Speller resigns as Elida head coach

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ELIDA — Bill Speller has announced his resignation as Elida’s head football coach.

Elida Athletic Director Dave Evans sent an email Wednesday making the announcement that Speller would be leaving the program immediately. Dan Latimore will take over the duties of the head coach for the remainder of the year.

Speller was placed on administrative leave Sept. 16. after a letter came to light apparently from a group of players who were unhappy with the way Speller was running the team and listed a number of allegations against him.

According to the letter, “We understand that coaches can and should be hard on players to challenge them to be their best. However, we believe Coach Speller has gone over the line. Therefore we decided to file a formal complaint with the school based on the following actions by Coach Speller. That we have witnessed.”

Speller was hired as the Elida head coach in 2016 and went 16-15 coming into this season. The Bulldogs opened the year with an 0-3 mark. Speller was not on the sidelines in the Bulldogs’ last game against Celina that Elida lost.


Staff Reports

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