share the billing with Moeller Brew Barn. The group has done some amazing work for cancer patients over the years. It would be great if we could get out and show some support for a great group a great barley as well – maybe they could expand their services into our area.

Finally Circle the Date – November 16 – Bath Wildcat Bowling Fundraiser – more information on this next week …

By Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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