Ian Friesner: nice fit for Lourdes

Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

Lima Central Catholic graduate Ian Friesner has found a collegiate home and Lourdes University of Toledo is very happy that they have him.

Friesner who made his way to Lourdes that gave him the opportunity to participate in the two sports that he loves the most, golf and bowling. He has already shined on the links for the school and during this past weekend, he took things to a new level when he paced the school to a top four finish in the Orange and Black Classic.

Friesner shared on social media that the team snuck into the final eight and won their first match (over top seeded Notre Dame College) before losing in the semifinals to national power Lincoln Memorial University.

Friesner was the top dog for the day with a five game total of 1,239 and the first 300 in the history of the university. We certainly anticipate that there will be at least another before he leaves the school.

You can meet the greatest people at the lanes …

We have chatted before about the wrap that bowling used to take for being only for folks who wanted to get away from home so that they could drink, smoke and carouse some.

Thankfully that image has shifted a great deal over the years.

That said the other day I had a great conversation with a gentleman, and I do mean gentleman, who 59 years ago teamed with Don Mack, a noted official and not a bad bowler to win the doubles event of the Lima Bowling Association or at the very least rolled well.

David Goliver is a good man, a man who has blessed this earth with great children, most notably Anna Lewis who along with her husband Justin are two of my favorite people on this earth.

Goliver was around town taking pictures of the different places that he and his late wife used to visit and 20th Century Lanes made that list.

He shared that ultimately he gave the game up to spend more time with family but he did have some great moments on the lanes.

“I rolled eighteen strikes in a row during that tournament and had an 802 series without a 300 game.” he chuckled.

It was indeed a great night. He went on to list some of the great people he had a chance to be around during those days such as Mack, Mel Westrich, Virg German and Ron Mericle. The more he spoke the younger the two of us felt.

There is only one Dave Goliver, but as the game has changed there are even more great individuals you can meet if you give the game a chance.

Scholastic season rapidly approaching …

Initially as I keyed this it said high school season rapidly approaching. When I took the time to think it through the change had to be made. This season our area will actually have more middle school teams that varsity squads.

At recent count there are approximately 20 middle school teams that will roll against other middle school teams in our area. Could it be that the sport is going to get even bigger and better?

If you are a parent or even a grandparent, I would strongly recommend that you get the youth that you love involved in junior league play if they are at those grade levels or even younger. One of the many things that our area does quite well is making individuals available who can help your youth out on any given Saturday. Please call and see what your favorite center can do for you.

What you may hear from the child you love is that they want to wait for the high school season to begin. While I understand how they may feel – there is clear value in getting as many reps throwing the ball as possible. The lanes are fully equipped to help with that.

Vince has made the journey home … another one begins

Our good friend Vince Koza has made it home. I will share that he is extremely grateful for all that has been done to celebrate him and the prayers and verbal support that has been poured upon him. He is clearly humbled by the wishes that he has seen. It will take him awhile but I trust that he will thank as many folks as what he can. In any event love to all of you.

Please continue the prayers and support as he begins the battle – Fight with Koza!

Team Keaton thanks you as well

Keaton Phillips is another who was amazed by how many people that came out for his fundraiser. He wanted as many people as possible to know that he did appreciate what they all did.

Keaton you are indeed worth it.


Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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